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Who Are The Sons of Thunder? – A teaching written in 2001 by Martin & Robyn Green. This is an in-depth prophetic teaching on the original James Ryle “Sons of Thunder” vision. It is presented in 3 parts:
>> Part 1 >> Part 2 >> Part 3

The Power of Music in Healing – A teaching done for a conference in Wisconsin on “Spirituality in Aging.” What is music? Where does it come from? The key of “Heart intent” in a musician. How does God heal through music? Read here.

Music – God’s Gift – An in-depth teaching on what God says music is, His purposes for the vibrations and frequencies we call music, Robyn’s view on secular vs. Christian music. Spiritual concepts discussed and analyzed scientifically. Order your copy of this mini-book in the Store.


Want to know how to hear God on who your mate should be? Read our story – “A Marriage of Destiny” – by Martin & Robyn Green, available in either e-book or printed form here.

Robyn’s original manuscript from which her article “Prophetic Psalming” was taken.

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What Prophetic Music Isn’t – Martin and I realize that many people that have grown up in churches have not experienced the aspects of psalmistry that the Holy Spirit has trained Robyn to flow in — and we wanted to speak to that. What the prophetic music on this site is not is normal praise and worship music like you would find in a church service. — Read Article

The Wonder of God through His Sound!
Miracles through Music – The Wonder of God through His Sound!
Our Father God STILL HEALS and DOES MIRACLES!! Do you need one?
Music is not a tool – it’s part of God’s very being. That’s why HE bypasses your mind and goes straight into your spirit & emotions when His vibrations we call music enters your ears and your body. It changes DNA, awakens memories, heals diseases, and brings an atmosphere of revelation. — Read Article

Playing The Sunset – The ability to play the “SONG”, instead of just “NOTES” is a subject that should be pondered. Where each of you are in your walk with the Lord is something that you should be constantly assessing . . . whether you are growing, stagnating, going through the various possible realities of relationship stated in the article linked above. — Read Article

End-Time Music – An article originally published in “The Storm Harvest Journal” in Australia in 1997. Written by Martin & Robyn Green, and our co-minister, Denice Heatherly, who is now on the Board of MannaFest Dimensions. — Read Article