Dreams & Visions – The Rubicon Dream

10/22/98 – Robyn Green

Dreamt I was with some other folks at a gathering of singles of some sort. There was dancing and music going on. Women were dancing with women, just for fun. I was dancing with another older, black, nurturing-type woman. I had a blue dress on that kept flying up around me as I twirled with her – I think I had a petticoat on underneath, too. I remember telling her I couldn’t dance if it would expose too much, but I was having fun dancing.

I could see in a corner of this room that there was an alcove with liquor bottles on shelves and a counter with a cash register. A young man was seated at the counter with his chin in his hand, being contemplative, looking at a book which I found to be the Bible – an Old Testament book, don’t know which one. He was searching scriptures. I decided I wanted to date this guy. I was very shy about approaching him, but he wanted to go out with me, too. He was a Christian, but had a father who had a liquor store. He told me that he was stuck working for his dad AND working in this alcove of the meeting hall, but that he didn’t drink. He didn’t want others to get the wrong impression of him. He was constantly in the Word of God to get help to survive working for his dad. He was praying for his father that he would get out of that business.

Another young lady and I arranged to go with this guy and a guy named Jerry in a dating scenario to a restaurant in Rivergate Mall in Goodlettsville, Tennessee (we lived close to it at the time of this dream). The restaurant was called “Rubicon.” There is no such place in real life. Everyone seemed to have heard of it. I also know that I volunteered to be the driver of the group – and that someone asked me what kind of new car I had – I tried to remember in the dream and couldn’t – although I could see it – it was dark blue and seated at least 4 people. I said, “It’s something like an RX7,” but was wondering in the dream what was happening to my memory as I couldn’t remember the model of my own car.

We made arrangements to meet at Rubicon with another couple, and that’s all I can remember.


INTERPRETATION IN 1998: This is a word to the Body of Christ, particularly as events unfold today concerning Israel, and a prophetic conference is happening at Belmont, led by Jim Goll and others.

God is showing me the dream from the point of view of being the Bride of Christ – which is still single, Jesus not having come back for her yet. She has a “date” with destiny – a date the Lord is proclaiming now. There is a lot of dancing and music going on in the gathering place – a lot of rejoicing. This is certainly true in the church.

I see myself dancing with an older, black, nurturing woman. Dancing represents harmony, particularly in relationships – I think this is showing me a part of me – as a prophet and a woman – that I am in peace with my calling, that I have become more nurturing. Black people are always a rejected minority in my dreams – meaning prophetic people. This is also showing harmony amongst the prophets of God and the church embracing the prophets now in a more harmonious way.

My only concern as I danced was that my blue dress (blue is anointing and revelation) not rise up to expose something it shouldn’t – meaning that my concerns were for purity and holiness – instead of being so “loose” that I didn’t care what I looked like as I reveled in dance.

The alcove represents a section of the Body that has been involved with the liquor bottles – which is those who have gotten used to being “Drunk” in the Spirit for quite some time – or the “River” move. God is dealing with the “river gate” – or the gate that the river made into the Body of Christ. There is an aspect of it that has gone commercial (cash register) and a remnant has had to stand on His Word during this time – that something higher, holier is coming. There is a remnant of people who were working for God (the cashier’s Heavenly Father) during this time, but were separated by Him for something else – the next move. These people are about to have a “date” ordained by God, along with those of the river remnant, who are ready to go on. Some will remain drunk, paying a price, and not want to go on into the holiness move of God. My guy is one of those who has kept himself pure – through rhema words of God. This is who I am attracted to.

Now for the car: I don’t remember, or can’t remember, the name of my car. This is a NEW VEHICLE – it has NOT BEEN NAMED YET. We don’t know what to call the new move yet. We are just now crossing over. I know it seats at least 4 – and 4 (along with the number 50) is the number of the Holy Spirit (or creation) in my dreams – so this is a Spirit-driven movement. I am a prophet and a Jew – those two things drive this vehicle as well – meaning the prophets are speaking the move into existence, and the timetable of Israel plays into confirming the changeover (paradigm shift).

