Dreams & Visions: The White House Dream (1986)

Following is a profound dream that I had in 1986.  The Lord gave me a number of significant dreams around that time, but I was only 3 years old in the Lord, and could not interpret anything, much less understand my “Daniel” call.

In Nov., 1997, Jim Goll was praying for my husband, Martin, and myself and, among the things he said was, “Father, blow the dust off the dreams – they will all begin to come to pass now.”  Indeed, my dreams DO come to pass down to minutiae contained in them.  I just have to wait on timing signals contained in them to manifest physically before I release them.  I believe what follows will be significant to those praying about our nation, our current election limbo and the remnant church.

Robyn Green
Pewaukee, WI

The dream came in three parts.

(1)  The first part is probably significant to Martin and my life alone, and
I will not repeat it here.  It has to do with the establishment of a base for
ministry in a coffeehouse, and that is currently happening here.

(2)  The second part of the dream is this:  I was out with my then infant son,
Jonathan (who was less than a year old in this dream – he was born April 7,
1985), and we were bar-b-q-ing outdoors with a few people behind this house.

The house was the house of my pastor at the time, who’s name was BILL.  While in reality, the pastor’s house was yellow, the house was a WHITE HOUSE in the dream. So, I am seeing the position of a leader named Bill in a White House. Remember this was 6 years ahead of Clinton being elected the first time when I had this dream.  

Beyond the back yard where we were bar-b-q-ing, was a flat desert floor.  
Nothing but desert as far as the eye could see.  I saw a man dressed as an
army guerilla warfare type guy out in the desert.  He had a big ammo belt
strapped across his chest with giant sized bullets in it.  I began to hear
angry voices – people who were mad at him.  But, I couldn’t see anyone, only
HEAR them.  I then saw this guy get kicked around the desert floor – like
someone was beating him up, although I never saw anyone.  In a few minutes, he died.  Then, whomever was doing this to him truncated him in half.  

They took the top half of his body and put it on the desert floor, next to four
other half-truncated bodies, so there were 5 altogether.  The other 4 all
looked the same – eyes closed, skin ruddy, bland expression.  But this guy
still looked like himself with full beard, etc.  After they set him down on
the desert floor, he opened his eyes and began to speak – it scared me to
death – he had COME BACK TO LIFE.  I don’t know what he said, because I
grabbed Jonathan up and ran into the White House.

(3)  I got inside the house.  There was an entrance foyer, a kitchen to the
right and through the kitchen, a family room.  There was a square window over the sink in the kitchen that looked into the family room.  I put Jonathan in a playpen in the family room.  It was then I noticed a green pine tree, like a Christmas tree (or rather the size of a large BUSH) standing against a wall in the family room.  It had no ornaments on it.  I thought, “how weird – what’s that doing here?  It’s warm outside.”  Anyway, as I pondered that, I noticed a small flicker of flame begin out of nowhere on the wood floor under the tree/bush.  It quickly caught the BUSH ON FIRE.  I ran to the kitchen to get water, but realized I couldn’t get enough in there in time to put it out.

I grabbed Jonathan, ran to the foyer where a phone was on a small stand.  I
called 9-1-1.  I told them to send the firemen.  They asked, “Where do you
live?”  I told them, “I don’t know the address!!!”  (It wasn’t the house I
lived in, remember – it was the pastor/leader’s house!)  I described the
neighborhood to them, told them to head in that general direction and I would hear them, find them and lead them back to the house.  I then grabbed my keys and ran out the door.

As I ran out the door, I looked back over my LEFT SHOULDER and saw the plaque containing the house number: it was 1-2-1.  I got into my car – a WHITE Pontiac SUNBIRD, which I actually had back then.  I drove down the street.  

The dashboard in those cars in that year 1986 would light up in ORANGE
letters and numbers.  As I drove down the street, I tried the brakes.  They
didn’t work.  A light came on the dashboard that said in orange:  these
brakes have been tampered with
.  I knew that I had to try to stop the car,
but I also knew that on my right, behind the houses, was a big hill down to
that desert floor I had seen in Scene 2 of this dream.  So, I put the car in
a lower gear, and did some “donut spins” and got it stopped.  By then, I could hear the firetrucks coming down the street.  A crowd was starting to gather. I yelled to a lady to watch Jonathan, and I ran back towards the house.  I could see it glowing orange, but I could not see any flames actually coming out of it.  It was also DARK NIGHT by this time, the sky was black.  I began to scream, “Oh Lord, don’t let me lose my house.”  There the dream ended.  I did not see the outcome.



