Dreams & Visions – The Graduation Dream

November 7, 1997- Robyn Green – Dream after word from Jim Goll at One New Man Meeting

Saw myself and Martin at a graduation ceremony in an arena.  We were seated at a table next to railing at top of first level from the ground floor.  Tables like this ran all the way around the arena, with graduates seated at them.  When my name was called, I walked down to the main floor to get my degree (it was not a diploma wrapped up and tied in a ribbon).  The man handing out the degrees was Don Finto.  As I approached Don, he laughed nervously and I could tell he was thinking, “oh, boy – here she comes, what’s she gonna say and am I gonna live through it?”  This was always Don’s demeanor when I would approach him prophetically.  It was the double-edged, “I love you- go away” message.  But, I just shook his hand and took the degree, told him I loved him and he said, “Oh, thank you.”  Then, I walked away and he was relieved.

The degree was a square that looked like a picture frame/plaque.  It was 1″ thick – had wood on the perimeters.  On the inside was substance like cork – like a message board where you can tack things on to it.  On the upper left side, the largest thing stuck on there was a silver guitar – about 1/2″ long.  Then, there were numerous (about 30) little miniature metal ornamental things with various logos on them representing “corporate sponsorship.”  I asked the Lord, “Why a guitar?  I play keyboards.”  He said the root of guitar is the word, “lyre” and it means string instrument anointing for psalmistry.  That’s my call.  Now, the corporate sponsorship was in one sense the “logos” or the Words spoken over my life which had kept me going.  But these little metal things also had company names on them, although I can’t remember the names (like athletes get corporate sponsorships).  I thought, “All these people supported me through this course of study?  Why didn’t I know about them?”  But, I realized that this sponsorship was for NOW, not in the past.  These were my NEW corporate sponsors, since I had earned my degree.

I got back to my table and flipped my tassle on my cap as I went, which I’ve never done in real life as I’ve never been to a graduation ceremony.  I got out of high school early – went straight to college a week later and then, never graduated college.  When I got back to the table, Martin was there with cap and gown on also and everyone was very happy.  Up from the bottom of the first section now came Ray and Denise Hughes, not dressed in cap and gown – just attending the ceremony.  Ray came past me and made some joke about needing to get home to go dig in a hole on his property.  I just looked at him and said, “is there room enough in that hole to bury a hatchet?”  He laughed and said, “yes,” and then, he kissed me unexpectedly.  Caught me offguard.  Denise was standing there, too, next to Martin and this was not a sexual thing – more a friendship thing.  I thought, “ugh – well this will be over in a second,” but he kept pressing in – in the kiss- until I got slain in the spirit.  I found myself on a car hood.  Don’t know where that came from.  But we were now in a parking garage walking toward our cars, the four of us.

I looked down and saw silver coins laying on the ground.  Some were silver dollars.  I picked them up and Ray said, “Oh, you found my change.”  I said, “This is yours?”  He said yes.  I gave it to him.

Then, scene switched and Ray and I were seated at a drafting board like engineers use.  Ray was charting a song on a big sheet of paper.  It was Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind.”  He was writing the bass notes and was down to the last two measures.  The lyric, “I’m in a New York state of mind.”  He put a “C” bass note and I said, “But Ray, it’s an Aminor chord.”  Then, I said, “Oh, OK – you’re right.  Even though it’s a minor chord, the bass would play the 3rd and that would be a “C” note for the Aminor chord.”  Ray said, “well, you’re right, too.  Thanks.  It is Aminor.”  We were working on charting together.

Then, scene switched and I was with Denise Hughes in a car.  The guys were still back wherever we had just been and had sent us ladies out to go get some dinner.  Denise was chatting very animated about something and she was taking us to a fish market. 


INTERPRETATION: This is being interpreted on 12/29/97.  The reconciliation with Ray was accomplished in the Spirit before it happened in the physical.  We have been reconciled.  In addition, Jim Goll, on the nite I had this dream, had given Martin and I the word that we had “graduated, passed the test, been refined.”  He said we were phasing into ministry and letters and invitations would be coming.  We were to trust God and go.  He saw an hourglass and it had been turned upside down – the sand freshly falling the other way – new beginning.

Ray and I have “buried the hatchet” – due to God’s grace.  The kiss was indicative of covenant and friendship.  It was witnessed to by our spouses.  Such a meeting has happened in the natural.  We are in a new collaboration – especially in the area of charting the area of psalmistry.  We are actually working on writing together in the natural now. 

I have found redemptive “change” in Ray’s life.  Silver is the color of priesthood and redemption.  God was saying I would find “change” in Ray’s life and that I would be a catalyst for the return of finances to him.

But the choice of the song was interesting – it was by composer Billy JOEL.  This is the time of Joel’s Army – the River movement.  Ray and I are charting “New York State of Mind” during the time of the Joel’s Army movement.  We are charting for the future – the next move.  New York is the “BIG APPLE”.  This is a pun – it means we are charting an “apple-stolic” – or apostolic vision.  Ray is responsible for the bass note (foundational vision) and Robyn fills in the chord.  This is how we have always been meant to function together.  Robyn fills in the harmony and details and Ray sees the bottom line.  Ray writes a “C” note for the bass line.  That’s a pun as well.  “C” notes always mean “see” notes.  It is a seer function.

Denise and I are also reconciled – and are sent out by the guys – meaning release for women.  A fish market is a symbol of evangelism.  So, Denise and I and the ladies will have our assignments as prophets, teachers, evangelists – to go get dinner (the Word) for the guys. 

Now – the Don Finto part.  Don is the apostolic “Father” who is passing out the degrees to us graduates.  I still make him nervous.  He’s still working out his own prophetic path.  To the degree Don gets comfortable with his own prophetic capacities and calling, he’ll get comfortable around the rest of us.  Anyway, all I have to say to him is “I love you,” and he’s very relieved. 

He hands me the picture frame/plaque degree which shows corporate sponsorship on it.  I believe this ties in with what God wants to do for levitical musicians now – those of us called in this season to resurrect David’s Tabernacle and be “breakers” and gatekeepers and openers of portals in the heavens through Judah (worship/intercession/warfare).  The Lord wants the church to corporately sponsor us so we can go do these things.  I believe God is saying that Belmont will have a role in this sponsorship – along with many others in the Body of Christ, inside and outside of Nashville.  Martin and I have never had a sense of sponsorship from Belmont or any other church in Nashville – just a sense of being a square peg in a round hole.  But we are in a sovereign season of release and will have to trust God now for sponsorship.  Two days after Jim Goll gave us the word on graduation, Martin lost his job.

We have now done 2 psalmist seminars, and Ray and I are collaborating on a writing assignment for a chapter in Jack Taylor’s new book.  I have had articles published in two major prophetic journals in two different parts of the world, and we have implemented a global intercessory warfare on 12/23 on the first nite of Hanukah to implement an end-time music word we were given.  Prayer support is coming in from around the world.  It is time for us to go on to the next assignments and hopefully, for the church to rise up and stand with us as levitical musicians and support this group.

Robyn Green

P.O. Box 373

White House, TN 37188


P.S. Note on 5/24/99 – Went to Mississippi this past weekend for niece’s graduation from high school.  Met Martin’s dad for the first time ever in our marriage of nearly 11 years.  He’d never seen his grandkids.  We wound up sitting on the front row of the first section up from the floor, against the railing.  This was Saturday, May 22, 1999.  On Friday evening, May 21, 1999, we checked into our hotel and watched about 5 minutes of Jay Leno before going to bed.  There was a band on called “The Cranberries,” and the lead singer was Irish, we think.  They sang a song called “Bury the Hatchet.”

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