The car is “like an RX7.” Rx is a term for a prescription; 7 is the number of maturity, perfection, completion. This is God’s prescription for the human race. A new vehicle. It is dark blue – deep anointing and revelation. RX7’s were fast cars with a lot of power. Self-explanatory.


We planned to go to a restaurant (place of feeding on the Word of God) called Rubicon. Rubicon has a historical significance tied to Julius Caesar. Caesar became consul of Rome in 59 B.C., and had an ally named Pompey the Great, who became sole consul and conquered Jerusalem, ruling the Roman Empire from Rome. Pompey eventually turned against Caesar. Caesar had left Rome to rule Gaul (modern France). Pompey had warned Caesar to not cross the Rubicon River back into Italy (it was the boundary between the 2 countries), but Caesar, on January 10, 49 B.C., did just that. As he plunged his horse into the shallow water of the Rubicon, he exclaimed, “Alea jacta est (“The DIE IS CAST”).” Therefore, the expression CROSSING THE RUBICON has come to mean an IRREVERSIBLE DECISION, or taking an action or step by which one COMMITS to a hazardous enterprise.

I believe the Lord is SAYING TO THE CHURCH: WE ARE CROSSING THE RUBICON AT RIVERGATE. He has made an irreversible date with destiny for the church – we are NOW crossing the Rubicon – no going back (“the die is cast”). Once Caesar entered Italy, Pompey fled to Greece. Caesar seized the treasury in Rome, and set up a temporary government – with himself as dictator. FIVE YEARS OF CIVIL WAR ENSUED.

We have irreversibly crossed the Rubicon – the civil war of the church – between God’s prophets and man’s – is ON. It will last approximately 5 years. 5 means grace – God is giving us a grace period to accomplish His new move.

There are positive and negative aspects to Caesar. First of all, his name is a pun:

(1) “Sees her” – meaning this is how God sees the Bride and what He sees for her up ahead.

(2) “Seize her” – meaning that God is now seizing ahold of Jesus’ bride and whisking her into a new move – and a warfare charge. The bride is NOW to put on the war boots to cross the Rubicon.

(3) Caesar’s strength lay in the way he was determined to change the chaos of an outworn system of government into the foundations of a new order.

(A) On the world’s side of this interpretation, we will see the rising up of the Illuminati-based philosophies of ANTI-CHRIST (rubicon means “against the red” or “against the blood”) – we will be in FULL SCALE WAR WITH THE SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST!

(B) To counter, the Lord is raising up the Apostles and Prophets to lead the charge into the new order of the church that is ordained of HIM that will feed us. We are to cross over, and it will be a war.

An interesting note is that after Caesar was assassinated in March, 44 B.C. (A biblical generation before Christ was born – how interesting!), they could not stop his family from ruling. 14 years later, his nephew, Octavian, became emperor – and 4 others of the family followed after him. This continued down to World War I time – where the name Caesar was found in the term “Kaiser” in Germany. This was the beginnings of the Illuminati.


Perhaps, there is an instruction here as my dreams usually are multi-leveled and multi-dimensional. I have not had anything for Nashville in quite some time, but this dream took place here. Perhaps there is a charge from God here to go to Rivergate Mall and proclaim these things as a physical mirror.

It will be interesting to see what Jim Goll and the others proclaim at this conference this week. Remember Caesar ruled GAUL. It’s another pun. The ruler of Goll (Christ) is requiring a crossing of the river, the seizing of the assets of Rome, and the establishment of a new order of government in the church (to include Jerusalem).

