Dreams & Visions: The “Q” Dream

March 8, 1994 (3-8-1994 or 3-8-94)



Dreamt I was watching TV with my husband (I called him “Hubby” in this post when I put it online due to doxxing concerns… but, Martin’s name translates to “Warrior” and he is indeed a prayer warrior.)

On the TV was a program about some undercover spy-type/secret agent guy, who had a code name of “Q.” I don’t remember the plot, although I got VERY excited as I watched it. It was totally MIRRORING some dream I had had, and in that dream, I had seen myself go to my dream file and pull out a typewritten dream that this TV show was confirming. I have not had such a dream in real life (at the time I had this dream on March 8, 1994) about a spy or secret agent named “Q.”

Anyway, I ran back to the show and Hubby was changing the channel. I yelled, “No, no, don’t do that, this is confirming my dream,” but he changed channels twice in quick succession as I watched. Unbelievably, the same show was on all 3 channels (main stream media – back in 1994: ABC, NBC, CBS). No matter where we turned, it was the same plot, script, everything.

There were three (3) numbers that figured in this plot, but I don’t remember why. I was only allowed to remember the numbers upon awakening. They were: 30, 8 and 38.

The next thing I remember, I had a strong impression to go tell a gentleman named Michael M. about these numbers in the dream. (Note: Michael M. was a spiritual Father to Hubby and myself, having met us in 1993, and remained a close friend until his passing on December 19, 2017. He was a Professor of International Law at a prestigious university in Washington state. Michael taught us over the years about targeted, successful intercessory warfare prayer. He was a GENERAL of Intercession/Warfare. He knew the Holy Spirit intimately. When I ran his name through an online Gematria calculator – http://gematrinator.com/calculator/index.php – his name came out to 154 in English Gematria. That is 1 + 5 + 4 = 10, which is 1 + 0 = 1). His name is the number 1. He is a type and symbol of Father God in this dream.

Next scene: I then saw myself in the back of a large (almost the size of a semi-truck) mobile home, and I was seated on a divan with Michael, telling him about “Q” and the numbers (30, 8, 38). This was supposed to mean something to him. He was alone in this mobile home. It was being pulled by a VAN and was PARKED as we talked. No one was in the driver’s seat of the van. The mobile home started to move, and Michael bolted to the van, jumped in and turned the van to the left, so that the mobile home and the van JACK-KNIFED at a 90 degree angle (right angle). This rendered the mobile home IMMOVABLE.

Then, I saw Michael and myself outside the mobile home, standing and talking about what had just happened. There was a middle-Eastern looking, fanatical guy waving a large sword and lunging at Michael. Michael had no sword. This guy was SLASHING the air, and cut Michael on the back of his calves. These were SURFACE WOUNDS – he did NOT pierce Michael through at all. I yelled at the guy to leave Michael alone, or I would kill him.


Drawing by Martin Green


At the time I had this dream, in actuality, Michael M. was embarking on a trip to the Washington, D.C. area the following weekend (March 16, 1994), and his intended purpose was to rent a motel room (which he did – in Virginia Beach, VA) and spend the weekend in targeted spiritual warfare prayer over D.C. (i.e., “The SWAMP”)

A TV in a dream is always a “tell-a-vision.” It’s a pun. The Lord is showing me a “script,” a scenario that is to come involving an undercover secret agent named “Q”. The letter Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet, and 17 is the number of VICTORY in Bible interpretation.

(NOTE: I co-authored another document years ago, showing the Biblical interpretation of NUMBERS AND COLORS IN DREAMS. A close prophetess sister-in-the-Lord, named Kathleen Ewing, and I came to know each other around 1992-93. She went home to be with the Lord in 2015. She and I developed this document together. We developed interpretations of colors by ourselves. But, how I came to know the interpretations of the numbers will be explained in the document itself. I interpret numbers Biblically, but realize God can speak through varying forms of Gematria, both English and Hebrew. Having used these color and number interpretations consistently over decades of interpreting dreams, they have ALWAYS proven correct! If you are interested in obtaining this document, it’s available in the Store.

So, “Q” = 17 = VICTORY.

