1991 Vision of Psalmists

ASSIGNMENT: Global spiritual warfare or miracle/healing crusades through psalmists hooked up by audio and satellite transmission at the same time around the world – downlinked/downloaded into various large gatherings of believers to do intercession and warfare to the music generated by these psalmists. 

There will be around 20 or so of these psalmists, maybe even less, on various instruments, who will only be able to HEAR each other.  On the large movie screen in each location, around the perimeter of the screen, will be relatively smaller “thumbnails” of each musician participating, although they won’t be able to see each other. They won’t need to – as long as they can hear each other in real time, with no delay in sound transmission. In the center of the screen, will be flash images or slides connected with the various spirits, principalities, world rulers we are pulling down, i.e., Terrorism, Python, Leviathan, or, in the case of the gatherings being for healings/miracles, there would be images evoking compassion for healing needs of certain diseases. Evangelistic gatherings can show images of lost souls to intercession for the coming revival and/or harvest (banners can be displayed as well).

The psalmists participating will be carefully screened by method at the present unveiled totally.  God is in the process of networking these people.  Between now and the time of fulfillment of this vision, they will find each other.  Could potentially strategically place people like Phil Driscoll, etc. in various parts of the world to hookup at the same time, but I believe God wants unknown and known psalmists, who have functional authority by birth or supernatural love for various locations, to hook up together.

There would be a downlink available in auditoriums, large neutral locations for unity amongst city-wide churches that want to hook into this broadcast.  There will be spontaneous intercession.  New songs could come forth by those who are actually doing the music, or they could be encouraged in each location with anointed vocal psalmists standing by in case certain chord progressions evoke the new song, or the psalmists prophesy on their instruments and the vocalists interpret.  These local events could be videotaped and compared for the message the Spirit brought around the world at the same time.

These events should be done as the Spirit leads, but it is imperative that no one participate musically who is not dead to ambition and is recognized as having the anointing of psalmist in their lives.

In other words, these musicians will not take turns playing, but will simultaneously hook up in an orchestral Holy Spirit worship/warfare session for an hour or two (the most they can probably physically stand).  The localities will have the option of having local praise and worship prior to and after the broadcast.  The localities will have the option of having their own psalmists available to continue intercession for local or regional concerns which may not be covered under the purposes of global intercession.

There would have to be supernatural provision for the uplinks – perhaps TBN would be interested.  There would have to be confirmation on each psalmist allowed to participate.  There would have to be a type of presbytery – prophetic and apostolic vessels who could interpret what was going on and, maybe, prophetic intercessors to lead prayer vocally.

This is a vision – the details and how it eventually is fine tuned and evolved is up to the Lord.  This is presented as food for thought and prayer.

2020 Update Comment by Robyn: How this vision can be fulfilled – the technology needed to do it in real time, with NO delay in the sound, is still unknown to me. Pray that this technology becomes available! If you are a person who is aware of technology that would make this vision a reality, please contact me at: mannafestdimensions@protonmail.com. These gatherings should also be done for the purpose of healings and miracle ministry.

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