Tabernacle Massage

Tabernacle Massage

Recorded in 2002 at the request of a Christian massage therapist, who complained that all she had to work with was “new age” music. She wanted music to use that she knew came from someone connected to the Holy Spirit.

This CD is for relaxation, healing and can be given to a massage therapist to play while you have a massage. Martin, a certified massage therapist, uses it for that purpose.

Healings have been reported while listening to this CD.

Blessings, Robyn Green

Tabernacle Massage CD

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Sound bytes from Tabernacle Massage. Note: let clip play fully before moving to the next clip (or pause) so two songs don’t play at the same time.

Relaxing With Angels
Throneroom Infusion
Heavenly Bells
The Secret Placee

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