Dreams & Visions – The South Africa Dream

February 18, 1996 – Robyn Green

Dreamt I was in the country of SOUTH AFRICA, on a mission trip with a pastor couple and about 10-20 people. We were in the bush country, among tribal black people. I saw us walking in a village with grass type huts. The men were naked on top, the women wore grass covering. They could not communicate in English. They pointed and grunted. They were friendly.

The tribal people pointed towards a particular hut. We went in and saw a young black man (in his 20’s) laid sideways on what looked to be a grill for an oven. He was “cooking.” This did not seem to bother the tribal people. When our group saw him, we were immediately alarmed and put our hands out toward him, and began praying in tongues and covering him with the Blood of Jesus. He immediately got off the grill, jumped up and down in joy, and said we were an answer to his prayer. He could speak English, and was dressed more American – sport shirt and pants. He had been praying for help from America. He had been educated in TEXAS somewhere, the only one of his tribe who had been educated overseas. He then showed all of us to our rooms in his house, which was rather large. He had enough sleeping space to house all of us. He showed us his room. He had written on the walls in words and pictures. There was a rough map of the outline of TEXAS with a sign on it about the best food in the U.S. I don’t remember the specifics. The gist of this was that he had done his best to capture his memories of the U.S. on his wall. (I was never told this young man’s name).

Then, he took me through a bedroom. My ex-husband (his name was Robin – yes, we were Robin & Robyn back then – this was before I got saved) was laying on a bed there. I thought, “Oh, my God, I don’t want HIM to know what’s going on here. I need to stay away from him.” However, he didn’t recognize me and remained dormant while I passed through the room.

Then, I was brought to “my” room. As I unpacked, I noticed a book laying under my bed. I pulled it out. It was a hardback with a blue cover. Inside, there pictures and printed word. It was some kind of tour book of the U.S., like the kind of book you find in a hotel room with “Sites of Interest” things in it. The pictures drew my attention because I WAS IN THEM. They were pictures of a wedding, American style. It was my sister Karen’s wedding. These were pictures I had never seen before, although I don’t know how or why these pictures would have been sold to be published in some book. Anyway, in the pictures I had long hair and lots of eye makeup on. I had a flowing 3/4 length dress on that had small red and white checks on it, except for the bodice, which was all white. It was a flattering dress, and I looked pretty. In the dream, my hair was short like it is now. As I looked at the book, I realized that God had allowed me to find it as confirmation that I was to be in this place at this time, that I truly had been sent there, and that He had pre-arranged all of this.

I took the book to the black guy and said, “Look at that. Does that lady look familiar to you?” He looked puzzled, so I said, “Look again,” barely able to contain my excitement. He still looked puzzled, so I pointed to myself and said, “It’s ME.” Then, his eyes widened and a look of joy spread across his face as he knew, too, that I was chosen by God to be there.

I then took the book as we all left to go to the church we were to minister in. The church was moderate sized. I went to find the pastor, to tell him about the book. I was told that he was in a “fellowship hall” type room in the back of the church. There were a lot of people milling around back there, and it was hard to find him. I wondered how he could prepare for church with all those people speaking around him. I got close to him and waved, but he didn’t see me as he was ushered into the sanctuary at that point. I entered the sanctuary and saw that my keyboard had been set up, along with one other. But, two white women from the local church were playing them, and I wasn’t going to be asked to do so, even though I had come on this missionary trip specifically for the purpose of doing worship. It turned out that the pastor and his wife were not going to allow me to be used.

Another friend of mine, named Jane, was sitting at the drums – she was going to be the drummer. There was a choir on the platform. I came around the backside of the podium and stood at the end of a row of the choir and found a friend of mine named HOPE TAYLOR, a friend of mine, now deceased, who was a helps minister to Bobbie Jean Merck, standing there. I stood next to Hope for a minute. Then, I realized I wouldn’t be playing and went to find a seat. I saw the pastor’s wife sitting in the congregation, and all the seats around her were saved, and she just shrugged at me, and seemed to indicate that I was on my own and would have to find my own place to sit.

