Prophetic Assignments

The Lord has taken Robyn and Martin Green to many locations in the world – to minister through prophetic psalmistry music and proclamations, to intercede and pray over specific locations and engage in spiritual warfare.

Jerusalem, Israel

Martin and I went to Israel in September, 1999. I ministered at Tom Hess’ Worship Convocation, and we both participated in on-site prayer assignments the Lord had called us to in various places around Jerusalem, with a team of 7 people, including our dear friend, Annelore, who is a prophetess and teacher. Read all about this incredible prophetic assignment on Annelore’s website here. Much was accomplished for God’s Kingdom during this visit. I released prophetic music over the Valley of Hinnom (victory over the Moloch entity); from the City of David (re-establishing David’s Tabernacle) and from the Roof of the building housing The Upper Room (where I was to play the removal of the veil from the eyes of the Jewish people, so God could draw them to Him one-by-one). Martin and I also managed to squeeze in a week in Tel Aviv for our 11th wedding anniversary. Ah, the beach in Tel Aviv! It’s AWESOME!

Martin at the Wailing Wall – he’s in yellow shirt
Martin & Annelore
Martin & Robyn in the Upper Room
How prophetic was this? Robyn ran into “King David” on the streets of Jerusalem!!
St. Peter Gallicantu Church – site of Spiritual Warfare over Hinnom Valley

Kiev, Ukraine

Martin and I visited Kiev, Ukraine in March/April of 2001. For a week, I taught over 250 musicians and intercessors about Prophetic Psalmistry. Some musicians traveled 3 days by train from Russia to learn about moving in spiritual gifts through music and to see Prophetic Psalmistry demonstrated. I also taught on the New Wineskin – how God wants his End-Time church set up – not a one-man led system. I was able to lay hands on many attendees, commissioning them into their places in David’s Tabernacle. On the final day, Martin and I spent 8 hours straight prophesying, one by one to all who wanted to hear a Word from the Lord over their lives. It was absolutely amazing to be in that anointing for that length of time. It flew by. Martin and I were asked to come speak to an assembly put together by an apostle named Boris, who heads up the largest church in Kiev, which only meets in house groups. We also visited and prayed at the Friendship Bridge, which reminded me totally of the Arch in St. Louis, MO, which my father had a part in engineering of the Museum beneath it. The Friendship Bridge had been erected as a sign of friendship between Russia & Ukraine – can you imagine? – and we re-dedicated it to friendship between Ukraine, Israel and the United States. Today, in February, 2020, it is amazing to see how God used our time in prophetic music release, intercession, spiritual warfare and prayer to effect what is happening to uncover the evil of the global cabal that President Trump is leading a war against. We thank God for taking us to Ukraine. Both Martin and I have ancestors from there. It is always in our hearts. Slava Bogu!!!

Kim Walder singing/Robyn Green playing – making music for the Lord in Kiev.


Martin and I did an East Coast tour in 2010. One of our stops was in Philadelphia, PA – a place we had visited once before in 2008. In 2008, our spiritual warfare team had all met in Philly, and we did a 2-day prayer and prophetic music release, including going onsite at the Peoples’ Plaza next to the Liberty Bell. Our co-minister, Denice, was also there, along with Michael M. (from the “Q” Dream – read here). Since Philadelphia was the first capitol of our nation, it was very important to deal with entities attacking our nation from its very founding. We came back in 2010, at the request of our team member from 2008 – Cheryl. The video below is from that night’s ministry in a beautiful rehabbed theater.

In the above video, the words Robyn is singing are not audible. She is singing, praising the Lord and engaging in spiritual warfare as she plays. The music, and her voice and prayers, are given up as a gift as His Spirit and glory comes down to spread throughout the city of Philadelphia! View the MannaFest Dimensions YouTube Channel to hear more.

Michael M. Cathy D. and Robyn at the Liberty Bell – 2008

Other On-Site Assignments

We have been to many places in the U.S. to do prophetic proclamations & music for spiritual warfare and intercessory purposes. Some of them include:

St. Louis, Missouri – at the Gateway Arch – in March, 1998. We had a team gathered at the base of the Arch. One of the purposes was to shoot music up the legs of the Arch and into the atmosphere to establish “Purple” music in the home of the Blues. Purple music is music from God’s heart – prophetic psalmistry. Purple is the color of Christ’s royalty. We also called out to all believers in the West, particularly the West Coast, who are supposed to leave before “the big one” hits. We had a mirror team doing this from Yosemite National Park while we were at the Arch.

March, 1998 Prophetic Assignment. Robyn’s home town.

Santa Fe, New Mexico – A team of psalmists and intercessors traveled and met in Santa Fe, NM in 1993. Ray & Denise Hughes, along with Michael M. from the “Q” Dream, a violinist from California, and Kathy E. from Spokane, WA met with us and did a “portal closing.” Newspapers had been reporting much of the population of Taos, NM and surrounding region had been hearing “screaming from inside the earth.” Being such a New Age center, this wasn’t surprising. The same way we closed the gate to hell in the Hinnom Valley in Israel in 1999, we closed this portal. The voices stopped. Prophetic psalmists have the calling and authority to both “open and shut” doors – PORTALS – in the heavenlies, on the earth and under the earth.

Johnstown, PA – Martin and I went to Johnstown, PA in 1997. The city was the scene of a horrific flood in 1889. Our assignment was to pronounce repentance on behalf of the ruling elite class in the Pittsburgh area, who had not kept up the South Fork Dam. Due to its disrepair and shoddy construction, along with elites wanting to build a lake resort at the expense of the “common” people who lived below the dam, this great flood occurred and practically wiped out Johnstown. We did the repentance and prophesied reconciliation amongst all peoples from a central gazebo in a park in Johnstown.

Richmond, VA – Martin and I ministered in Richmond, VA in 2010. I released prophetic music, and Martin and an entire group did proclamations regarding the stronghold of SLAVERY in the area. I was told by the Lord to release an EARTHQUAKE sound to accomplish this, and then, I was told to play a redemptive BELL sound. What’s interesting, and what I did not know at the time I did this, was that there is a landing in the Richmond area called Belle Isle, which is where boats from Africa unloaded and sold slaves. God’s amazing.

Other on-site locations include: Baltimore, MD, Mankato, MN, Texarkana, TX, Cross Plains, TX, Denton, TX, Branson, MO, Kansas City, KS and MO, Nashville, TN.