At the same time, the night I had this dream, Israel was into the 7th day of negotiations with the Arabs – being DRIVEN by the U.S. to do so. (RX7 – meaning a scenario foreseen and prescribed by God????). Is this “peace, peace when there is no peace?” Is this it??? As a Jew, I can only groan in the Spirit. If this is the scenario we’ve all waited for for so long, then who amongst these men is the anti-Christ? I don’t know that this is THAT treaty, but this concurrent timing signal of the 7th day of Israel’s negotiations – leads to understanding and underscoring the seriousness of this word, and God is definitely changing things. As Israel goes, so goes the church. If nothing else, I believe it is a concurrent confirmation that we are now being called into war with the anti-Christ spirit in new levels – and the bride of Christ had better prepare to seize the assets of Rome and establish a new government. Time for WARBOOTS!

Robyn Green

White House, TN 37188

UPDATED NOTES: February 10, 2020.

Two things stand out to me about this dream.

1. At this last Super Bowl in Miami, there was a commercial done by Bill Murray that resurrected the hit movie “Groundhog Day.” He, along with other cast members, reprised their roles for this commercial, which was for JEEP. The Jeep was ORANGE (color of the Bride of Christ); and the name/model of the Jeep was a RUBICON. Application message: we cannot go back to a constant repetition of tradition in the church (i.e., Groundhog Day repeating over and over). We are entering the “HARVEST” end-time move of God.

2. Rubicon means “against the red” or “against the blood,” and we are now globally in an end-time battle of good vs. evil, specifically against global elite. They are part of many secret societies, including the Illuminati. Family bloodlines are VERY important to them. We are battling centuries of evil behavior, evil control and perverse satanic beliefs and rituals. One of the main families involved is the Rothschild’s. That name means “Red shield.” The United States, as a nation, under the leadership of God and Donald J. Trump, is waging war for its very survival as the nation we all grew up to know and love – a beacon of freedom and independence. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are all working alongside godly leadership that has been installed in our government – to fight this battle, win it, and free mankind (as much as possible – the Bible will still happen!).

So, this dream is one of those that is circular – it comes back around with fresh meaning based on interpretation of prophetic events. It was valid in the late 90’s about the “River” move of God needing to change, and the church to go deeper. That was a time of refreshing before the sustained war we are now in. The dream is still valid as patriots globally are fighting for freedom for their nations, and the End-Time Remnant Church of God is on the front lines of prophetic oversight, prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare concerning all of this. That’s one reason why the Lord entrusted me with the “Q Dream” – in 1994.

God’s prescription for global healing remains the same: Rx7. 7 is God’s perfect number. May the Lord continue to keep His hand on our nation, our President, our government, and the End-Time Remnant Church to bring HIS timeline, HIS will to pass.

Robyn Green

Fairfield, VT 05455


2ND UPDATE NOTES – 12.19.2020

Yesterday, December 18, 2020, this dream became front and center for me. As stated above, dreams can be circular, which means they have an application/interpretation at one point in time and then, days, weeks or months later, God opens your eyes to a fresh application, another level or depth of meaning. That’s what is happening now.

Most folks in the Q community know who Ron (@Codemonkeyz) is…he was overseeing the 8chan (now 8kun) Q board until a few months ago. He is now doing other projects, including researching election fraud, particularly through the Dominion Voting Systems and the Smartmatic software. He posted an interesting Tweet thread on 12/17/2020, which I have unrolled here in its entirety:


Trump is about to make the biggest decision of his presidency.

Let me explain.

December, 50BC:
Julius Caesar was enormously popular and commanding an army of fiercely loyal soldiers. The Roman swamp wanted nothing to do with him and in January 49BC the Roman Senate ordered Julius Caesar to disband his army and return home or become an “Enemy of the State”.

Julius Caesar, with the popular support of the Roman populace, and the loyalty of the military, marched his army over the Rubicon river in the North of Italy and became a LEGEND in history.

December 2020:
Donald Trump is enormously popular and commanding an army of fiercely loyal soldiers. The US swamp wants nothing to do with him.

Election infrastructure was allegedly attacked and he now has his back to the wall.
The courts have failed him.
His own political party has failed him.