I wound up in the balcony from which I could hear the speakers, but I couldn’t see them. I thought, “Oh, my God, I won’t be able to see the pastor, and I won’t be able to tell him about the book.”


This is an example of a TEACHING dream. It was a status report to me back when I had it, but I am posting it so that the lessons about death to self and cities receiving those God sends them is, hopefully, learned.

INTERPRETATION: This dream from 1996 was a status report at the time it was given. I had asked the Lord before I went to sleep to show me what He wanted me to do, where He wanted me to be. He is showing me that truly I was sent on a “mission” trip to the pastor’s church – where Martin and I were actually helping them begin a Nashville Church in 1996. I was playing worship while his wife led worship – for 5 months before the Lord said to leave at that time.

The full name of the country of South Africa is the “UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA.” I was sent on a mission to a place of UNION – in the South (part of the U.S. – where I lived for over 20 years) – in the desert, which Africa represents to me in dreams.

The core group of the pastor’s church is approximately 20 people. The reason I saw black people is they usually represent a “rejected minority” in my dreams – or prophetic people.

None of the South Africans in the dream, except one, could speak English. That indicates that these people are not developed yet in prophetic language. They speak symbolically or by gesturing. This is how God communicates to His prophets at times. They must be able to interpret symbols. The only person who could speak my language was a black man who had been educated in TEXAS. Texas is the “LONE STAR STATE.” When I see Texas in my sleep, it indicates a “state of being solely in Jesus Christ, looking to Him alone for your existence, depending on Him alone, seeking Him alone” for all in your life. The guy who had been educated in the presence of the sole “morning star” was the one who could speak my language. He had also presented himself as a living sacrifice on the grill – willing to die to self in order to secure the purposes of God for this time. This black man represents “Jesus, the Intercessor,” who is “cooking” up a new move of God right now. It also reveals that true prophets go through a major season of “being cooked” or matured by dying to their self-life and perceived rights.

When our group saw this man, we immediately went into intercession in tongues and covered him with the blood of Jesus. That signaled to him that we were praying people, people who knew how to move in the Spirit. This elated him – he jumped off the grill because he knew we could carry this prayer burden for him. We were his “ANSWER TO PRAYER” for the “help from America” that he was looking for. God is looking to establish true intercession in this season. This is what he wants to do in the church, however, this only comes from growing up in the “lone star state” or the state of being used to only going to Jesus and hearing the rhema word from Him for everything. It’s a state of the manifested presence of God. I have given the pastor in this dream a word on the need to surrender totally to Christ – in love and humility – and come into this lone star state. This is a union with Christ that enables true intercession and worship. This is where the “best food is.” That’s what this black man was trying to communicate on the wall of his bedroom. Bedrooms are places of intimacy. He had drawn a map – an outline of Texas on the wall. Walls are prophetically the places intercessors/watchmen occupy. Jesus, the Intercessor, (the black guy), is “mapping” out his strategy for us – to come into the lone star state (or “united state”) where the best food is – the manna that comes directly from Him – and decree these things from this unified state. That is the mission God has for the pastor and his wife, and His entire church. That’s why He sent me into their lives at this time – to bring this message.

My ex-husband, Robin, in my dreams – always means the “old man” or the “old nature” in my dreams because we have the same name. The fact that he was dormant and didn’t recognize me is good – that means that the Lord wants me to know that this dream is of Him and my “old man” is not interfering here.

“My” room is my place. The blue book is very interesting. Blue = revelation. This book speaks in printed word and pictures. That is how God speaks to prophets. This “blue” book is the Bible itself. It describes a wedding. The Bible describes our wedding to Christ. I am dressed as a member of the BRIDAL PARTY, THE BRIDE COMPANY, which is “my place.” The Lord is trying to tell me how He sees me.