The other numbers of importance that I was allowed to remember upon waking from this dream were 30, 8 and 38:

30 = the Blood of Christ

8   = new beginnings or resurrection

38 = slavery, including sexual or debt slaves (negative interp.) or righteousness (positive interp.)

If you add all three of these numbers (30 + 8 + 38), you get 76.  So, Q = 17; the other numbers = 76 when added.  Therefore, you have 1776 as a message….a 2nd American Revolution!

The message from the Lord through this “Q” dream is:

there is going to be victory through the Blood of Christ, establishing a new beginning in righteousness – that is GOD’s PLAN for the United States and globally!

In 1994, this dream had personal meaning both for me and for Michael, which I don’t need to go into here in 2020. The Lord was showing me that our paths would be victorious, and the Lord was going to further establish me prophetically through the eventual release of this dream – in HIS timing!

Since the same TV show was on all THREE (3) channels, the Lord was emphasizing the importance and the absolute certainty of this coming to pass.

“In the Mouths of 2 or 3 Witnesses Shall a Thing Be Established” (2 Cor. 13:1)

Rabbit Hole Side Trip for a Minute: I have a track record of dreams coming to pass. So does my Hubby. Hubby was ordained an apostle at the Wailing Wall in Israel in 1999. We have both had, and have had published, dreams of national import over the last 30 years. For instance, Hubby was shown 9/11 – like a movie playing out in his head – 2 weeks before it happened. He was on a fast, doing 8 hours of prayer a day; when he was shown 9/11. He couldn’t believe it – the evil of it – and he prayed. I believe his prayers caused the potential number of victims (over 50,000 people worked in the twin towers on 9/11/2001) to fall to around 3,000 total, between NYC, the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA.

He was then shown a SECOND attack plan to follow up 9/11. That second attack plan was communicated to John Ashcroft, then Attorney General, through a Senator who was friends with an attorney I was working for at the time in 2001. They took action and the SECOND ATTACK WAS THWARTED. Hubby was verified as a true prophet by none other than David Wilkerson, who was given the same information, along with Gwen Shaw, head of End-Time Handmaidens in Arkansas, who published dreams we were given, in order to get thousands to pray.

Back to the “Q” Dream 2018 interpretation: Suffice it to say that I did share this dream with Michael M. over the phone on March 9, 1994. I knew it was a prayer assignment for us, because it revealed two ATTACKS against us as we attempted to discern what “Q” was, and I was, according to the dream, given an assignment to stand guard over and rebuke these coming attacks, to ensure that minimal damage would result from them. I have especially faithfully prayed over these things since I was AWOKEN in November, 2017 to the “Q” movement online.

In 1994, while talking to Michael and telling him this dream, at the time, I thought HE might be “Q,” although he wasn’t. BUT, he WAS A GENERAL of warfare prayer, and “Q” is made up of a TEAM of military intelligence people, including GENERALS. Today, on July 22, 2018, I believe “Q” is a team of military generals and others, which may also include “R Anon” – JFK, Jr. I will go into that after I finish with what happened in 1994, following the receiving of this dream.

Jump to 2018 again: The mobile home symbolized a networking of prophetic believers, who are a corporate “mobile home.” Today (July 22, 2018), I know it generally means everyone involved in the “Q” movement, but especially those who are prophets/apostles and able to understand God’s prophetic symbology LANGUAGE. The “Q” movement needs God’s true apostles & prophets to function alongside it, to keep it on the right track.

The first attack was an attempted DERAILMENT. There have been many attempts at disinformation, deception, derailment of the “Q” movement since “Q” began posting on 4chan on October 28, 2017. We have successfully navigated through them, with actual minimal damage to the movement as a whole. None of them have discredited “Q.”

However….there was an actual false flag attempted DERAILMENT (IN VIRGINIA – where Michael was in this dream!!!) on January 31, 2018, of a train carrying Republican members of Congress, who were considering release of a memo on governmental surveillance compiled by Devin Nunes (R-California): http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/01/31/train-carrying-lawmakers-to-gop-retreat-involved-in-accident.html. So, the derailment attempt literally happened. The only death was of one of the truck drivers, who had left a truck on the tracks. None of the passengers on the train were critically hurt.

