Article – End-Time Music

Martin & Robyn Green and Denice Heatherly (originally published in the “Storm-Harvest Journal” of Australia, in 1997)

We have seen the unleashed power of Satan through music for the last few decades.  But God is about to do something about that. When the enemy comes in, like a flood, a standard will be raised up against him.(Isa 59:19). Indeed, Satan has been saving “the best for last” of his arsenal of refuse. The Lord has also saved the best for last! He is about to bring the music of heaven to earth in a sound we’ve never heard before – a “higher” anointing, as He Himself accompanies the waves and sound of the music as true psalmists release His heart and the masses shall be saved, healed, delivered and set free.

The prophetic “piercing point” of music is like a sonic boom!

The difference between the anointing on music we’ve known up until now, and what’s coming is the increased manifest presence of God, who will be “riding the waves” of this new music.  There is going to be a sovereign move.  Just as the anointing was transferred by believers to inanimate objects in the Book of Acts, so it will be transferred through psalmists to their instruments – guitars, pianos, saxophones.  The anointing was transferred from Jesus Himself into the garment He was wearing, when the woman with the issue of blood touched the fringe of that garment and was healed (Matt. 9:20-22).  He is calling for preparation of hearts and character of the vessels to be used in this move.  As the relationship of the psalmist to the Lord grows, the anointing grows.  This is the “higher” wave.  God is taking the Body of Christ to ‘symphonic’ levels of harmony amongst each other, bringing a birth of both worship and intercession, a congealing of hearts that are dead to ambition  and bringing alive those who are committed to His purposes.  From such preparation, the Heart of God can flow – which will release corporately something we’ve NEVER heard before.  Something totally awesome and holy. The ruling powers of this age, which cause us to so revere famous people and entertainers, have infiltrated the church. The spirit of the world has infected us to such a degree that it is questionable whether most church musicians, singers, etc., WANT to pay the price necessary for the anointing that God intends to pour out. We have been wrapped up for way too long in showmanship.  It’s time to worship in Spirit and in truth. People have been saying for years that God will redeem this and that kind of music.  But, positive cleanup of lyrics is not the End-Time music weapon.  It’s not a bad thing, but it’s not what God is doing right now! He is not relegated to upgrading old relics!

Counting the Cost

There is a heavy price to pay for participation in this move of new music. The price is death to self, death to ambition and lust of the things of the world (1 John 2:15-17).  It means allowing a brokenness the Lord must work in us – spiritual surgery removing our need for the approval of man.  One way God does this is to instill the fear of the Lord in us – an outworking of being indwelt by the Holy Spirit (Is. 11:2). This can result in the release of the fear of the Lord over our gatherings, our cities and regions.  We need to be released from the fear of man and delivered into the hands of God!

Another aspect of deliverance we need is being set free from the love of money. You cannot serve both God and mammon.  (Matt. 6:24).  Decisions are now being required of many in the music business.  Decisions pertaining to how they make their livings – who dictates what they record – and whether they are willing and called to pay the price to come into the anointings that produce miracles, deliverance, salvation.

The Living Bible says, “I also learned that the Levites had not been given what was due them, so they and the choir singers who were supposed to conduct the worship services, had returned to their farms.” Many of God’s musicians today, who are supposed to be giving themselves to worship, are out “making tents” and doing other things to make a living.  They have been forced back to their farms.

Jim Bakker, in his article “Discarding Tobiah’s Stuff,” speaks of a time when Levites turned to farming. He says, “The reason we do not have the level of music in the church that we should is because we haven’t recognized and respected the worship leaders as true Levites and holy ministers called of God. We have let them “go to the farm” in order to pay their bills, instead of giving them the financial support God intends for them to have.

Someday these anointed ministers won’t have to go “farm” anymore, for God from the beginning has intended that singers and musicians be paid as well as other “priests and Levites.” But currently, many anointed worship leaders (psalmists) are out  “farming” in secular jobs because of the church’s disobedience and lack of vision.”