The colors of my dress – red and white – mean covering of the blood of Christ and purity, respectively. This is a good color combination. Combined, they make pink, which is sometimes a color of LOVE – the covering of God for this new move (particularly in combining intercession and worship and moving in miracles through music – the call on my life).

Hair always refers to the covering of the glory of God. My hair is long in the picture book, but short in the dream. God is showing me that He sees me (the bride company) walking in the strong glory anointing of the Bride of Christ. I look “pretty” to Him. This wedding is my “sister, Karen’s”. My sister Karen always is a pun in my dreams: Karen = CARING. This is a bridal company that reflects the compassion of the Lord. This is what is born out of a “united state” with Christ. The Lord wants me to have extreme confirmation that I am a member of the Bride of Christ, and that He had pre-arranged for me to come into this place of intimacy (“my room”) and had also pre-arranged for me to be on this mission trip to South Africa. I was going to need it through the rejection I was about to encounter.

As for the black man not recognizing me – this is indicative of where I stand with the Body of Christ and touches an issue I will address in the update of the interpretation of this dream at the end. I am seeing the conflicting emotion of being affirmed in who I am (my calling), but not having the Body of Christ recognize it. However, the Lord is showing me that the “Bride of Christ” is going through this phase – that of just beginning to be recognized for who they are. It is a time for prophetic people to be recognized and RECEIVED in the Body of Christ. Once the black man realizes who I am, he rejoices. In the pastor’s case, this is also symbolic of the organized church, in which he – a pastor/prophet – and his wife are having a very hard time receiving me as who I am in their lives. I will elaborate on this more later.

The next scene in the church symbolizes what was happening in this pastor’s church at the time of this dream. He was in the “fellowship” hall, praying, but he is surrounded with “noise” from people. I wonder how he can prepare effectively with all that noise. Because he was in this state and not in the unified state yet, not in the surrendered state yet, we were having trouble communicating and connecting in our timings. I wave at him, but he doesn’t see me. He’s “not getting it.” In addition, although my keyboard is set up, I am not being allowed to play it. This is significant, and may represent a fear projection on my part, but is a truth that God wants to deal with in my life (and perhaps others in the Bride Company). The organized church, and many of those who knew me in Nashville for a long time, will not yield to the call on my life. I am being told to “find my own place to sit” because the pastor’s wife (representing the system – particularly in worship music) is insulating herself/itself against me. They want nothing to do with me. She is operating in fear and control. The Lord has recently (in April, 1998) been revealing to me the depth of this truth over my life and I really pray it is only me because of the pain involved in it. There is over my life, and it may come from my Jewish heritage of rejection, a lie that people buy – for some reason, people want to communicate with me to obtain prophetic information, but they are scared to death to connect me to others in the Body of Christ, and they seem to be ASHAMED of KNOWING ME – meaning they don’t want to be seen as knowing me. This has happened repeatedly. Good intentioned people have actually interfered in connections God wanted made in my life because they buy this lie that if I come into a situation, I will wreck people’s lives or rock the boat too much. God is sick of this accusation, and says it has to STOP NOW. I don’t know what to do to stop it, other than to rebuke the lie in the Spirit realm. If Nashville and the people who want to USE the gift without honoring the vessel God created continue in this pattern, God will take me out of here (which He did in 2000). Again, this may be the case for many in the true Bride Company – the nameless, faceless ones who are very developed, many having come outside the system that did not nurture, and who are awaiting revelation on the new ark the Lord shall build – the structuring of His church by the anointing and gifts He gave to men and women. Outside of Nashville, I don’t have this problem. I am received with open arms in other cities.

