Dreams & Visions

Robyn has had dreams and visions her entire life. She is skilled at interpretation as well, so each dream also has a corresponding interpretation at the end of the dream sequence. This may help others learn to interpret their own dreams, and understand what the Lord is saying to them! In addition, it is helpful to see how older dreams may be speaking into your life today. Some dreams are confirmed and manifest in the natural – immediately. Others take much longer to be completely interpreted, and require waiting on timing signals/events to understand. Additionally, some dreams are what Robyn calls “repetitive, circular or cyclical.” That means that they can be applied to different situations over time. They “come back around.” Just when you think you’ve figured the whole dream interpretation out, you occasionally realize that a scenario that happens later on is bringing the dream back around AGAIN to be updated. That happens with Scripture, too! The same scripture can be used by the Lord for wisdom in a situation, and used again years later for something else. Praise Him!

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Robyn’s Dreams & Visions:

The Q Dream

The Rubicon Dream

The Green Dream

The South Africa Dream

The Octagonal Room Dream

The 1986 Bush White House Dream

1991 Vision for Psalmists

Vision of Judah Maccabee – 1964

Vision of the Lion – 1954

My Testimony – In the Beginning

The Nehemiah Dream – 1986