Perhaps we should be praying that God would raise up a central “trust fund” for the levitical musicians called to minister TO God?

They need to be supported by some means so that they are not required to make their livings in a system run by Satan, especially those psalmists who prophesy on their instruments.  But first, God is doing a work in their hearts to be able to trust Him before they can receive from the trust fund.

The Entrance of the Muses

Martin Green received in a dream one night, a revelation of the major Spiritual forces that need to be dealt with in our times. Martin was told that there was a link between the problems in our city, Nashville, and some information that was available in St. Louis (where Robyn is from) in a museum. The word “museum” means “temple of the muses”. In studying out the Greek entities called the muses and their conductor, Apollo, we learned much about the ruling forces that hinder the restoration of David’s Tabernacle in the church.  In this dream, Martin was shown a set of blueprints that his “boss” (the Lord) was looking at that he was not allowed to see at the time (1993).  We believe the Lord wants to reveal those blueprints now.

There were 9 muses in Greek thinking. There are 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The muses are counterfeits.  Apollo is a conductor of the muses.  The true conductor is the Holy Spirit.  The muses were said to rule over a certain art or science, and were thought to be inspirational forces that people looked to in the following fields:

(1) Calliope – muse of epic poetry;

(2) Erato – muse of love poetry;

(3) Euterpe – muse of lyric poetry;

(4) Melpomene – muse of tragedy;

(5) Thalia – muse of comedy;

(6) Cleo – muse of history;

(7) Urania – muse of astronomy;

(8) Polyhymnia – muse of sacred song;

(9) Terpsichore – muse of dance. 

That about covers what happens in Nashville and western culture, doesn’t it? Everything from science to academia to the recording industry, including ballet and all the other arts.  We take this a step further to proclaim that a “muse” is any controlling inspiration other than the Holy Spirit.

It was thought that the muses could see into the future – this is a counterfeit of true prophetic ministry.  They supposedly had the ability to banish all grief and sorrow when they sang.  That is what King David did as a psalmist.  They had pleasing melodic voices and often sang as a chorus.

The Greeks worshipped the muses. The acceptance of these ancient philosophies into our culture opened the way to the abduction of music, whether it was willingly or through seduction, to it’s present ungodly form.

The word “music” is even based on the word “muse”.

Again, it is the heart of the musician that is responsible for this surrender to ungodly forces.  How do we take it back from this system?

The Birth of Judah

The Lord showed Robyn, who is a psalmist, in a dream about 2 years ago that a child named Judah would be born at “Baptist Hospital” when she was there laying hands on women in labor.  When she laid hands on them, their pain stopped.  She was told this would manifest in October of 1997.  The meaning of the elements of her dream are fascinating when taken in context. Judah means “praise and worship.” The women in labor are symbolic of intercessors.  What we were being shown is that through the process of intercession, the new move of praise and worship was birthed.  We believe God birthed twins: worship and intercession.

He wants intercession now taken out of back rooms and brought forth with public worship.  The Baptist Hospital is a reference to the ministry of John, who also preached the foundational truth of repentance! This birth issues from John the Baptist-type ministries that are proclaiming the second coming of Jesus from the wilderness.

Another interesting sidelight on the release or birthing of Judah comes from Denice Heatherly, who has seen in her dreams the appearance of the Lion of Judah outside her door.  This lion has been asking her to “come out and play – it’s ok now.”  We take this literally.  The lion of Judah is asking the musicians to COME OUT and PLAY. (Ps. 68:24-25).  Isaiah 48:20 says:  “Go forth out of Babylon, flee from the Chaldeans!  With a VOICE OF SINGING, declare, tell this, cause it to go forth, even to the end of the earth; say, the Lord has redeemed His servant Jacob”! 