My friend, Jane, being the drummer means that she is pounding out a message. She will be used to proclaim something – At the time of this dream, it was a message of rejection as that was what she was going through – the death to self season, and she left this pastor’s church ultimately as Martin and I did as well. Now, Jane has gone through the isolation/dark night of the soul period (she is a worshiper and keyboard player, intercessory musician) and although we didn’t speak for over 3 years, she seems to be past whatever it was that took her away from me. I saw her again after having this dream, and she was very “herself” again – happy to see Martin and I. She’s a very prophetic woman.

OK – in the choir was HOPE TAYLOR, who is now deceased, but was Bobbie Jean Merck’s traveling helps minister. I stood next to “Hope” for a minute, but eventually realized that I was not going to be allowed to play here and release the song of the Bride. I would have to go find somewhere else to sit or be. There is a large stronghold of rejection here. It’s not personally between Hope and I, as she is one of the ones who has loved me and shared revelation, but I sense that she, too, has been afraid to see me released – afraid of what I might say or do. The Lord is telling me there is probably little hope for me in Nashville, a city I cried over for 10+ years – birthing a move of God in music.

I finally wind up in the balcony, which in my dreams is always a place of prayer (a place of being “on your knees”). I begin to worry that even though I can hear the pastor, that I won’t be able to see him, and he won’t be able to see me or know where I am, and I won’t be able to get this message about the BRIDE COMPANY, the book, through to him. His state of being, as far as taking any prophetic word I have given him, is still up in the air. What I’m seeing here is the probability that I will not hook up with his ministry for any length of time, that he won’t get the message, that he will not yield to the call on my life (in his capacity as pastor, which actually happened) and recognize I have been sent for the purpose of worship, but will continue to allow the other women (those who he knows are submitted to him under the old system) to lead the worship. I had just found out at the time of this dream in 1996, that Jane had left his church – and I hoped that this was not indicative of a continuing message or the start of a trend (beating a message into “leadership’s” heads by peoples’ actions) of people leaving the church (not just this pastor’s) because the “leadership” or perceived leadership at that time was not able to come into the UNION with Christ necessary to develop the character of Christ for the end-time move of God. There are people in the church who are near the ends of their ropes with putting up with the harshness of the system. The leadership may be desperately trying to figure out how to change – but they are doing it in their intellects, not by the Spirit. They just need to surrender to God’s ordained leadership – whomever it may be. It’s a state of faith and surrender. I wind up having to pray from the balcony to change the outcome of this scenario, so that the pastor makes it to the ark of God (and the rest of the church, too).

Robyn Green
White House, TN
Interpreted originally on 2/26/96

UPDATE: This is now given on 4/23/98. In the last three weeks, this dream has sprung to life. In November, 1997, Jim Goll gave me a word that my dreams would come to life in a new way – that the Father was “blowing the dust off of them”. Indeed, this has happened.

Being online on the computer, I have been sovereignly hooked with other prophetic groupings in the wilderness, one of them being in Texarkana, TEXAS. Martin and I are scheduled to go do ministry there in home group meetings on June 11-14, 1998. This group is a branch of the End-Time Handmaidens from Engaltal, Arkansas. Most of these people are outside the system right now, the old structure of the pastor-led church.

The folks in Texarkana are close to people in SOUTH AFRICA. As a matter of fact, in the last 3 weeks, I have been contacted by 2 worship leaders from South Africa (by e- mail) and the head of the End-Time Handmaidens (through a sister in Texarkana) regarding coming back to Texarkana in July to meet them after they attend the world convention of the End-Time Handmaidens in Dallas, Texas in the beginning of July, 1998. So, the South African connection is coming to pass for real. Yesterday, 4/22/98, I received a copy of a set of tapes from a convention that 3 sisters from Texarkana just attended in the beginning of April in South Africa. So, the word from South Africa has actually physically arrived at my house, and the worship connections are being made. I am hearing from God that I need to get a passport and get ready to go to South Africa eventually (which now, in 2020, still hasn’t happened). But this does not negate the interpretive truth of the dream showing me in “Africa” as a symbol of being in the wilderness. To the church at Nashville, that’s exactly where I was for years. Martin and I were prophesied over by Ray Hughes in the early 1990’s that we were “called to the wilderness,” where God would give us “streams in the desert” and He truly has. We have developed prophetically while outside the system, finding others like ourselves to hold us accountable.