God speaks to me in puns many times in dreams.  He is actually a very funny guy.  In 1986, I didn’t have a clue what this dream meant, but now it’s
simple to understand.  

The White House is The White House in Washington, D.C.  
Bill is Bill Clinton and his administration.  

The 3 scenes are 3 concurrent events for my life, the church and the nation.

The first scene, as previously stated, is personal to Martin and I, with some
individual direction.

The second scene shows the completion of the restoration of the 5-fold
ministry.  There were 5 bodies on that desert floor.  The last one to be
restored to the church is the one who’s time has come:  the apostle.  God is
saying that during the conflict for the White House which is happening now (2000), He is restoring His complete government.  And these people will not be those who simply start churches, but those with apostolic FIRE coming out of their mouths, who have overcome death to self.  When these people speak, the fear of the Lord falls on man.  God is establishing Eph. 2:20 – HIS government (see also, 1 Cor. 12:28), which is for the most part – coming out of the desert, the wilderness, outside the system of man.  Those apostles and prophets, who have been prepared for leadership in these End-Times, are those who heard the call to come away from the one-man led system and to allow the Lord to break them, kill off their self lives and learn to embrace the desert.

MOST of God’s end-time leadership will be these remnant leaders.  They are NOT the current leadership of the organized church, although a few of those people, if sufficiently broken and humbled, might qualify.  

These people are NOW walking in an authority level that will overcome…..and it was appointed to them and anointed in them by Christ Himself – HE is their covering.  They function shoulder to shoulder.  Team ministry is God’s plan.  God is NOT pouring new wine into an old wineskin – He never has and He never will.  Those who are still in churches that follow the one man led system (called pastor) are the OLD wineskin…and if those churches simply try to reach across the line to tack the new wineskin onto their old ways, it won’t work.  The warning is to avoid them!!   The remnant church will now be made more visible to each other.

The third scene is the most significant for the United States.   It’s a White
House that has a bare tree or BUSH in it, but it’s still BILL’s house.  The
bush is in the family room – meaning Bush is the representative of the party
most closely associated with family values and the church, which is the
FAMILY OF GOD.  It also confirms the Bush family dynasty – producing 2 U.S. Presidents. Seeing the bush during a time when it is warm outside (it
was July in the dream), shows the location of this dream as
being SOUTHERN – such as the climate in south Florida during December.  

A flicker of flame appears out of nowhere under the bush.  It becomes a
burning bush!!!!  It burns too quickly to put out the fire.  

I realize I can’t put the fire out single-handedly, and call 9-1-1.  According
to the interpretation of numbers I have received from the Lord, 9 + 1 + 1 =
11, and 11 is the number of judgment!  I am calling for rescue in the midst of judgment.  Remember, God’s mercy IS His judgment at times.  

It’s significant that I grab my keys.  There are keys to winning this
spiritual warfare.  I’ll explain more on that in a minute.

I take my son, Jonathan, and get in the Sunbird.  We are in a time where
Davidic worship/psalmistry is in full swing restoration.  JONATHAN is a
spirit that, although he loves David, chooses to remain in the house of SAUL, and must be rebuked.  We must get Jonathan OUT OF THE HOUSE.

That’s one of the intercessory KEYS to be decreed by the apostles and prophets NOW.  It’s the time of full release of God’s prepared minstrels, who are apostles and prophets, and have been prepared to do musical gatekeeping in the heavenlies – by paying the price of death to self in the desert.  There are VERY FEW of these people.  I’m not talking about a normal worship leader, but a minstrel who knows how to target principalities and powers, and has a mantle to overcome them that comes from authority given by Yeshua Himself.

The Sunbird is another clue.  The battle for the White House is taking place
in the Sunshine State – Florida.  Cars represent vehicles – usually for
ministry or for a family.  This car represents “the Son” and “the bird” which
is the Holy Spirit.  It is a WHITE car.  White is purity.  I make my escape
from the house in a white car that has an ORANGE colored readout on the
dashboard.  Orange is the color of the Bride, the remnant.  

As I drive down the street, I notice the message on the speedometer that
says:  “These brakes have been tampered with.”  OK – here’s another key. The Lord is confirming the tampering with the elect(ion)….we need to rebuke the strategy of TAMPERING.  The Word says in Is. 54:17 that “no weapon formed against us shall prosper.”  But how does a weapon form?  It is by believing a lie – over and over and over.  THE BREAKS (PUN) DON’T APPEAR TO BE GOING BUSH’S WAY IN FLORIDA!!  THERE IS TAMPERING.  The church needs to repent for believing LIES OF THE POLITICIANS, LIES CONCERNING ISRAEL AND LIES OVER OUR
So, when we speak against spirits, rebuking them, we need to also rebuke whatever underlying LIES the enemy has brought.  Do you have a spirit of rejection functioning in your soul?  What’s the underlying lie?  What was spoken to you that became a stronghold in your life?  See????  The prophets and apostles need to speak an END to the STRATEGY OF THE BRAKES BEING TAMPERED WITH!  We don’t need to know any more than that – simply speak it……the rest is up to God.