God led Denice to the movie “Braveheart” as He has done with many prophets. He had shown her in a vision, a group of wild, warring people with their faces painted with blue paint in various striped designs.  Blue is the color of anointing and revelation.  She was surprised by the parallels when she saw the movie.  God said to her, “This is the kind of warrior I want my people to be.”  At the end of the movie, these people were called the “warrior poets.” Judah people are to be warrior poets, coming into true liberty by being willing to surrender their lives.

The Spirit of Judah Maccabee

The Jewish people celebrate the Feast of Lights, or Feast of Dedication, which they call “Hanukkah.” Jesus kept this feast (John 10:22).  This year, it begins on December 23.  This celebration is an expression of thanksgiving to God for the redemption won by the Maccabees in B.C. 167, when they came against the Greeks.  Under Antiochus Ephiphanes IV, the temple had been horribly defiled, and run over by false gods. The central hero of Hanukkah was Judah Maccabee.

The family of Judah successfully ran the Greeks out of Jerusalem and restored worship after cleansing the temple from the defilement of the Greeks.  The word “Maccabee” means “a hammer.” Judah Maccabee is a spiritual truth that God is birthing again at this time – the release through intercession of the “Judah” type music – a twin release of worship and warfare intercession (the hammer). Jeremiah 23:29 (Amp.) says: “Is not My word like fire (that consumes all that cannot endure the test?), says the Lord, and like a hammer that breaks in pieces the rock (of most stubborn resistance)?”  

Judah Maccabee removed all signs of paganism in the temple. The statue of Jupiter there was pulverized to dust with hammers! History also records that Judah Maccabee annihilated the Syrians AND sympathetic Jews, who were part of the Greek army. Hedonism is the basis for Hellenistic thinking which permeates western thinking.  It teaches that pleasure is the highest good and that moral duty is fulfilled through the pursuit of pleasure and that intellect is the highest calling of a human being.  There have been songs inspired by the enemy (muses) which have gone forth for years –  songs glorifying seduction, lust, and self-pleasing.  We believe God is calling for global Judah worship/warfare on December 23, 1997, to come against the muses and the entire Greek system to clear the path for revelation of blueprints concerning training for end-time music and the release of God’s glory through music.

The “Maccabean” revolt led to the miracle of the anointing oil lasting 8 days instead of the one day it was only supposed to last.  After reclaiming the temple, there was only enough oil left for one day’s services, but miraculously, the oil lasted 8 days, which gave the Jews enough time to make another batch of oil.  This is why the feast is sometimes called the “Feast of Lights.” 8 is the number of “new beginnings”.  We believe God has a new beginning for His church starting at Hanukkah this year. He is looking for Judah Maccabees, who will esteem Him as the Most High above all else, and desire not the applause of man, but who will lead the way to restore the purity of God to the temple, along with the anointing oil that burns eternally within us.

Implementation of this Word – Boot Camp

It is God’s intention to take us higher into Him through inner transformation. It’s up to us to present ourselves for purging, cleansing, repentance and correction of character issues to be used as vessels in this coming move of God. We are going to be experiencing a “Maccabean” revolt against the Greek system. We believe the 5-fold ministry is now called to come forth to discern who is who in the worship/psalmist Army of God to prepare the troops to take their places in their stations and ranks, knowing their calls, being affirmed in them and releasing them to function together as an army. God is coming against all systems of thinking that are not Him through this tool of Judah warfare.

Some can do the battle – some move in the gifts – but we must all make the decisions that bring the fruit and character and integrity of Jesus Christ to the forefront in how we view ourselves and treat each other.  Training that is lacking or understanding of moving in the Spirit will be dealt with in training centers God will establish. The troops need places to come for this training, nurturing and healing into wholeness of spirit, soul and body.  They are crying out for teachers, people who have paid the price and understand how to implement warfare strategies through music.

These teachers, who are apostolic and prophetic, exist and have been prepared in the wilderness through much breaking and God’s gracious healing. They are being released now.  The Levites and the priests worked together to cleanse the temple when prophetic worship was restored under Hezekiah.  (2 Chron. 29).  How fast can we prepare the levitical army now?  There is a multitude who would come to learn if only training centers existed or God provided a way to get the teachers to the psalmists, wherever they may be.