There’s a LOT to decode, or unpack, about the action Michael took to stop the runaway mobile home. He jumped into the van and turned the wheel TO THE LEFT to force a JACKKNIFE of the two vehicles at a 90 degree angle, also called a RIGHT ANGLE. That rendered the mobile home IMMOVABLE. In other words, to form an immovable front, we have to form a RIGHT (38 = RIGHTEOUSNESS) angle politically and spiritually. This is symbolic of turning from darkness to light – going from slavery to righteousness – and in the process, doing things God’s way. Everything “Q” has done and instructed us to do, and the way in which “Q” revealed real-time and prophetic (future proves past) information to us – through questions, Socratic method and encouraging us to DIG – was done legally while following actual LAW. Our enemy – the CABAL/DEEP STATE – uses completely illegal, unlawful and nefarious means to accomplish their goals. Also, one of the tactics that the LEFT uses to discredit conservatives is done through the public websites many of them maintain as social media hubs. @Jack (Dorsey) is the CEO of Twitter, and has been KNIFING conservative accounts – both shadow banning them, and literally banning them. An employee of his even attacked the President’s Twitter account in Fall, 2017, taking it offline for 11 minutes on Nov. 2, 2017. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/nov/02/trump-twitter-account-offline. By the way: 11 is the number of JUDGMENT or CHAOS. It is also being used by the “Q” movement as a number meaning AWAKENING when presented as 11:11.

Donald J. Trump


My Twitter account was taken down for 11 minutes by a rogue employee. I guess the word must finally be getting out-and having an impact.

6:51 AM – Nov 3, 2017

Michael turning the wheel also shows a need for LEFT and RIGHT to come together to stop the Deep State. That’s where “R” might come in – to be discussed later. Remember, both Michael and “R” were lawyers and understood the legal system, and ALSO, the Bible!! “Q” has posted scripture from time to time.

Back to 1994: On March 9, 1994, while on the phone with Michael, I also pointed out that God wanted him to be aware, while he was in Virginia the following week, that he should pray against the Spirit of the SLASHER – adding it to his prayer list – which he did. He told me that God had indeed shown him that the warfare would be on two fronts, and to expect “an outside hit.” I believe Michael’s prayers dealt with this back in 1994. I also believe that the type of prayer he did HELPED TO BIRTH THE “Q” MOVEMENT since the Lord gave me this dream and he was in it.

When Michael and I were talking in the mobile home, and I was telling him about “Q” and the numbers (30, 8 and 38)….we were seated on a DIVAN. Now normally, I would have just called it a couch, but when interpreting the dream, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to call it a divan.

Here’s the definition of divan from www.dictionary.com:

divan1 [dih-van, -vahn or especially for 1, dahy-van]

ExamplesWord Origin – noun

  1. a sofa or couch, usually without arms or back, often usable as a bed.
  2. a long, cushioned seat, usually without arms or back, placed against a wall, as in Asian countries.
  3. a council of state in Turkey and other countries of the MiddleEast.

The divan was, therefore, a place to hold a COUNCIL/COUNSEL. It’s a pun. What the Lord was showing me, since Michael passed away on Dec. 19, 2017, was that a mantle had been passed from him to me while seated on the divan. I was, therefore, being released in my prophesied role as a GENERAL in the end-time move of God. I’ve been told I am this by numerous prophets around the world. That is why I am now sharing this dream with the leadership of the “Q” movement. God wanted it known that HE knew this was coming; HE prepared us for “Q” and HE is in charge.

The divan had cushions on it, but it was used in the mobile home as a bed, which in dreams is symbolic of a place of intimacy – with the Lord.

Finally, regarding the divan – we have to turn to the Bible:

Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” Amos 3:7 (KJV) 

It is massively important to get this…From: http://www.biblicalhebrew.com/wordstudies/cowdh.htm

The word, çôwdh or sôwdh (Strong’s #5475), usually rendered ‘secret’ in this passage is not done justice to, unless the whole canvas is painted. It is properly a ‘cushion, couch or pillow’, something on which one ‘reclines’. But this seems a world away from most translations.