I am in the time of my own release now – along with others of the “Bride Company”. I have had articles published in Morningstar Journal and Storm-Harvest Journal (Australia) this last year (1997), and the Lord is opening doors for ministry. Jim Goll prophesied that Martin and I are phasing into full-time ministry.

About 3 weeks ago, through an e-mail discussion group I monitor in New Zealand, I met another psalmist here in Nashville (small world). Her name is KAREN Johnson. She is BRIDE, flowing in a heavy anointing for warfare, actually. She is also a keyboard player – probably the other keyboard in this dream was hers, but she wasn’t allowed to play it either. She is definitely outside the system as well. So, in the timing of all of this coming to revelation, I met a sister Karen. My own physical sister, Karen, lives in St. Louis, MO and is not a believer. She is also divorced, and has no wedding planned that I know of. (Update on 10/18/98: My sister Karen called and got saved in July, the night before I left for my trip to Texarkana to meet Natasha and the other South Africans from ETH – unbelievable, huh???? God leaves no detail unrevealed.)

Last Saturday, Hope Taylor called me. Nashville had judgmental tornadoes on 4/16 and she wanted to make sure we were ok. She also told me Bobbie Jean Merck would be here at Cool Springs Church on Wed.-Fri., 4/22-24/98. I knew that I was to go hear Bobbie Jean this time, there was an anointing on it.

We went last night – and my friends, Jane and Hope Taylor, along with the pastor in this dream – were all there – all in one room. I had re-read this dream to Hope on Monday night by phone – telling her that God would confirm the desire of her heart – missions – through these meetings with Bobbie Jean – SOMEHOW.

Boy, did He ever!!! Aside from the physical confirmation of those seen in the dream being present, and the fact that I’ve met a sister “Karen,” and the South Africa connection is now real in my life, Bobbie Jean brought a release of the SONG OF THE BRIDE last night – which along with repentance by the leadership of Nashville for rejecting its own prophetic voices for years – is the kind of song God is desiring to come out of this city. I flow in it myself, but was overjoyed to have it done over me for a change – it’s so refreshing and rare to be ministered to that way – by a pure prophetic psalmist, which Bobbie Jean is, among other giftings. But, in the course of the word Bobbie Jean brought last night – she spoke that we there in the room, representative of the House of David, or the Bride of Christ, would be sent as ANSWERS TO PRAYER to people in other nations.!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!! This was Hope’s confirmation. That was what the black man who hopped off the grill said the bride company was – an ANSWER TO PRAYER FROM AMERICA.

According to the folks in Texarkana, what was released in the recent convention in South Africa fits right into this timely prophetic dream/word. The convention released: (1) the glory of the Lord through worship; (2) hope that the new move is actually here; and (3) the decreeing of CHANGE OF GOVERNMENT for the church.

One week after the convention ended, the tornadoes hit Nashville. Martin and I had been in Mobile, Alabama, ministering for the School of the Spirit there and at David White’s church over Easter/Passover weekend (right when the convention in South Africa ended) – we released 2 Chron. 29 through psalmistry there, along with our co-minister, Denice, and her daughter, both of whom are worship dancers. The Lord told us to release 2 Chron. 29 – the cleansing of our temples before a SUDDEN move of God to restore pure prophetic worship, as was done in Hezekiah’s time. We were obedient to do that.

That, coupled with what happened at the convention in South Africa, coupled with the tornadic judgment of Nashville, along with the gate openings we have been doing recently (at the St. Louis Arch in March) and the warfare against the Greek system which dominates the western culture and particularly, Nashville, have helped to clear a path of God for His end-time move in music, for the building of a new ark of government led by the foundation of apostles and prophets with Jesus Christ as the chief cornerstone. We are being coupled with others like ourselves – prophetic groupings and people around the U.S. and the world – through the internet – and the nameless, faceless people are finding each other and building a network.

