Article: The Power of Music in Healing

This was written for a conference on spirituality in aging.  I looked up the definition of “spirituality”: it is “the state or quality of being dedicated to God, religion, or spiritual things or values, especially as contrasted with material or temporal ones.”  Amen? There are timings involved in becoming “spiritual” as we age.  We all … Continue reading Article: The Power of Music in Healing

Who Are the Sons of Thunder? – Part 3

      C.  What is Thunder?:       From:   THE SOUND OF THUNDER       Thunder is produced as a sound wave.  Just as friction causes noise when you rub your hands together, massive friction between neighboring air molecules produces the loud noise. The rapid expansion and subsequent contraction of air produces a sound wave that travels out from the … Continue reading Who Are the Sons of Thunder? – Part 3

1991 Vision of Psalmists

ASSIGNMENT: Global spiritual warfare or miracle/healing crusades through psalmists hooked up by audio and satellite transmission at the same time around the world - downlinked/downloaded into various large gatherings of believers to do intercession and warfare to the music generated by these psalmists.  There will be around 20 or so of these psalmists, maybe even … Continue reading 1991 Vision of Psalmists