DO YOU SEE IT? The Hebrew word for SECRET is the SAME as the word COUCH! God is confirming that this dream was given to share HIS SECRET about the coming “Q” movement with one of His prophets (i.e., me), and the transfer of the generalship that took place on that divan between Michael and me.

Did you think the “Q” movement would just materialize out of nowhere? GOD KNEW and ORDAINED IT!

Now….onto “R” and the number 38, among other things.


Now for the kicker: WHY DID GOD GIVE ME THIS DREAM BACK IN 1994?

When I found out about “Q” in November of 2017, and I ran to find this dream in my file cabinet, I calculated that it had been 23 years since I had had the dream. Ready for some numerology? “Q” uses it all the time!!

23 is the Biblical number of death, both literal and spiritual (i.e., path of death to self, which all prophets must walk with the Lord, becoming totally dependent on HIM and not man).

1994 breaks down as follows: 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 23.

2 + 3 = 5, WHICH IS THE NUMBER OF GRACE!! In other words, God giving me this dream was a GRACE GIFT to the Body of Christ and to the World, so that we would know He was involved in this movement, and He was guiding it.

HE knew it would be 23 years before this “Q” movement started.

Let’s look at the entire date now: 3-8-1994. It can be approached a number of ways, but the most important is that GOD LITERALLY gave me this dream on 3/8 to confirm the number 38’s importance to the dream and to the “Q” movement.

3-8 also can be interpreted this way:  3 = the TRINITY and MIRACLES; 8 = NEW BEGINNINGS OR RESURRECTION. 

Can you think of any miracle of resurrection that the “Q” movement might be contemplating since June, 2018?  How about “R” being alive?  Hold old was JFK,JR when he “died” in 1999?  38!







Extra Tidbit: The Holy Spirit has also pointed out to me that during this time of being part of the “Q” movement, POTUS has dealt with the denuclearization of North Korea – freeing them from CIA control. Where is the dividing line between North & South Korea? The 38th parallel!!


Finally – let’s add up the whole number: 3 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 34; 3 + 4 = 7!

7 is God’s number of completion, maturity, perfection. It is one of HIS SIGNATURE numbers. The date proves this dream came from God.

It’s important to remember/realize that I was seeing Michael and myself STILL IN VIRGINIA, on the EAST COAST, next to the mobile home when the Middle-Eastern sword SLASHER approached).  Therefore, the 2nd attack – the SLASHER, would be coming from or aimed at the East Coast/D.C. of the U.S., the seat of government.

Michael and I began rebuking the “Spirit of the Slasher” to mitigate any damages back in 1994, and during 2018, Hubby and I, along with our other team member, Denice, again bound this spirit demonic entity as it relates to the “Q” movement. Any false flags done by people from the Middle East, or with ties to it (Mossad, jihadis, etc.), will NOT wind up being the big hit “they” want it to be anyway – it drew blood when Michael’s calves were sliced, but it was just a SURFACE WOUND, not life threatening. This “Spirit of the Slasher” is now, in 2018, manifesting in a completely different way than I thought back in 1994. (Update note: Now in 2020, we realize this also has to do with the attempts in VIRGINIA to slash our 2nd Amendment rights!)

In 2018, on February 14 (Valentine’s Day), http://time.com/5162936/florida-high-school-shooting-timeline/, a shooter killed 17 high school students in Parkland, FL in a false flag attack. That’s no coincidence that the number of the dead was the same numeric value as “Q.” I considered this as a proof of the 2nd attack I had seen in the “Q” dream, but today, I believe there is something even more accurate in interpreting “THE SLASHER.”

THE SLASHER had a very distinct sword – it was a SCIMITAR, like you’d expect to see Genghis Khan or Ali Baba waving around. But he was really sloppy with it – waving it all over the place like he was a drunk! It looked like this:

As I was contemplating the interpretation of this since 2018, it finally occurred to me that rather than anticipating a 2nd attack being another 9/11 type attack done by Middle-Eastern operatives, I had to look no further than the D.C. Metro Area – the SWAMP – for these operatives. The 2nd major attack is being done through CYBERATTACK!!

