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The Healing of Pumpkin - A Miraculous Tale
- for all pet lovers

This is an article that was written for one of our local magazines up here in Waukesha County, Wisconsin - we do not have the massage therapy practice any longer.

How do you heal a Pumpkin? Well, it’s impossible for mere humans, but God did it through a combination of therapies and the love of a devoted family. Pumpkin is a 14-16 (adopted) year old Red-Tabby Persian owned by Pete and Claire Walchli of Pewaukee, Wisconsin. During a routine teeth cleaning in April of 2006, at the Small Animal Clinic in Sussex, Wisconsin, Dr. Wendy noticed, and removed for biopsy, a tumor on the back side of Pumpkin’s tongue. About one-third of the cat’s tongue had to be removed, and on Good Friday, April 14, 2006, Dr. Wendy called between 2-3 p.m. with the diagnosis: the “C” word, CANCER! The worst thing a pet owner can hear! It was traumatic for Claire. Dr. Wendy told her “Pumpkin had less than two months until she would be calling her to relieve him of his pain.” The doctor also said that she could not be sure that all the cancer cells were removed from the tongue, as she had to leave Pumpkin enough of a tongue to live and eat.

Pumpkin’s mom, Claire Walchli, had met Martin and Robyn Green about one week earlier at a function in Pewaukee. Alternative medicine professionals were networking at this meeting. Martin is a certified massage therapist, along with having a home remodeling business, and he has a practice with his wife, Robyn, called “Sound Bodyworks” in Pewaukee. What makes the practice special and unique is that Robyn is a “psalmist”, a person that can sense and play God’s love and heart for individuals. She plays and sings spontaneously over every one of Martin’s massage clients. They function as a team to create a safe, secure environment in which clients can fully relax and receive the benefits of their combined gifts.

The miraculous flow began when Robyn sensed she should make a phone call to Claire, that very same afternoon of April 14, just to touch base and “schmooze”, since they had become fast friends in a very small time. Claire said later that when they first met, she felt drawn to Robyn, who was standing in a distant doorway in the room in which she was seated. Robyn seemed to display the same reaction in eye contact and walked over to Claire. The two sat at a table and shared many values and intentions as long-time friends often do. The intense conversation was cut short by Claire’s scheduled teaching classes, but not before Martin came over and was included in to the new friendship. It was all amazingly quick and powerful.

Robyn had no idea that Claire even had a cat at the time she made the friendly phone call. She asked Claire “how she was doing,” and Claire answered, “That’s a loaded question.” Claire’s voice on the phone sounded distressed. She told Robyn about Pumpkin and the diagnosis. Robyn and Martin were part of a team in March 2006 that had recorded, by faith, a CD to fight cancer in every system of the body that it could attack. Robyn told Claire about this and how God has used her before through music in bringing healings to cancer patients, and the two very rapidly decided that there was “nothing to lose” in bringing the cat over for Robyn to play over it, and for Martin to do what most massage therapists call “energy work,” but the Greens call “spiritual work”. Martin and Robyn function under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Their massage practice is faith based. Martin is a member of the AMTA and is nationally certified in massage therapy and bodywork by the NCBTMB.

Claire put Pumpkin in his carrier and drove the 2 minutes to Robyn and Martin’s. At the same time, she called her husband, Pete, who decided to leave work immediately and meet Claire over at Sound Bodyworks. Pete arrived about 5 minutes after Claire did. They were both visibly upset and very emotional. Pumpkin was and is a member of the family. Both Pete and Claire felt a trust in Robyn and Martin to be able to help their precious Pumpkin.

However, Pumpkin, himself, was still coming out of the anesthesia of the biopsy procedure, and was pretty listless, lying in the back corner of his carrier. Since Martin didn’t want cat dander on the massage table, he had Claire lay face up on the massage table, with the carrier on her stomach. Pete pulled up next to the table, sitting in a chair, holding Claire’s hand tightly and with blind faith in what might be possible. Robyn took her place at the keyboards she normally uses for people. Martin called their daughter, Jennifer, who attends Pewaukee High and is a prayer warrior, into the room. Martin and Jennifer silently prayed, extending their hands and releasing their faith towards Pumpkin, as Robyn began to play powerful sound, by faith, to release God’s healing flow toward the cat. Then, she began to sing over the cat, calling him by name, and proclaiming that cancer had no power over him. Claire prayed the entire time. When Pumpkin heard his name being sung, he perked up immediately! His ears lifted, he began to look around the room and become animated, and gave out a perky “meow”. Claire opened the door to the carrier, and Martin and Jennifer came closer with their hands extended toward Pumpkin. The room filled with a tangible comforting presence.

