Q – The Great Awakening

WWG1WGA!!! Welcome all Q patriots to my ministry site. I am including a page for Q – The Great Awakening because Father God entrusted me with the knowledge of the Q movement 23 years before I found out who Q actually was. Since God does NOTHING without revealing His secrets to His servants the prophets FIRST (Amos 3:7)….He had to give this information to someone, and I’m humbled that He chose me. He knew I would be faithful to write the dream down and keep it in a file cabinet. Read the “Q” Dream in wonder of His omniscience!

March 8, 1994 (3-8-1994 or 3-8-94)



Dreamt I was watching TV with my husband (I called him “Hubby” in this post when I put it online due to doxxing concerns… but Martin’s real name translates to “Warrior” and he is indeed a prayer warrior.)

On the TV, was a program about some undercover spy-type/secret agent guy who had a code name of “Q.” I don’t remember the plot, although I got VERY excited as I watched it. It was totally MIRRORING some dream I had had, and in that dream, I had seen myself go to my dream file and pull out a typewritten dream that this TV show was confirming. I have not had such a dream in real life (at the time I had this dream on March 8, 1994) about a spy or secret agent named “Q.”

Anyway, I ran back to the show and Hubby was changing the channel. I yelled, “No, no, don’t do that, this is confirming my dream,” but he changed channels twice in quick succession as I watched. Unbelievably, the same show was on all 3 channels (main stream media – back in 1994: ABC, NBC, CBS). No matter where we turned, it was the same plot, script, everything.

There were three (3) numbers that figured in this plot, but I don’t remember why. I was only allowed to remember the numbers upon awakening. They were: 30, 8 and 38.

The next thing I remember, I had a strong impression to go tell a gentleman named Michael M. about these numbers in the dream. (Note: Michael M. was a spiritual Father to Hubby and myself, having met us in 1993, and remained a close friend until his passing on December 19, 2017. He was a Professor of International Law at a prestigious university in Washington state. Michael taught us over the years about targeted, successful intercessory warfare prayer. He was a GENERAL of Intercession/Warfare. He knew the Holy Spirit intimately. When I ran his name through online Gematria calculator – http://gematrinator.com/calculator/index.php – his name came out to 154 in English gematria. That is 1 + 5 + 4 = 10, which is 1 + 0 = 1). His name is the number 1. He is a type and symbol of Father God in this dream.

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Q followers might be interested to listen to this warfare/intercession proclamation & music decree done by Martin & Robyn on 4/27/2014 – THREE YEARS before Robyn found out what the Q dream was all about. You will be amazed to hear what the Lord had them pray about in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhPTme6e-4Q