Trump still has immensely popular support within the US populace, and the fierce loyalty of the military.
Trump has EO13848 which allows him to take drastic measures and could potentially be used to restore the Republic.

Does Trump utilize EO13848 and become a LEGEND in history?


Does Trump submit his family to the mercy of the incoming administration who will be hellbent on making an example of them?

Does Donald Trump want to restore the Republic to greatness and become a LEGEND?

Does Donald Trump want to be known forever as one of the greatest leaders of all time?

EO13848 is Trump’s Rubicon.

Originally tweeted by Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) on December 17, 2020.


I think you can tell that this tweet grabbed my attention, having had the Rubicon Dream 22 years ago. Actually, the dream was on October 22, 1998. Another 22. 22 is the number of LIGHT or MAKING MANIFEST. Light = God’s light, or revelation; making manifest = causing something to appear in the physical realm or a truth coming to light in one’s mind. It obviously didn’t pass my notice that “manifest” is a pun of my ministry name: “Mannafest.” That’s just God’s way of confirming something is coming from Him.

I had written the history of Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon in the interpretation of this dream back in 1998. Ron was applying the concept of CROSSING THE RUBICON to a decision that President Donald J. Trump is now having to make in the very near future about whether to invoke his Executive Order #13848 regarding foreign election interference, and/or the Insurrection Act of 1807.


So, here are some notes I have made in the last 24 hours regarding this fresh application/interpretation of this dream:

  1. The young man at the counter in this interpretation is President Trump. He is searching scripture, and he has been counting the cost of Crossing the Rubicon. To do so, would be a COUNTER-MOVE to the election fraud perpetrated by the Deep State.
  2. The young man also knows how to operate a CASH REGISTER. President Trump is a businessman, and one that is quite successful. He’s a billionaire. He has been anointed by God to bring the U.S. economy into God’s plan for it – to prosper and grow it. He is also very well acquainted with Constitutional law, and bankruptcy law, having taken his corporation through it before. The current system of fiat debt (the Fed) is imploding, and President Trump is the most capable person of guiding the U.S. Corp, Inc. through such a bankruptcy. It is coming. He will take us back to REAL money – gold and precious metal backed money. He will get our nation OUT of a debt system. Just like Julius Caesar before him, President Trump, through the Executive Order 13848, will place sanctions on foreign countries and entities involved in the election fraud here in the 2020 Presidential race. The EO allows him to SEIZE ASSETS from these countries, city-states and people, i.e., including the VATICAN in ROME and the FEDERAL RESERVE in the District of Columbia. He is walking Caesar’s (“seize her”) path. He will also, as Caesar did, establish a NEW GOVERNMENT in the United States, one based on our original 1789 Constitution, and not the 1871 version that established U.S.A., Inc. He will oversee our country going back to common law and not being under Admiralty/Maritime law any longer.
  3. President Trump has never taken a drink in his life because he had a sibling that passed away due to alcoholism. It greatly effected him.
  4. On April 4, 2007, Prophet Kim Clement gave a prophecy about President Trump. Kim Clement died shortly after Trump was elected in 2016.  But, long before Trump had even announced he was running, Kim Clement described the next president:

“The enemy will do everything in his power to put a witch in the White House…. But, it SHALL NOT HAPPEN.” He went on to prophesy: He (Trump) would be a man who was quietly praying, but he would be filled with Holy Spirit while in office and would eventually be an outspoken Christian.  He would be in power for two terms.  He would be someone who helped protect New York long ago and would be chosen to protect the nation.  He would build walls of protection and strengthen the economy.”

The man at the cash register was searching scriptures. He was growing more and more grounded in the Word of God, so that he could ENDURE working for his father’s business. I see a correlation between that and the fact that President Trump has had to fervently seek God, seek prayer and grow in his faith to ENDURE the Deep State onslaught that has come against him since he announced his Presidential run. He has had to work within the Federal Reserve’s illusion of prosperity and remain steadfast, knowing what the Lord has asked him to do in the future of our country.

