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Highway of Holiness

Inner Sessions
by Robyn Green


Welcome to the website of MannaFest Dimensions, the ministry of Robyn Green. Robyn Green is a psalmist trained in classical music, influenced by pop music, and anointed by God to hear spontaneously created music to play over people with diseases, emotional issues, deliverance needs, while playing piano keyboards prophetically. Robyn produces her own CD’s demonstrating various aspects of psalmistry, and functions in prophetic ministry with her husband, Martin Green.  

Martin Green is a prophetic minister with an emphasis on gifts of healings. Robyn has authored teachings on prophetic music, and together with Martin, has authored a book called A Marriage of Destiny, about how God puts prophetic marriage unions together. The Greens have two grown children and live in Wisconsin.
MannaFest Dimensions is a non-profit religious corporation called to help re-establish Davidic psalmistry and music into the Earth according to the divine will and eternal purposes of the Holy One of Israel, operating in the United States and globally. All funds raised by products made available to the public on this website go towards this established purpose and prophetic music/teaching ministry. Donations are welcome. MannaFest Dimensions is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and all purchases and donations are tax deductible.


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