Dreams & Visions – The Octagonal Room Dream – 3/8/2001

Dreamt I was in a house in the end-times – it was my house, but didn’t look like the condo I live in now.  The atmosphere outside the house was being effected by radiation and other things in small amounts…..and people were beginning to take seriously the admonition to find safe shelters and gather survival foods, etc.

In the house I was in, a room had been prepared for this kind of shelter.  It had its own air filtration system and provisions – it had couches, beds, and it was octagonal and had a staircase in it up to a loft area…..it had nicely finished walls, was nicely lit, but not too much overbearing light, and it was acoustically perfect.  You could not hear anything outside the room and if you played music CD’s, the sound was “perfect”……

The people in this house, my supposed family I guess, had a woman inside that room and she was laying in a bed and was older (50’s???) and she had an oxygen mask attached to her face.  She was ill, but I don’t know specifically with what.  They were gathering to pray around her and then, as I entered the room to get away from the outside world, I heard my Israeli friend, Annelore’s, voice from up in the loft.  She is a prophetess, and so, her “word” is prophetic.  I looked up and saw her leaning over the stair railing and telling us all to put on “Robyn’s CD” – she had been praying up in that upper part of the room.  They put on my CD, which was supposed to, coupled with prayer, heal this woman.

In the same dream, I remember seeing a map of the United States…..I knew it was summer, but on the map, 2 things were very noticeable:

1) the states of OK and Kansas were practically obliterated and non-existent…..

2) the cities of the country were not on the map, but instead, a temperature represented each city……like Dallas was 165 degrees and Abilene was 139 and most all southern cities were boiling hot…..the northern cities up near Milwaukee had readings like -5 C. in celsius temperature which is probably close to 0 to -20 degrees below in Fahrenheit temperature.  So the north was as cold as the south was hot and the middle was obliterated.  This was the “climate” of US.


2/11/2020 – Interpretation notes:  After sitting with this dream for 19 years, I realized a couple of things:

3.  The dream seemed to me, at the time I had it, to be for the future – and I hoped against hope that seeing the extreme temperature variances, the radiation and the disappearance of Kansas and Oklahoma from the map of the U.S. – would NOT happen, but it remains to be seen.  Please agree with me in prayer that there will NOT be a nuclear hit on our soil – in Kansas, Oklahoma or anywhere else in this country.

1.  It was given on 3-8 – the SAME date as the Q-Dream, but that was in 1994. 

2.  The octagon is an 8-sided geometric object.  The number 8 in Biblical interpretation means “new beginnings” or “resurrection.”  God is telling me that in the End-Times he’s going to usher me into a New Beginning to be used in healing and miracles through music!

4.  The dream was given to show a timing to be connected to God’s End-Time move in healings and miracles, which I now believe in 2020, is right around the corner.

Annelore is a dear friend in Israel, and I have ministered with her before, both in Israel and the U.S.  She is a true prophetess and a teacher.  See her amazing website at: www.ortzion.org.

I believe we are very close to the timing God showed me in this dream.  The CLIMATE in the U.S. is extremely polarized – the “temperature” of the population ranges from boiling mad to cold-hearted regarding politics.  The supporters of President Trump are HOT and on fire – the liberals are stone COLD against the President’s policies.  There is a huge global battle of good vs. evil going on.  This appears to be the backdrop against which God is going to pour out His End-Time healing move. 

I call it “The Harvest Move of God” – it is NOT a typical revival.  Revivals are for lukewarm Christians – who are already saved, but need to be revived.  The Harvest is for casting a huge net to bring in the End-Time catch of new believers.  It seems that after spending decades on the sidelines, it might be time for the Lord to launch Martin and I out in the healing/miracles calling on our lives. 

Email me with your thoughts – if the Lord speaks to any of you about this dream – at:  mannafestdimensions@protonmail.com.  I’d love to hear from you.

Robyn Green

Fairfield, VT

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