OK – on my way out of the house, I look over my left shoulder to see the
house number.  LEFT is the side of God, right is the side of man in dreams. Jesus sits on the right hand of the FATHER – which means God, the FATHER is to the LEFT of Jesus…..get it?  Shoulders are places of government, as in “the government shall be on His shoulders.” Is. 9:6.  

Now for the big KEY:   the major key to unlock this dream are the numbers:
1-2-1.  First of all, 100 is the number of the ELECT; 21 is the number of THE
EXCEEDING SINFULNESS OF SIN.  God is trying to bring light to the elect about the election (their election as Sons of God – the Order of Melchizedek, the Zadok priests), and a need for repentance for individual, corporate and
national sins – AND to bring a cleansing, renewal and TRANSFORMATION OF THE SOUL to men and women.  The church, in looking for UNITY AMONG CHURCHES OR PASTORS, is missing it!!  God isn’t interested in peoples’ events coinciding and people just barely surfacely getting along, or even in large groups coming together in prayer.  What God is interested in is UNION WITH CHRIST’S SPIRIT, DEATH TO SELF and true surrender to walk in His love!!!  The church needs to lay down everything it knows, repent and wait on God.  HIM ALONE – HIS PRESENCE.  Of course, the organized church is NOT going to “get this” – and many, many will build themselves an altar and refuse to go any further.  

Others will, as previously stated, try to fit this into their established
routines and programs, and it simply will not work.  What’s happening is that as God establishes HIS government “OUTSIDE THE CAMP,” which is why Yeshua died outside the camp as a pattern to us, the rest of the church with “ears to hear” will come to the remnant.  NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.  God is speaking judgment in the middle of rescue.  He does not wish to rescue an old administration – He is judging the nation for it.

Now, here are some interesting facts about 1-2-1:

(1)  This dream was brought to my remembrance when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke – which was on JANUARY 21, 1998.  That’s 1/21 OF THE YEAR 1998. Part of the judgment is due to how the country reaped Clinton, the underlying reasons why we reaped him in other words, and the way we allowed him to stay in government, although he was morally deficient.  That’s NOT ALLOWED in God’s government.

(2)  The next president is to be inaugurated in January of 2001, the actual
first year of the 21st century.  It is the first month of the first year of
the 21st century
.  Those who celebrated the millenium last year missed it.  
It’s really THIS January.  This judgment will effect the president of 1/21.

(3)  The Supreme Court of the United States is to meet on December 1 to
decide the election issues.  That’s 12/1.  That date is critical for apostles
and prophets for next week.  I imagine that God, the SUPREME BEING, will have His court in session on 12/1, too!

When I ran back towards the house, I did not see fire, I just saw a glowing
ORANGE.  But now, it was dark night.  True judgment picture.  This is a
mirror of God coming as a consuming fire in holiness to call the remnant
bride OUT OF THE CORRUPT SYSTEM.  God’s not anti-system; He’s anti-system that ain’t HIS.  He’s into revealing sin now, He’s into divine intervention, unveiling, repentance and healing.

I did not see the outcome of this dream, but the instruction was simple:  
PROCLAIM:  OH, LORD, DON’T LET ME LOSE MY HOUSE.  The house is the United States and democracy within it.  I knew that the house, when I was in it with the baby, was not MY house, as in my church, as I did not even know my own address.  At the time I had this dream, Martin and I lived in South Nashville, TN.  We subsequently, in 1993, moved to WHITE HOUSE, TENNESSEE.  I had no idea when I had this dream that I would be living in White House when the Lewinsky scandal broke under a president named BILL in 1998.  God has us live out a physical mirror of this dream.

We had to declare bankruptcy in 1998.  We had to literally pray “Oh, God don’t let me lose my house” as pioneers ahead of the national scenario.  We were allowed to keep the house.  But at the time I had this dream, I did not know what my address in White House would be, nor did I know that the organized church would not be “my address” by the time this happened.

