Who Are the Sons of Thunder? – Part 2

II.  What is a Son of Thunder Biblically and Why Would We Want to Be Labeled That?

    Yeshua called James and John, the sons of Zebedee, “sons of thunder” or Boanerges.  Why?  Is this the same type of “son of thunder” that we are to be?  

    According to Unger’s Bible Dictionary and other commentators, the reason that Yeshua labeled these gentlemen that way is not due to some apostolic fiery truth coming out of their mouths, but due to their HOT FLASHING TEMPERS!  They had a disposition to VIOLENCE.  Good Lord, let us NOT be one of those.  A “son of thunder” is NOT someone who wants to call fire down from heaven out of extreme wounding, anger or vengeance motives.  A “son of thunder” prophet or apostle musician WILL be used to deliver nations, however, and will be used to pronounce judgment musically.  The price to be used that way is to be totally delivered from those tendencies yourself!  When we move in “anger” or “judgment” against the enemies of God – we have to KNOW that it is an “identification” with HIS anger, not ours, because when we play or proclaim this way, sometimes it feels like WE are angry.  Our heart motives must be submitted to His Spirit.  The violent DO take the kingdom of heaven by force, but it is HIS violence – against demonic forces and strategies, not human beings.

    Now, THUNDER biblically is a symbol of God’s VOICE or JUDGMENT (1 Sam. 2:10; 1 Sam. 7:10; Job 40:9; Ps. 77:18, among others).  Now we are getting closer to what the function of a “son of thunder” is……TO BE A MOUTHPIECE FOR GOD, SINGING OR PLAYING HIS RHEMA WORD, HIS JUDGMENT AT TIMES (IF YOU ARE A PROPHET OR APOSTLE).  This is why we believe that the true musical “sons of thunder” are apostles and prophets, some with evangelistic calls….and they will be working on teams with other apostles, prophets, intercessors, evangelists, teachers and others.  The authority mantle to issue forth God’s judgment is given to very few.  That is reserved specifically for prophets and apostles, upon whom the foundation of the Body of Messiah is built, with Yeshua as the Chief Cornerstone (Eph. 2:20).  Those who play loud music, who play warfare randomly, without an understanding of what they are doing, or without the leading of the Holy Spirit, and proclaim themselves as “sons of thunder” are walking on dangerous ground.  The true “sons of thunder” who are called to the type of prophetic proclamation that the solitary man musician/intercessor/prophet or apostle in Mr. Ryle’s final dream is called to, will have been trained in isolation, will KNOW their calling, will have been refined in their character and developed in their capacity as seers and/or auditory prophets, as interpreters and will have gone through training by the Holy Spirit in marrying their gift of music to the apostolic or prophetic office.  They will also be known by their fruit.  They will have signs and wonders following, and they will be absolutely humble, able to tap into the HEART of God and play His heart.  

III.    What is MUSIC?

      Music is a part of the substance of who God is.  Music is amoral.  It is neither positive, nor negative.  It just is.  It’s SOUND, a vibration.  Music is a movement of particular tones that are taken from the sound spectrum and combined to make sounds of rest and unrest, tension and release or resolution.  In Gen. 1:2, the Spirit of God is hovering over the waters.    That word “hovering” in the Hebrew has the connotation of vibration, which means that God creates through vibration.  Every molecule in the universe vibrates.  He is ALL in ALL (Eph. 4:6; Heb.11:3), and upholds ALL things through the Word of His power (Heb. 1:3).  Thus, light and sound emanate from the same source:  God.

      So, light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and sound is heard through bands contained in it.  God IS light, He is also the creator of the universe through vibration.  He speaks and a thing IS.  We were created in His image.  Sound and music are part of Him!  Therefore, let us chew on this truth…..when musicians PLAY and music comes out, they are releasing the vibrations and sounds of GOD HIMSELF….it is a holy substance, not to be used for anything of self-glory.  AND it is powerful…..it is a weapon.  Release your faith when you play, “sons of thunder” – you are coming in agreement and union with God Himself in the release of the sound and it is going into all of the dimensions that He is capable of filling (infinite) and accomplishing the purpose for which you were called to release it (Is. 55:11).  And the colors will be visible to the prophets and apostles and perhaps, even to everyone eventually!!  We may even have keyboards someday soon that can emit color as we play.  We need to understand prophetically what the different colors mean to discern correctly what is happening in the Spirit realm.  

    Now, let’s understand WHAT you are releasing.  

    Before we can unveil some facts about lightning and thunder, we must understand the correlation of light and sound.  These are not simply TOOLS God uses.  They are part of HIM.  The Word says that “God is light and in Him is no darkness at all” (1 John 1:5).  OK, so God is light.  Light and electricity are pictures of God and the Holy Spirit.  The wind is a symbol of the Holy Spirit.  But God IS LIGHT.  

      Pure light is a part of the very essence of God’s nature and in Him, is a creative force.  Physicists say that light is a lot more complex than just the visible light seen with the human eye.  When light travels through space, what really happens is that light waves are moving.  They are called electromagnetic waves; at the point of visibility, we call them light.  The length of the wave determines what color we humans see.  Only 3% of the light spectrum makes up what we see.  Within the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes light, x-ray, gamma rays (visible light), is also a range of wavelengths called radio waves.  The electromagnetic spectrum consists of all forms of electromagnetic radiation, each corresponding to a different section, or band, of the spectrum. For example, one band includes radiation that our eardrums use to interpret sound.  

