Highway of Holiness

Highway of Holiness

This 2001 CD demonstrates how to take an existing prophecy and re-prophesy it through music, in this case a prophecy over Africa as to how God’s spirit would move “from Capetown to Cairo” and Africa would fulfill its calling to aide Israel. You can literally hear the music travel up through the continent of Africa.

Includes a percussion warfare track, along with intercession for the continent of Africa, and finally, an intense “Lament Over Jerusalem” before ending with rejoicing!! Recorded in Milwaukee, WI by 11 musicians and singers, including musicians from England and South Africa.

Blessings, Robyn Green

Highway Of Holiness CD

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Sound bytes from Highway of Holiness. Note: let clip play fully before moving to the next clip (or pause) so two songs don’t play at the same time.

Lament Over Jerusalem
Psalm 24 Lift Up Your Heads
Signs & Wonders
Highway Of Holiness
Send Your Fire On Africa

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