Another interesting note:  On the night the Lewinsky scandal broke, God in
His funny way confirmed this dream to me again.  I heard on the news on a
couple of channels that while the rest of the country was recovering from the shock of learning Clinton had lied to them, the President was in the White House movie theater watching a preview screening of “The Apostle” with Robert Duvall there with him, who starred in that movie.  “The Apostle” was filmed in part 3 miles from my house in White House, TN – the guy that Duvall based his character on was Rev. Paul Baggett of the Millersville Assembly of God – down the road from my house.  Bro. Baggett was in the movie.  The tent scenes were filmed on that property.  How close could this get to my life???

Now, the Lord wants us to cry out on behalf of the rest of the country.  But
let me emphasize this:  God is NOT calling for panic petition praying. He’s asking the apostles and prophets with the mantle of fire authority that comes from their mouths to proclaim His rhema words and then, STAND!  We must labor to enter His rest, keeping our eyes focused on Yeshua – NOT POLITICS – not even in the church.  All of the election outcome is already decided in heaven.  We simply have to proclaim what He says to proclaim.

Now for the kicker.  What do we proclaim?

For six months, I have been telling people:  “Get ready for Al Gore to win
this election.”  That’s not been good news for anyone.  But a close prophet
friend of mine in Spokane was hearing this, and I knew her track record.  I
also lived 22 years in Tennessee, and I know what Gore is capable of.  

When Israel demanded a king, God allowed them one contrary to His perfect will for them.  My husband heard a year and a half ago that Bush was God’s choice……but I heard that Gore would win.  Gore did win – the popular vote – but that doesn’t mean he’ll win the election.  Why such confusion?

Perhaps it’s because of the following:  The Lord told me that this election
is not about the United States – it’s about Israel!!!!!  

God HIMSELF will put the man in office in the White House who will help get Israel to her Messiah QUICKER – and that may not be pleasant news to partisan, divided, bickering politicans and/or church leaders.  We’ve GOT TO REALIZE that God has this choice – He is sovereign.

Once the apostles and prophets proclaim “Oh, God don’t let me lose my house” and cry out for a window of mercy, God will allow in the man that will force Israel to her Messiah quicker.  AND NEITHER OF THESE GUYS IS GOOD FOR ISRAEL OR ULTIMATELY FOR THE CHURCH – neither of these guys understands Israel and God’s heart for Jerusalem.  If Gore gets the White House, it’ll be because he’ll be a pawn in God’s hands for a faster resolution concerning Israel and Yeshua returning.  The Church shouldn’t moan about that – and shouldn’t sit in an escapist mentality either.  

We are seeing a Civil War now in the church – a mirror of the division of the
country.  The Civil War is between “yes” prophets and God’s true prophets, of whom there are very few actually dead enough to man to speak the truth.  The Church is lulled into a false sense of security, IF Bush wins.  They think this buys more time……it does buy a small window of time, but the economy will probably go somewhere about 2003.  During the next president’s tenure, something major is going to happen to our economy.  God told me in 1996 that “we have 7 good Joseph years left”.  That brings it to 2003.  We have about 2 years to get our INNER SELVES prepared.  That means REAL RELATIONSHIP, FOOD PREP, TRUE COMMUNION, TRUE COMMUNITY – not this “I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine” kind of ministry.  

George W. Bush’s grandfather, Prescott, was a founding Illuminati person and his family has an anti-semitic history.  Both Bush and Gore were tied into the Council on Foreign Relations, the cover for the Illuminati.  NEITHER of these men have wisdom on Jerusalem and NEITHER would claim it as Israel’s capitol.  Read the facts on my friend, Annelore’s (who lives in Israel)
website newsletter here:   NEWSLETTER # 40

Zech. 12 and 14 WILL HAPPEN.  The Bible says that ALL THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD WILL TURN AGAINST JERUSALEM.  Let us not kid ourselves. That’s going to happen!!  Jersualem will be divided, half the women raped, etc. etc.  The daily prayers at the Wall will end – the UN will probably come in.  We can’t stop that.

When it happens, the US won’t have the favored status it has enjoyed up until that point.  It is already turning, which is WHY we are in this battle for
the White House – it’s part of the acceleration of the process.  The church
is not to moan and groan over the next president, but “PRESENT OURSELVES TO GOD FOR THE RENEWING OF OUR MINDS, WHICH IS OUR SPIRITUAL WORSHIP.”  THAT’s the inner transformation, the true winds of change, the Lord is about the business of right now.  Then, however He leads – we prepare for the thing Y2K was a dress rehearsal for – the remnant networks, the underground prepares to transport refugees, etc.