      We, as human beings, only hear from around 16-16,000 vibrations per second or hertz.  Light and sound have similar characteristics because they are both waves, they both vibrate, they both ARE and emanate from God, and they both travel and fill the universe.  

      Just as light travels beyond our field of vision (although it diffuses over distance), SO DOES SOUND travel beyond our hearing capacity.  It keeps going, just like light into the various dimensions of GOD!!  Even though sound waves may strike and bounce off of solid objects, they still impact that object and transmit or deposit their vibrations into the matter at some level, including human beings.  That’s why the stones can cry out if we don’t praise God (Luke 19:40) as they are vibrating already and God can call for the SOUND of praise to come from them.  And that’s why you cry at a movie when you don’t intend to.  Your soul level is being effected by the music vibrating your inner being.  When we release end-time music – playing revelation – that SOUND will become effect the atoms of all around us and will change us!!  You can put your faith to that…….


IV.   The Truth about Lightning and Thunder – Scientific AND Prophetic:

    NOW, having done all the above writing, we finally come to the nitty gritty of why we believe the Lord wants this lengthy clarification done in this article.  We have come through all the above to differentiate between the three types of end-time music releases.  (1) The musicians called to power evangelism on the street through prophetic lyrics and songs, coming from their time alone with the Lord; (2) the release of God’s rhema simple heart Word to the congregation and the nations given through yielded vessels, some of whom are musicians and some of whom are NOT; and (3) the “sons of thunder” – the broken, humble, separated, powerful, skillful, knowledgeable and prepared in hiddenness musicians, singers and intercessors who are prophets and apostles, servants of the Lord and who ONLY release music, lyric and prayer as He directs and in His timings.  

    We now speak to the third group.  Those of you who are called to the first and second group need to understand what we’re about to teach because then you will have a true picture of what these people are functioning in, and you can pray accordingly for them.  And the truth is that some of you are called to the third group and are in a progression, moving towards that….but need to be wooed out of your busy lives and become willing to lay down and surrender certain things in your lives to become all you were meant to be, because it will happen alone before the Lord in more isolation.  No one can train you like the Holy Spirit Himself can.

    A.  What is Lightning and How is It Caused?

    Scientists believe that lightning is caused by ice particles in the clouds grinding together, forming an electric charge at the bottom of the cloud.  An opposite charge builds up on the ground. One way you can tell that there is going to be a lightning strike is that your hair stands on end because of the electrical charge on the ground.  (I FEEL THE HOLY GHOST!!!)   Sub-atomic particles known as electrons or protons are BOTH called “ions’.  When substances are polarized, they display a charge that’s either positive (proton) or negative (electrons).

      Little streamers (of protons) come down from the clouds and little streamers of electrons arise from the ground, or vice versa.  If two of these streamers should meet, you get a current of electricity and you have LIGHTNING!  These little rivers of electricity are brighter than ten million one-hundred watt light bulbs.  They travel at a speed of 60 miles per SECOND!  The path of a lightning bolt can heat up to about 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit.  Moving electrons is what an electric current is and they flow from a cloud to the earth in a lightning bolt.  The entire process is called a FLASH and takes about .2 seconds.   (Ever get a FLASH from the Holy Spirit?)  See: http://www.shorstmeyer.com/wxfaqs/thunder/thunder2.html


      B.    The Part Wind Plays in Lightning and Its Prophetic Meaning

      The wind usually precedes a storm and is present during a storm.  Wind acts as the agent of CHANGE preceding a storm or in a storm by causing friction within the clouds and along the surface of the ground and causes a build up of ions, either positive or negative, in various locations.  When the charge at the bottom of a cloud senses a build up of the opposite charge on the ground, a lightning bolt is the result of their little streamers connecting.  The “WINDS OF CHANGE”, therefore, in a spiritual sense cause friction by agitating situations or people until they produce a cloud of ions, either positive or negative, which allows for the FLASH of God’s judgment or revelation into that situation or person.   As each musician, singer or intercessor allows the Father to do the heart surgery necessary to birth humility and compassion in their lives and as they read the Word, as they grow in interpretive capacity and in function as seers and prophetic people, they will receive these lightning bolts of revelation.  A “son of thunder” is called to proclaim what they now OWN as truth in their lives – through music or song or proclamation – after they are hit with this lightning.  The wind biblically is a symbol of the work of the Holy Spirit (John 3:8).  In Acts 2:2, it was simply the SOUND of wind (not actual wind) that announced the coming of the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room. The wind, therefore, announces the arrival of a move or manifestation of God.  .  

          In the last week or so, Bob Jones has issued a word concerning the WINDS OF CHANGE and it deals with how the Lord is dealing with peoples’ mindsets, strongholds and motivations, preparing us for the harvest.   Last fall and winter, I, Robyn, went on the road for 5 weeks in the U.S. with my co-minister Annelore (see http://www.ortzion.org).  The Lord told us to call this the “Winds of Change” tour.  Everywhere we went, there was tremendous wind activity and signs in the heavens.  This Winds of Change word was also coined some years back by Nita Johnson in a book she wrote about the end-time move of God.  Many prophets have been hearing this term.  It’s important to note that the “wind” of change is one of the accompanying signs of the imminent storm that produces lightning and thunder.  And “sons of thunder” must realize that the Father will use them as the proclaimers of the WINDS OF CHANGE in peoples’ lives.


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