Tabernacle In The Wilderness


Hi! I’m Robyn Green. Welcome to MannaFest Dimensions, my ministry home online.

Within this website, you will find a wide range of materials on the vast subject of prophetic psalmistry.

A basic definition of psalmistry is simply hearing music and lyrics to write a song. Many wonderful musicians are doing this.

However, Prophetic Psalmistry is hearing God’s instructions on what to play and sing spontaneously – while you are ministering – to a person, a church, a city, a state, a nation, or globally. It is birthing a NEW SONG or prophecy live – on the spot – with no rehearsal! Prophetic music has the power of God riding its soundwaves – in a different way than other types of music. Applications of prophetic psalmistry are used for worship, healing, deliverance, intercession, spiritual warfare and vocal or instrumental prophecy.

I offer CD’s that I believe will touch your spirit — as well as a demonstration of various aspects of psalmistry — on the Music Page, along with unique Teachings, Books & Articles. Free articles are on the Blog and CD’s & Books are available in the Store.

I pray that you will find the answers to long-held questions as you process the sounds and words the Lord has given me in both recordings and teachings. It has been my dream and calling to function in miracles through music, as King David did – but done in today’s keyboard settings. King David was relegated to a simple harp, but today, I can use over 1,000 different sounds, as God instructs. My prayer is that the Body of Messiah can see and hear the result of His musical vibrations – changing the lives and DNA of those who listen to and receive it. May God bless each of you as you serve Him!