The Nehemiah Dream – 1986

I was in St. Louis (my home town). The name “Louis” means “warrior,” so when I would see dreams in St. Louis, God was telling me to do warfare over them. In retrospect, there was much warfare involved in bringing me the path God was showing me in this dream to the present day. I was in a car with my first step-mom, whose name was JOY. Self-explanatory. The house was on Dielman Rd. That’s a pun “deal with man”.

We drove into the driveway. The house in reality had a circular drive.

Between the circular driveway and the street, in the dream, there were workmen in a hole building a cement brick wall. I got out of the car and they said, “Oh, good, you’re here – you can help us.” Joy answered them and said, “no – she’s not here to help you build -she’s here to IMPART.”

I went to the front door of the house – it was opened, as I got to it, by Johnny Carson dressed as Carnak, the seer (remember the old Tonight Show?) This was God’s humorous way of letting me know that the “seer” anointing was the ticket into the house.

I walked down a hallway. Hallways show things in the future – after periods of time. I got to the kitchen/breakfast area. The house looked bigger – the back of it had been expanded by 5′-10′. The place of my tent had been enlarged. There was a 6′ black ebony grand piano in the breakfast room (place of feeding on the “Word” of God). Sitting there, playing the most beautiful music I ever heard, was this guy who looked like Mario from Nintendo. He had no arms and was playing with his mangled, crippled feet!

He saw me and then, got up and motioned with his head for me to take the bench. I sat down, but couldn’t figure out how to follow what he had played. I just sat there as I felt expected to play something that I couldn’t figure out how to play (at that time in 1986). Then, someone handed me a can of orange juice concentrate. There was about 1″ of concentrate in the bottom of the can. I knew I had to go put water in the concentrate and mix it up before I was released to play.

I went to the kitchen sink and got the water. I looked out the back window from there and saw our pool. In reality, the pool ran north-south, but in the dream, it was east-west.

This is a much-later photo of the pool from the time I lived there. It is laid out north/south, but the chain link fence around the pool was taken out, and a privacy fence was erected much further back from the original chain link fence.

The fence around it was there. I went out back and looked at it. From out back, I could see that the whole back of the house had been fortified and built up (matured during hidden times). The fence around the pool, in reality, had a gate in the middle of it. But in this dream, the fence was on the northwest corner of the pool and the gate was open. I thought to myself, “This has something to do with Nehemiah.” And that was the end of the dream.


My doorway into God’s path for my life (beyond my salvation) was through the maturing of the seer anointing merged with my musical gifts. This has resulted in a breaking path to become a prophet psalmist. I am told I have 3 offices: apostle, prophet and psalmist. Psalmist isn’t an office – but it’s a function of the apostolic/prophetic. Martin and I both stand in apostolic office now, confirmed by other leadership in the body of Christ.

God was showing me in 1986 that He was going to take me a path of death to self, and come into the ability to worship Him with a heart that was forged in wounding, pain, isolation and rejection. I would play with crippled feet – meaning I was released to play because of my walk with the Holy Spirit – which was matured due in great part to my woundings. I’m sure you can relate. The more you hurt – the more you cry out.

During this process, I was to take the powerful gift I was given (the orange juice concentrate) and temper it with the fruit of the Spirit. Orange in my dreams is a color of the Bride of Christ – and is indicative of miracles and resurrection. Also, this was a tremendous sign that God gave me.

Now for Nehemiah – I looked up the gates of Jerusalem to see which one corresponded to the northwest corner. It is the FISH gate. That refers to prophetic evangelism. THAT is what God is saying. He is establishing the wall (of the tabernacle of David) to prepare the way for a massive move of prophetic evangelism. The wall is the new leadership – the End-Time Remnant Church – structured in the anointings of God – not man. But in the dream, I was sent to impart to the builders.

There is much to be seen here. Literally, God raised up prophets from the northwest (Washington state) for me to be in relation with after this dream came. The prophetess who really helped me the most was in Spokane, Washington. And, it had been prophesied that the prophetic intercessors of the northwest would birth the flame of revival in this country. There are very committed intercessors up in the northwest.

So, the northwest gate had significant meaning to my life. God also would have me say that the means by which we minister is going to change. Traditional ministry days are almost over. That’s what God wants imparted to the builders of the wall – these are people with building tools in one hand (intercession) and an instrument in the other (worship). His ministry is going to shift to more impartation, more demonstration of His power and His love. It is more effective than traditional evangelistic methods.

Finally….we are now in 2021. God appointed and anointed President Donald J. Trump to have a wall built on our southern border during the last 4 years.

There is a connection between this dream – the full release of the SEER MUSICIAN anointing – with the timing of the building of a wall. I believe the time is NOW in 2021 for the manifestation of the mature gifting of the seer psalmist after decades of “being built” by the Lord, going through suffering, rejection, misunderstanding, tragedies and death to self.

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