Right now, a prophetic word has been issued for Nashville that can be found at the Mobile School of the Spirit’s website, along with my interpretation of that word. Whether Nashville becomes the prophetic voice of the bride it is supposed to be, is up in the air RIGHT NOW (and still in 2020). More judgment will come, if there is no repentance for “stoning the prophets,” and God will remove those of us He wants to use in that kind of flow – worship/intercession, bridal music, miracles through music – from Nashville. (Which He did – we left in 2000.)

The pastor in this dream was at last night’s meeting. I wound up standing next to him when Bobbie Jean laid hands on folks to receive the compassion/love baptism of the Lord for the next move of God. As she laid hands on him, I heard a gentleman tell her “he’s a pastor.” She said, “I know and he really needs this.” Hallelujah!! So, after 2 years since receiving this dream, I wound up standing physically next to the pastor as he was ministered to. We must stand in faith for the healing to finally manifest in him.

So, the things of this dream are coming to pass. Interesting that over Easter/Passover weekend, I also wound up ministering in another church headed by a pastor with the same last name as the pastor in this dream. Coincidence? I think not. The beginnings of establishment of team ministry has resulted from that visit we made to Mobile – may God be praised.

When Bobbie Jean laid hands on me, I went down to the carpet and began to cry – mostly because I was so sick and tired of the aforementioned battle with the lie people believe about me. This is the heart cry of my heart, and I believe it is also God’s will – the spirit of PHAROAH that holds people back due to fear of losing control and profiting personally from their labor – has to be BOUND NOW. This Saturday, there will be a prayer session at my house with Karen, the keyboard player, and Denice and Martin to take care of that, along with the “Goliath” entity – which hurls accusations and insults against people. I have literally had people tell me that they “sweated” me ministering in their church – they were told by Satan that I would wreck their church. It didn’t happen. The love of God constrains us as we minister, doesn’t it? Some churches may truly need “wrecking”. Nashville did – so God sent a tornado. But Bobbie Jean’s word from the Lord is THE word for today – it is the covering of the LOVE AND COMPASSION of Christ that is the fuel for this glory move of God – particularly in releasing the Song of the Bride from Nashville – as it is supposed to be. Maybe some day, I can return and be used by the Lord there.

In 1984, I was given a word that “the eyes of the world will turn to Nashville because of what you do.” Bobbie Jean spoke last night that the “eyes of the world are upon Nashville because of your music and the tornado. How are you going to respond, Nashville?” Those of us with ears to hear know what God’s intended response is – repentance for rejection of His strategy, His vessels, His prophets – and release of the song of the bride.

I now have global acceptance as a minister with my teaching going all over the world on Prophetic Psalming. Through the internet, the “eyes of the world have turned to Nashville.” Will Nashville accept its own? Or will I be a rejected prophet in my own home town? Will that happen to others like me? The jury is out on that right now. It’s up to the Body of Christ to repent.

Amen – may it be so.

Robyn Green
White House, TN 37188


Update: February 10, 2020: God did move our family out of Nashville. It’s been 20 years since we lived there. Denice is still a part of our prayer team, and is on the board of my ministry. However, we are currently contemplating the purchase of a home there, so I can work with musicians there in live-streaming healing events. We shall see!

In addition – as we all know now – there is tremendous warfare going on in South Africa – racial and ethnic cleansing – violence. The Christian black man in my dream is representative of the heart cry of the people of South Africa – especially the land owners. They are crying for HELP FROM AMERICA IN ANSWER TO THEIR PRAYERS. May the Lord pour out angelic protection and the Blood of Christ/Yeshua to cover them all. Keep South Africa in your prayers! A huge healing move will need to happen there.


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