Teams will be supernaturally put together by God for End-Time street and stadium ministry.   Psalmists will be moved geographically to accomplish this. 

Stadium Type Ministry

The End-Time music puzzle consists of a number of pieces: one is praise music in the streets, and the other is Holy of Holies music in the stadiums. Some see these pieces as overlapping.   God will clarify as we get closer to the Harvest time.  Prophets and psalmists around the world are beginning to discuss these things in earnest. People are receiving urges in their spirits to learn quickly how to flow in the depths of gifts that have nothing to do with marketing, sales and idolatry. We believe that the Word of the Lord at this time is Isaiah 48, which is addressed to “Judah” (worshipers). God is cleansing His church and calling us to repentance from mindsets and acceptance of compromise in the past. God is calling us to come out of the event mentality into a lifestyle of worship and intercession.

God gave Robyn a vision years ago (see: Dreams & Visions page – 1991 Vision of Psalmists) that technology would exist to corporately spontaneously hook up psalmists strategically positioned worldwide for massive calls to intercession and warfare in central locations in various countries at the same time.  A few others have seen something along these lines as well and blueprints for implementation should be sought of the Lord now – truly a new thing!  We believe God is calling us to a version of that hook up for warfare on December 23, 1997 – the first night of Hanukkah.

God is opening the door for us to see the implementation and the fulfillment of this word and vision, after years of crying tears of intercession to birth these things,  Judah is here.  We believe it’s time that God wants to reveal the blueprints that were withheld until this sovereign timing.  It is critical again to emphasize that warfare of this type is extremely serious business.  We ask that you examine yourselves as King David did (Ps. 51) and come to the Father in repentance before you would attempt to enter into this fray.  Warfare is only successful to the extent that the entities being dealt with don’t rule your lives.   

If the Lord allows you, please join with us on December 23, the first night of Hanukkah, in the “Maccabean” revolt against the muses and the Greek system, as you are led by His Spirit, in worship and prayer.  Please loose the 7 spirits of the Lord (Is. 11:2), particularly the fear of the Lord, over yourselves, the church, your cities, etc., and seek God for revelation of these blueprints on establishing training centers and bringing teachers to those crying for them.  We here in Nashville will be doing Isaiah 30:31-32 warfare against these entities through musical intercession.  We have been trained by the Spirit for years to do this.  Musicians in other locations around the globe are committing to join us in this endeavor through worship and vocal prayer to cover us as we do this. 

We ask that all words, visions, dreams, Scriptures that He gives during that time of worship and intercession, and immediately following, should be reported and compared to establish what He is truly saying.  You all are welcome to participate and report back to us by email after December 25, 1997.  You will get input as you worship and pray, but the Lord may speak in revelatory ways for days after this warfare.  We will issue the consensus report on what God showed us all corporately.   This is not a one time thing, but it is an instruction we have been given to implement and apply this Word.  It is a beginning.  We don’t have all the pieces.   But corporately, we have the mind of Christ.  And He wants to reveal the Way to us now.


2020 Comments by Robyn – We did this intercessory worship/warfare event in 1997. It did pave the way for much change in the Body of Christ. It also paved the way in the Spirit realm for us to leave Nashville in 2000. It’s certainly true that during the training time a prophet goes through to learn wisdom concerning the anticipated implementation of a prophetic word, he or she encounters trial and error, and hopefully, learns from it. Today, in 2020, as we STILL WAIT for the fulfillment of such things as a National Levitical Trust Fund and a school for psalmists, I am amazed at how long all of this has taken. What I thought would take a few years has turned out to take a few decades. We had such blazing hope and zealousness to see this all fulfilled 20 years ago. The blaze and zeal has been reduced from a raging fire to a small flicker – but our trust in God remains. Only HE can provide the funding needed to make this a reality – and Martin, Denice and I believe that He is about to do that shortly.


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