When you go to an internet URL, you type: http or https – then, a colon, and what comes after that? How about TWO SLASHES???? So, WHO is using the internet to attack the “Q” movement? Many people, but some in particular – some individuals, but also, entities such as news organizations. “Q” said in multiple posts that we would know the enemy by looking to see who was being the loudest complainer/whiner about POTUS and “the PLAN.”

These have included: Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Adam Schiff and last but not least: JOHN BRENNAN, ex-CIA Director, who is supposedly a Communist AND a Muslim (a Wahabi Muslim at that! The most fanatical kind!). The Washington Post and New York Times have also posted articles attempting to label the “Q” movement as insane, a debunked conspiracy theory, fanatical and lunatic fringe.

The ATTACK we are to expect, and in EVEN LARGER SCOPE, will come from those placed in our own government, who are Muslim Brotherhood members, or sympathizers.

THIS is what we NOW are to be taking authority over in the Spirit realm – for those who know how to pray!


Around Thanksgiving, 2017, I saw a mention of “Q” online. I immediately reacted the same way I had seen myself react in the 1994 dream. I literally – in real life – ran to my file cabinet, which contains hundreds of dreams, and went through folders to find this 3/8/1994 dream. I was beside myself – shaking – in absolute awe of God. Even though I’ve had other dreams come to pass, this one really excited me. I had to know who “Q” was!!! I found the Patriots Soapbox 24/7 online (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWW3gYCvKS412p7o6qSK5gg), and have watched ever since, praying as the Lord instructs.

Between Thanksgiving, 2017 and the end of December, 2017, I struggled with whether I should try to contact Michael M. again to go over this dream a 2nd time, albeit 23 years later. But Michael had been admitted to assisted living the year before, and was battling dementia. I’m not even sure he would know he was talking to me, if I had tried to call him. I waited. Right after the beginning of the year, I got a card from his wife announcing his passing. He passed 2 days before President Trump signed the 12/21/17 Executive Order on Human Trafficking, making it a national emergency. Michael would have loved that action. He would be so excited to see all these prophetic “puzzle pieces,” as he called them, coming together in a flowing interpretation.

So, I never discussed it with him again. Now, he is with the Lord, and I’m sure he knows all of this, and is praying from the other side for all of us. So, as I was faced with interpreting the “Q” dream in present day time, I realized that he was not literal anymore – he was SYMBOLIC. He was symbolic of GENERALS of WARFARE, and he was SYMBOLIC of FATHER, God – a teacher/mentor/provider to us over the years.

The prayer need is ongoing and urgent, and that’s why it is SO IMPORTANT that the “Q” movement be headed not just by people awake politically, but by PRAYER WARRIORS awake SPIRITUALLY – those called to discern the times we’re in….those with a track record of correct interpretation. Those with wisdom. The attacks that will come upon the people following “Q,” both individually and corporately, can be mitigated through prayer. We don’t HAVE to have computers failing, or health impaired or finances attacked.

* * *

A new beginning IS coming to the U.S. and the world, although the Bible prophecies will STILL HAPPEN.  We cannot change the written Word of God.  We have been given a window of GRACE through the election of President Trump – to redeem the time, to allow more people to be saved spiritually, to prepare to survive what may come after President Trump.  I realize not everyone involved in the research is a believer, and, while it is first and foremost God’s heart that every one of them be saved, the reality is they won’t all be.  Only a true remnant is going to survive what’s coming.

* * *

“…the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.” (1 Cor. 14:32)

I am asking that this dream be shared amongst those who can, due to their callings, bear witness to its authenticity and interpretation. I do not have time here to go into my prophetic credentials, nor do I feel led to do so. I believe men and women of God, who can hear the Holy Spirit, will get a witness on this as they are reading it.

I believe with my whole heart and, due to my 35+ years of walking with the Lord, and being used in receiving and interpreting prophetic dreams and visions – that the “Q” movement is God-ordained, God-led and that JFK,JR was/is involved. There are many people bringing proofs online about numerology and symbolic interpretations concerning JFK, JR. being “R.” I will gladly change my mind, if “Q” provides proof otherwise. In the meantime, my gut says “R” was part of the “Plan,” and is now a part of “Q” on the 8kun boards. We may never hear from him again. That’s his choice.

