Dreams & Visions: The Green Dream (1986)

Excerpted from Robyn’s Manuscript, “The Open Door”

  In 1986, two years before I met Martin, I had what I call the “Green Dream.”

  I was standing alone at the bottom of the ocean. I could breathe. I wondered where everyone else was. All of a sudden, this huge hand reached down to pluck me up and put me in a little outboard-type boat, like a fishing boat.  We started off towards a city that looked a lot like the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. It was entirely green. We had to dodge some obstacles out in the ocean (they looked like very small islands—or large rocks), but we kept going toward the green city. I woke up.

  Everything in the dream was green—the water, the hand, the boat, the sky, the rocks, the city.

  I have had dreams my whole life, and I used to catalog them in my head.  When you have a dream from the Lord, it’s usually in vivid color, and becomes imprinted in your mind. You carry it with you always, and can access and process it again at will. It never leaves you. You don’t forget large chunks of it. But, it’s still a good idea to write it down (we all get older!) so that later on, as physical events begin to point toward its fulfillment, you can catalog how God brings it to pass.

  I have never written the “Green Dream” down before, until this book. It’s just been a part of my being. But the Lord said to share this as one of the keys in this story of how He put Martin and me together. He said it would help teach and give hope to believers who need to understand how God puts people together. 

  There can be, and should be (if we are indeed becoming the prophetic body that Moses and the apostle Paul hoped for), more of a normal everyday communication from the Lord to us individually and corporately. Dreams and interpretation were essential to people in the Bible. Ask Daniel, Joseph of the Old Testament, or Joseph, the earthly stepfather of Yeshua. Yeshua’s very life was spared by a dream Joseph was given. He took Him to Egypt due to a dream.  It saved his life when Herod ordered all males two years old or younger to be killed.

  A dream can save your life, too. Or it can confirm who your mate is supposed to be. In this huge world, don’t you think it’s a necessity to develop your inner witness, your ability to hear God speak, in order to confirm whom to marry? That’s one of the most major decisions you will ever make. 

  As I said before, I’ve had dreams my whole life. Open visions, too. However, I couldn’tunderstand my dreams for years. I could just guess in my mind—using deductive and logical thinking (not the thing to do!).  God later turned on the interpretive faucet.  I had gotten saved in 1983; and about a year later, I went and asked my pastor in Nashville what he thought about my dreams.  He told me that he thought I was a “Daniel.” I, in my prophetic ignorance, thought, “Oh, great, that means I’m gonna be thrown in a lion’s den and have a lot of battles in my life.” 

  What he really meant was that, by the Holy Spirit, he knew I was called to function as the prophet Daniel did—in administration, prophetic office, dreams and symbolic interpretations. However, the pastor couldn’t help me interpret my dreams—he just confirmed that eventually I would be able to do that. 

  In 1986 (shortly after I had the “Green Dream”), I needed to find a new job. I figured that I must look for a law firm (my tent-making is as a legal secretary) with either green carpet, or one that was housed in a building with green glass. I was trying to make the dream fit my life. Wrong.

  The faucet to interpret, the “Daniel anointing” the pastor had prophesied over me, turned on around 1992. But the meaning of the “Green Dream” began to be revealed before then. The ability to understand concepts in dreams, numbers, colors, etc., and the beginning of the long road of trial-and-error to learn how to apply dreams, began at that time. It has developed so strongly that today I help a lot of folks with their dreams—especially through the Internet.  Martin and I both function in dreams and the seer gifting. It’s one of the reasons God put us together.

  When Martin and I met in 1988, and he asked me to marry him 12 days later, I was swept away with this guy, so I went to the Lord and said, “Well, Father, I love him, but what do You say?” 

  Now remember, Psalm 2:4 says that “God sits in the heavens and laughs” at the vain imaginations of earthly rulers. We know God laughs. God has a sense of humor. He created it—He’s the Father of all Jewish comedians! Being Jewish, I should know. He’s holy, but He’s also fun at times. He’s a parent. He loves His kids. He laughs at things we do like you laugh at your kids’ antics occasionally.

  When I asked God the question, “What do You say?”  He responded in my spirit, “Remember the Green Dream?”

  “Yes,” I said.

  “Vell, it could have been orange!” He said.

  His voice sounded like that of an old Jewish sage, with a tinge of a chuckle added. That’s why He pronounced the word “well” as “vell”—is He funny, or what?

  God was trying to tell me that my last name was supposed to be GREEN.  To which I responded with a classic “Duh!” and thanked Him. It wasn’t a green office building, moving to an office with green carpet, or being Dorothy in Oz. It was, from the foundation of the earth, His choice for my mate. In retrospect, knowing what Martin and I went through the next two months after that decision, I see that God knew we would need all the prophetic confirmation we could get to stand in the wake of the religious onslaught that came against our union.

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