5. I wanted to DATE him. Since I’m happily married, the obvious interpretation doesn’t apply here. I am seeing myself as representative of WE THE PEOPLE…..and We, the People want him to REMAIN as our leader. He won the 2020 election by a landslide, and I know that will be proven. WE THE PEOPLE are DRAWN to this type of leader, especially knowing that he has the experience and the grounding in God’s Word that we need. Another aspect of DATING him is to prophetically (eventually) recognize the DATE/TIME/FULFILLMENT of this dream – and when Ron posted his Tweet on 12.17.2020, I knew it was this time, this President.

6. I went on a DOUBLE DATE with him and another couple. God is funny sometimes – well, actually – he’s funny a lot, and speaks in hidden sayings. This year is 2020. That’s 2 – 20’s. 20…20. It’s a DOUBLE 20. The date confirmed that the dream is for now. 20 is the number of REDEMPTION biblically. President Trump has been appointed and anointed by God to lead the U.S. into a redemption – economically AND spiritually, through the much-prophesied coming move of God called the END-TIME HARVEST. Billions of people are about to come to the Lord globally. It will be the most glorious “latter rain/reign” of Jesus Christ, and will be a huge evangelical move marked by signs and wonders. I am called to minister through music in that move. We’re at the doorstep.

7. On the DOUBLE DATE, me and the counter guy went with another woman and a guy named Jerry. The meaning of Gerald (which the name Jerry is another form of): It is of Old German/English origin, and the meaning of Gerald is “SPEAR RULER.” From gâr, gêr “spear” and wald “rule”. Old name revived in the 19th century. It was introduced by the Normans, who were led by the “sons of Gerald” or the “Fitzgeralds“. The application to the dream is that the double date is with a man born to be a spear ruler – or warrior. Walking beside the counter guy is a person wise in spiritual and physical warfare. This is happening for President Trump now in 2020. Who is walking beside him? How about someone from the FITZGERALD lineage? Maybe someone who’s middle name is Fitzgerald? There is also someone named Jared hanging around POTUS. We’re keeping our eye on him. Second….the Greek origin of the name Jerry means “sacred name, holy name.” So, our DOUBLE DATE is with people walking in the holiness of God….or more specifically, people walking in the HOLY SPIRIT of God.

8. When Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River, he uttered those famous words, “The die is cast.” In our modern day terms: “It’s done deal. No going back.” I believe that as one grows in the Lord and in one’s calling, especially if you are called to be a prophet (not saying President Trump is), there are multiple seasons of DEATH TO SELF that one goes through. A constant laying down of one’s will, learning to wean off the need for the approval of man and coming to rely solely on God. President Trump has come to this point. In order for him to be our President, he gave up his whole previous life – his cushy lifestyle – and it cost him a great deal financially – he lost about $3 billion of his worth. But he couldn’t be bought. And as he faces the future as our nation’s leader, he has counted the cost. He has DIED TO SELF and is putting the needs of the country, and the will of his Father, God, FIRST. He says, “America First,” but I hear “Jesus First.”

9. Finally, most importantly, and at the heart of this dream – GOD has a PRESCRIPTION FOR HEALING THE U.S. and the ENTIRE WORLD – IT’S RX7. 7 is God’s number of completeness, spiritual maturity and perfection. God works in 7’s. His prescription for us as a nation is 2 Chron. 7:14:

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

It is worth noting that the 2020 election has come down to the vote in 7 states: AZ, MI, GA, WI, NV, PA and NM. God’s prescription to decide the election will come from the true vote of those 7 states. RX7.

NOW is the time to #CrossTheRubicon behind our President and turn to God in repentance for our nation’s sins. NOW is the time for WE THE PEOPLE to take back our nation. And I believe it is the threshold of one of the greatest moves of God in history.


Robyn Green

Fairfield, VT 05455

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