The Hem of His Garment

Hem Of His Garment – Cancer


This CD was recorded entirely spontaneously by our team in Wisconsin. Nothing was written ahead of time. God gave us a strategy, using Exodus 34:6, which outlines in Hebrew the 13 attributes of Himself. We applied one attribute to a person’s spirit, one to their mind/will/emotions and 11 to the 11 systems of the body that cancer can attack.

We suggest that every cancer patient listen to Tracks 1, 2 and 3; Track 5 (which deals with the circulatory system – BLOOD), and the track for your particular type of cancer. Of course, listening to the whole CD will benefit everyone, especially if cancer has spread throughout your body. Each attribute of God is spoken in Hebrew, then English.

Since God created through the sounds of the Hebrew language, musical tones, vibrations and speaking of what became Scripture, we believe there is a strong creative force in the Hebrew sounds. What you hear at the beginning of each track is repeated subliminally during the track as well.

Each system of the body was played by faith, and then, its healing and soundness was released in the music by faith. God heals. We can’t. We are His instruments. Reach out to touch “The Hem of His Garment”, which was the fringe on the bottom of His prayer shawl, for your healing, in childlike faith, trusting Him to touch you physically and deal with all spiritual and emotional roots of cancer in your life. We do not guarantee healing, but we expect good reports that He has healed people through this CD.

We hope to hear your victorious testimonies. Nothing is impossible for God.

Blessings, Robyn Green

The Hem Of His Garment – Cancer CD

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Sound bytes from The Hem of His Garment Note: let clip play fully before moving to the next clip (or pause) so two songs don’t play at the same time.

Hem Of His Garment
Reproductive System
Respitory System

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