However, as a parting gift – see Q Post 64 from Nov. 2, 2017, at 18:31:24 EST:

Anonymous ID: WBXFv1gI No.147683156 
Nov 2 2017 18:31:24 (EST)

Fellow Patriots,
I’m being advised actions have created accelerated counter-actions.
We have not yet ascertained the scope of the attack.
Watch the news outlets.
POTUS’ Twitter take down was not by accident (as referenced several hours ago).
Should the lights go out, please know we are in control.
Do not panic.
We are prepared and assets are in place.
God bless – I must go for good at this point.

The “LIGHTS WENT OUT” during Pres. Trump’s statement of clarification given at the White House on July 18, 2018, after the LEFT pounced on him about not trusting his own U.S. Intelligence Agencies. He remarked, “It must be the Intelligence Agencies turning out the lights,” when it happened. See: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/video/2018/jul/18/lights-go-out-on-trump-during-russia-statement-must-be-the-intelligence-agencies-video

Notice the 18’s? July 18, 2018. Posted at 18:31:24. “R” is the 18th letter of the alphabet! Q (17) + A (1) = R (18). It’s a MIRACLE RESURRECTION!!! THAT’S what the date of this dream 3-8 is all about!!

Remember – IF “R” is JFK, JR., he waited 19 years to really communicate through Q that he is alive. 19 is the number of FAITH, and not only is that what it’s going to take to believe this, but it is also what JFK, JR. has had to function in for the last 2 decades – believing this Plan would be accomplished!

You can contact me at: mannafestdimensions@protonmail.com.

Love to all – WWG1WGA!!

Robyn Green


7/25/18 UPDATE:

Today, Q Post #1697 said:

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 6532f9 No.2279519 
Jul 25 2018 10:21:07 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 3df588 No.2279498 
Jul 25 2018 10:20:06 (EST)

Need clarification in order to prevent movement split: Is R real or fake?

There is only Q.


Q answered, saying that “there is only Q.” This is NOT a direct answer to the direct question the #Anon asked him. Q could have just as easily answered “WWG1WGA” – which means that EVERYONE is Q (whether you are R, S, T, or whatever) – EVERYONE who follows Q – ALL TRUE PATRIOTS. Q had posted this picture in Post 1426:

I believe that during this 20-day hiatus from posting, Q “allowed” the information to be floated about “R” – and that the Q team (which has always included JFK,JR, if he’s still alive) wanted us to KNOW that he’s still alive. Well, at least for “those with ears to hear…and eyes to see.”

Now, we do NOT have to follow “R” on 8kun anymore….and I think “R” will go away, but Q DID want us to know that JFK,JR is part of Q.

Whether the people behind Trump at a number of his rallies really are JFK,JR and his wife, his sister-in-law, his sister, Caroline, and his possible kids – and they all really look like they ARE those people – or whether those people were all body doubles put there to shock the Deep State – the effect is THE SAME.


As far as the “Q” Dream from 3-8-1994 is concerned, God KNEW that 23 years later, the “Q” movement would come forth, and that the “Q” movement would wrestle with the idea of JFK,JR being alive. That’s one of the reasons why 38 is so important to the dream.

The most important reason 38 is critical to the dream is that it is the number that shows the war between slavery & righteousness, and that remains the message of the “Q” Dream. Hoping for the resurrection of JFK,JR was and is a joyful contemplation, and only time will actually tell.

I do NOT think Q has completely quashed the existence of JFK,JR. He’s basically saying that we are ALL part of one entity – Q.


UPDATE – 9/8/2020 – It is HABBENING!!! A reporter has asked POTUS about Q, not exactly THE question we’ve been waiting for, but it’s a start. Mainstream media has started blasting Q across the board, but Q is now being mentioned on MSM, just like the Q Dream showed it would be. Only what I saw in the dream is still yet to come — I believe there will be dramas on TV based on Q in years to come. Kind of like the “Blacklist” drama on TV.

Here is how POTUS responded to a reporter’s question about whether he supports the beliefs of the Q movement:


This is EXCITING! When the country is shown evidence of corruption and crimes, the people will wake up even faster. Q will become beloved eventually.


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