Along with this huge move of God, there is finally the sovereign season for
His apostolic and prophetic minstrels to be released.  Look at Is.
30:31-32-33.  There is a scriptural basis for disarming a principality, world
ruler spirit called the Assyrian.  It is done with tabrets (percussion) and
strings (stringed instruments).  A piano is both.  It is SPECIFIC in this
scripture what is called for.  But it takes the mantle of the prophet or
apostle in music to get it done.  THESE minstrels are very few – like a SWAT
team.  If you want a gate open, get one of these.  They could play chopsticks
and the gate would open.

So, we cry out for a window of mercy in judgment.  WHY?  Why stop the process of wrapping all this up?  Because the end-time funding is not in place.  That is the biggest intercessory need of all.  We are to press in for the funding to be the remnant church – we are to repent for the way we’ve funneled money in one-man led systems – so one guy can have a Cadillac and the rest scrounge for whatever wheels they can find – particularly widows and orphans.  The new wineskin is a plurality of leadership – with money taken in, given, by the Spirit and distributed by the Spirit.  That HAS to happen now, or 24 hour worship cannot be supported adequately, money won’t be available to purchase properties to prepare for refugees, hidden hiding places will not be built, etc.

We have about 2 years to prepare.  We have about 2 months to present our
hearts to the Lord and repent.  If we don’t inaugurate a new president on
January 20, what happens to this nation on 1/21?????

Let’s pray we don’t GO THERE.  Please pass this to whomever really should
have it – be very careful about that – to those with the mantle to speak into
this situation, and implement the above.

OK – that’s it for now.  Let us be about the business of focusing on Yeshua
and calling in the funding…….let us turn from politics and unto the Lord,
crying out for mercy for this democracy for another window of time.  

Lord, shorten the days for the elect.

Robyn Green
Pewaukee, WI

P.S. – It turned out that on 12/12/00 – double 12’s = Christ’s government and authority, the U.S. Supreme Court voted the second time and
that did it – Bush was elected.  The U.S. Supreme Court is made up of 9
justices.  They voted twice in the course of the 5 weeks.  That’s 9 + 1 + 1  
= just like in the dream.  

On 12/12/00 – as the Supreme Court was issuing its decision, Annelore and I
were in Denton, TEXAS – home state of Bush – and doing our last evening of
ministry together – at Charlotte & Dalton Allen’s place called Wellspring.  
There was an ice storm that night and there were only 7 of us there.  I
played the last musical intercession, and they did the last prophetic
proclamation together while the Supreme Court issued its decision.  It came
down to the wire literally.  God is so good in His INFINITE wisdom and in His attention to detail!!

Love, Robyn

UPDATE 2020: I was amazed in 2000 to realize that the Lord had told me back in 1986 who would be President in 1992, 1996 and 2000, 2004. As you can tell, I was very passionate about this interpretation back in 2000. And what I thought would take another couple of years to happen, has taken another couple of DECADES to happen. Most all of us in the Church in 2000 were, as we now know, bamboozled by the Bush family. We now know, or at least those of us who follow “Q,” that the Bushes were not nice people – none of them. They are part of the Deep State/Cabal. But, it was God’s will that Bush, and Obama after him for two terms, served as President in the White House. The truth is we reaped all of them – by many turning their backs on the Lord in this nation. Taking God out of schools, rising abortion rates, pornography off the charts since the internet was developed for us “commoners,” etc. What remains as truth is that the time of the Apostle and Prophet was re-established in the church during the mid-1990’s to now. The first century church began with the foundation of Jesus Christ and the Apostles and Prophets. The 21st century church was re-established, beginning with MAJOR moves of God in the Pentecostal, Healing, Miracles, Word of Faith and other moves in the 20th century. But now – we are on the cusp of the END-TIME Harvest move of God, and it is more important than ever for intercessors and watchmen/watchwomen to proclaim: DON’T LET ME LOSE MY HOUSE! Do NOT allow the evil forces of this world to win this battle we are in – the 2nd American Revolution (see my “Q” Dream). We finally have a BREATHER – a respite – in the form of the most unlikely hero – Donald J. Trump. God has appointed him, and anointed him to be our President, and to usher in a new era of prosperity and peace. But, as Benjamin Franklin famously said when asked what type of government the new nation would have, “A Republic, IF you can keep it!” It is up to us to keep it.

As far as the church goes – the “system” church I spoke of in this interpretation has really been struggling to keep people in the last few years. People want more – they want more of God’s presence – they want to learn to move in the Holy Spirit – they are HUNGRY! It’s now just about time for the End-Time Remnant Church to rise in power and authority – front and center.

Love to you all,


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