Now, remember, Pumpkin had had 1/3 of his tongue cut out that morning. At this point, he began to lick himself! He gave himself a cat bath! He appeared to “return to normal”, according to Claire and Pete. They were visibly excited and awed at this instant change in their beloved cat.

Claire and Pete took the cat home, and here is where Claire’s expertise and knowledge of the Amazon Rainforest Herb products she markets became the focal point of the continued outworking of this miracle. Claire put Pumpkin on a very special diet. Claire’s friend and advisor for Amazon Herbs drove to their home and gave them several extremely powerful and pure bio-energetic Rainforest botanicals or “wild foods” in vegetarian coated capsules. The Amazon Rainforest is nature’s most concentrated source of life nutrients. They combined 2: Illumination (a powerful whole body tonic revitalizing virtually every organ and system of the body) and Sumacazon (contains maca that provides physical energy and stamina, and suma that contains natural plant sterols that help build muscle tone. They put 5 drops into Pumpkin’s water dish at least once a day. In addition, they opened the capsules of 2 others: Warrior (contains catuaba and salsa de praia that assist in blood circulation and delivery of nutrients to the muscles, and muira puama, which provides a feeling of energy and the ability to focus on the activity at hand) and Aquazon (a unique blue-green algae formula that provides essential nutrients for muscle and joint support, as well as energy, focus and mental clarity). Thereafter, Claire and Pete sprinkled a portion onto Pumpkin’s food at least once a day. Claire also gave Pumpkin 2 to 3 drops of Gravizon (which offers unique immune, circulatory and lymphatic support; it helps the body seek and destroy abnormal or degenerating cells, containing the whole-leaf spagyric extract of the Graviola tree plus 28 other herbs for exceptional immune support) or Graviola (also offers immune, circulatory and lymphatic support and the potential to possibly assist in blocking free radicals and abnormal cell growth) given orally twice a day, reducing this to once a day. These gave him concentrated targeted nutrition.

Along with the Amazon herbs and special water that Pumpkin drank, Claire began to play Robyn & Martin’s CD’s, including the “Hem of His Garment-Cancer” CD and the “Tabernacle Massage” CD, which Robyn has available through her ministry at www.mannafestdimensions.org. The Walchlis make it a habit of playing the cancer CD before leaving the home and whenever they think to play it. Pumpkin oftentimes will position himself centered in front of the sound speakers like a little sphinx with a smile.

The day after the Walchli’s were warned that Pumpkin would not be able to eat hard food for several weeks and may have bleeding, he ate his hard food the very next day and no bleeding ever occurred! Within three weeks, he began to grow new fur! After three months and complete bloodwork tests (repeated too), Pumpkin has a clean bill of health!

This picture was taken October 15, 2006, exactly 6 months from receiving the news that Pumpkin was terminal. Pumpkin is doing just fine, as you can see. His tongue doesn’t look like it’s hurting him, does it?

Claire writes: May God bless you both for using God's gifts to save our beloved Pumpkin. And for Him creating the rainforest with its precious wild foods, with the highest energy of any foods on earth, and the good Shapibo Indians for keeping His garden pure and sacred.

We absolutely believe and know that God heals, both through His children and through nature. We decided to tell Pumpkin’s story because our hearts and our visions are one in desiring health and wellness for people. And now, it seems, God is saying, bring the pets, too! It couldn’t hurt!

Pets don’t exercise any faith for healing – but people can, and even if they don’t, God’s healing is available to them. We don’t guarantee any healing results, but we are always ready to work together, by faith, using our skills, training, spiritual gifts, and God’s natural products, in the hopes that God may heal your pet or loved one.


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