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Comfortably Numb?

by Robyn Green

This morning, as I sat quietly....thoughts came to me about why people do or do not easily receive the healing touch of God through music. I have certain friends that will get healed every time they put on one of our CD's, and others that just think it's all pretty music, but nothing seems to break through for them. Some people receive healings and miracles when they are in private or corporate worship.....and many NEVER feel anything, other than maybe a slight acknowledgement that God is present somehow, and that He is moving amongst OTHER people. Why is this?

As I was pondering all of this, I was battling to stay in faith myself.....faith that what Martin and I believe about music really IS truth. MUSIC IS PART OF GOD'S VERY BEING! I have to keep screaming it from the rooftops because ours is a generation permeated with sound in a way humanity never has been before the 20th century. Ours is a generation that has grown up on technology that allows music production to boggle the mind.

As Pink Floyd sang years ago - has this generation become comfortably numb? Have we been medicated to the point of being unable or unwilling to process and feel? Numb to life itself? To pain? To personal accountability and responsibility? To ever having hope realized? Numb to believing that God IS and is a REWARDER of those that diligently seek Him? To sin, doubt and unbelief?

That song was running through my mind as I was pondering all of this......

Have we been bombarded with so much music that we cannot discern the difference between what is performance and what is anointing?

We started this Miracles Through Music page because we KNOW that God heals through music. I once even read that people were getting healings at a Yanni concert.....and he definitely gives God no glory for that! It's the MUSIC that does the healing......it's PART OF GOD'S VERY BEING....and if He chose to manifest Himself in a miracle through music at a Yanni concert, then so be it.

As I've said before, the HEART INTENT of the musician figures into the healings and miracles....not just the note sounds themselves. I have to believe that those musicians who really are compassionate, caring and want to see their music used for healing — will see it happen, maybe not on a large scale, but occasionally.

The Lord said a couple of things to me as I thought about all of this.....and wondered if the music on this page is having any breakthrough effect for the majority of you listening...because there is very little feedback on this page, even though Denice has asked you guys to post testimonies.

One thing He said to me is that yes, people ARE comfortably numb......in that they have only been exposed to music in certain aspects that they are used to - i.e., music is to worship God, music is to chill to, music is to entertain a person, music is for dancing, music is for enjoyment. And in a society where materialism abounds to the point that most of us have been able to have music collections - i.e., CD's, albums, cassette tapes, DVD's and radios - we are able to listen whenever we want, and therefore, music becomes LITERAL background sound to life. We tend to hear it, but not HEAR it — it's just like we live in a musical. When we are depressed, we gravitate to songs that identify with that, so we feel like we're not the only one; when we are in pain, we gravitate to songs that identify with the pain and give us a hopeful lyric; when we are in church, we dutifully stand, raise our hands and worship. But do we EVER really INTERACT WITH GOD through music? Do we see music as a type of cosmic space shuttle to bring us UP to where God is located?

Back before the 20th century - hearing music was dependent on your locality and whether you had proximity to a live musician or a saloon with a piano player. Recordings were rare. No radio. Hearing music became a real event, a TREAT - like being a kid and occasionally your mom would agree to let you have a Hostess chocolate cupcake!! These days, we O.D. on cupcakes because we can buy them whenever we want. Same is true with music. It's everywhere. We walk down the street with our heads plugged into iPods. We rarely go for a walk or a run without music to jog by.

So, music becomes a "buddy", a "pal", a "friend" along for the ride. It's in the background of our lives.

But MUSIC IS PART OF GOD!!! MUSIC IS PART OF GOD!!! Those tones are part of His being!! The lyrics may not be from God, but the notes ARE.

People are comfortably numb. And to come out of this numbness, to come out of even the church paradigm that has trained you to view music as a tool to prepare you to hear the Word.....you will need a revelation. EVERY time you hear music - ask the Holy Spirit to REVEAL GOD in the music....never mind the lyrics....unless you witness they are a message from God.

Get in agreement with this truth - when music permeates your ears and goes into your inner being, it is ALIVE (as He is) and it CHANGES you. Music can make you sleep. It can make you feel joy. It can inspire you, give you awe, or make you feel NERVOUS, UPSET and FRAZZLED.

God is taking care of peoples' needs through His sound. When you listen to a minstrel of God, whether you realize it or not, the sound that minstrel produces is changing your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to point out to you the results of that. It may not be big or flashy - like some people getting back cancer results showing benign tumors — it may be small bits of provision, or attitude changes, or relationship changes, or repentance needs you are suddenly aware of......or desires to pray more, give more, be kinder, evangelize more.....all of these things are the result of God's SOUND moving through you - and much more. Just as His Word permeates and is alive and sharp, to the dividing of soul and spirit - so is His sound!! I'll shout it AGAIN: HE IS LIGHT HE IS SOUND HE IS MUSIC.

Please do not treat music casually. Every spirit-birthed composition was sent by God for a purpose. And it WILL not come back to Him void. It will accomplish the purpose for which it was given.

Ask the Holy Spirit to use the music we offer here and whatever other music He wants to use - to break through your compartmentalized hearts, your emotional issues, your doubt and unbelief!!

The reason some people receive and others don't.....has to do with two things: (1) timing - God heals in His timing - you may have to meditate on the Word, the prophecy, the music for hours, days, weeks, months.....and He has His purposes in growing you up while waiting.....and (2) doubt and unbelief. Some people just can't wrap their heads around the fact that God loves them and yes, He WANTS to heal them. Music can overcome your objections. It can and DOES BYPASS YOUR MIND!! When that happens, and you FEEL something you haven't felt in a long time - goosebumps, chills, laughter, joy, hope, or TEARS of deliverance — GO WITH IT......do NOT immediately draw back into your comfortably numb existence with walls up. Do NOT attempt to protect your inner child from a healing.....OPEN UP TO IT. ALLOW HIM to do the surgery. Cross over into newness of life. And give Him ALL THE PRAISE AND GLORY AND HONOR for doing it.

You will never hear music the same way again — ever.


Only believe.



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