Who Are the Sons of Thunder? – Part 1


A Commentary and Teaching

By Martin & Robyn Green

June 17, 2001

    Many prophetic voices around the globe today are getting excited to see confirmations that indeed the prophesied “sons of thunder” time is upon us.  For those of you who have not read the “Sons of Thunder” vision of James Ryle, which was a revelation given to him through a compilation of three dreams that he had in the early 1990’s, I am providing a link to this vision here:   https://www.harvestsound.com/sons-of-thunder-prophecy/

      Please read this vision.  If you don’t, the rest of this might not make much sense.    We are providing the link because this series of dreams formed the basis for an expectation in the Body of Messiah that indeed one day soon, we would see the release of these “sons of thunder” type musician evangelists who would be releasing songs from heaven that would grab the listener with a conviction, a revelation and lead them to salvation supernaturally on the spot, at least that’s what our take was on the interpretation of a “son of thunder”.  Lately, there have been more confirming signs that this release IS upon us.  So we have felt impressed of the Lord to discuss what exactly IS a “son of thunder” biblically, who is a “son of thunder” today, and what should we really be expecting on this earth from these “sons of thunder” people and those called to flow with them.  And finally, the Lord has asked us to discuss Who music, light, and sound are (that’s a hint), what LIGHTNING and THUNDER really are…..where do they come from?  And why has THUNDER been allowed to be a symbol of His voice and the end-time music?

I.  Sons of Thunder – Interpretive Comment on the Ryle Dreams:

    The “sons of thunder” vision, as it’s come to be known, was a series of three dreams.  The last dream was in three parts and it was ONLY in this dream that the actual term “sons of thunder” was revealed – on the parchment and on the jackets of the motorcyclists.  Three is the number of the godhead, miracles, resurrection power, triple anointing (such as David had – prophet, priest, king), and divine completeness.  We believe this series of dreams showed a complete path of God for His church and music in the next time period of humanity at the time James Ryle received it and released it.  In other words, it was a foretelling, not a status report of what existed at the time, but a foretelling of what was to come.

    To us, the vision reveals three separate end-time anointings for music ministry, and for certain people, it is a progression of development into a “son of thunder”.  The first dream was the one with the electric blue guitar on a flatbed trailer with a blue curtain at the rear of the trailer.  Blue is the color of anointing, revelation and heaven.  Electric blue is highly significant.  Electricity is a picture of the power of the Holy Spirit.  This is a shocking level of blue —- one that really draws the attention of your eyes – one that comes, as accurately interpreted by Mr. Ryle, as the person spends quality time seeking the Lord and develops a relationship with Him that results in revelatory release to that individual for both himself and/or the Body of Messiah.  These are musicians, intercessors, singers, who obtain revelation and anointing “behind the scenes” for the Body of Messiah and are called to put that revelation into songs with LYRICS.  These lyrics are what Mr. Ryle says will grab the listener.  These are more evangelistic type musicians, singers, and what they do will be like putting fishing lines into the hearts of “fish” – or lost people, to draw them to the Lord.  Some of these people may even have record deals.  But this will be in a whole new level of “electric blue”……it will be God riding the wave in a way that music up until now has not corporately brought people into the kingdom.  There are many people alive today who can tell you that a certain song on the radio started their path towards the Lord.  What we are talking about is a release of conviction of the Holy Spirit that results in a practically instantaneous breaking of that person’s will and drops them to their knees to repent and come into the kingdom!  This type of ministry will be “mobile” and out on the streets and in the air waves.  The release will have the impact that the Beatles did on this nation, except the adulation will go to Yeshua.  The Beatles were, in our opinion, not musicians who were running from a calling of God.  As far as we know their history, and much has been written on it, they were never individually given revelation of God’s calling, His kingdom or His music.  Nor did they ever intend on being in a musical group for the glory of God.  A couple of them were marginal believers in “God” in a generic sense, but none of them were openly testifying for Yeshua in any way.  Just as recently as last Tuesday, Paul McCartney was on Larry King Live.  He was flat out asked the question if he believed in God and he answered that yes, he did, but he didn’t have any particular religious beliefs or system of belief, and definitely did not mention Yeshua in any capacity.  

      What the Beatles were and why they appeared in these dreams, was as a TIMING SIGNAL symbol to prophets who know how to interpret dreams, to show a physical mirror of what God wanted to do with His musicians and singers. Prophets and apostles who can interpret dreams will understand that the Beatles were given as a sign to watch, the way Israel in her unredeemed state is given to us as a sign to watch in the Bible.  The Beatles, in other words, were a picture of what the Lord is going to do corporately globally with HIS musicians.  The resulting impact will be as far reaching.  And we have been watching the Beatles ever since for signs.  

    We could go into many of them, but here are a few:  

      (1)    The Beatles’ publishing company was called “Apple”.  God says that Israel is the “apple of my eye”……apple is a pun….it is simply pointing to things “apple-stolic” or apostolic…..God was showing a timing of release of the  “sons of thunder” in the day of the resurrection of the apostle, which is NOW upon us.  Also, the intended purpose of this music is to save ALL of Israel.  Not just lost physical Jews (which are Judah and Benjamin only), but the other 10 lost tribes and their descendants which make up physical Israel AND the lost gentiles who are called into the “commonwealth of Israel” (Eph. 2:11-19).  In Fall, 2000, during the Presidential limbo in this country, the Lord had me publish a dream from 1986 which showed the timing of the election of “Bush” in a house owned by “Bill” and concurrent with that election was the release of the apostle.  My purpose is to not discuss this further here, but if you haven’t read that, then write me and I’ll send it to you.  The bottom line is that the 3rd dream segment type of “sons of thunder” music was destined for release in the concurrent timing of the re-establishment of the Apostle and that began in earnest, according to what God has shown us and others, last Fall, 2000.

      (2)    Many prophets have seen a symbol of LAVA as connected to God’s heart.  We have repeatedly seen lava lamps in dreams.  When “Wings” did their tour in the late 90’s, around 1998 in the U.S., we happened to see that on TV and noticed that Linda McCartney had, at the base of her keyboard setup, spaced equidistantly around the platform she was standing on, LAVA LAMPS that were NOT lit.  Of course, this was a “heads up” to us that we were to keep pressing in for the manifestation of GOD’s lava music.  HIS music WILL be lit – it’s actually a “sound of light” itself.  That will be explained further on down in this article.  LAVA is the symbol of being able to release God’s heart and compassion musically.  It has a volcanic effect!!!!!

      (3)    The whole globe has wondered who the next Beatles would be.  We’ve been waiting for a sound that would capture the fancy, hearts and attention of all generations globally the way the Beatles did.  Well, no one has been able to do it…..until now.  The latest release that has been on the charts at #1 for weeks and weeks is, guess what?  The album titled #1 by the Beatles.  It was the BEATLES who surpassed the BEATLES.  God is bringing them around cyclically AGAIN to those with eyes to see and ears to hear where the Body of Messiah is.  The title of their release being #1 is significant.  1 is the number of unity, or UNION – to be one with Messiah’s Spirit for the end-time musician.  ALL fleshly attitudes of ambition, pride and ego have to die within the musician for them to qualify for this.  This is why the instrument in the first segment dream was STAINED.  The Beatles themselves WERE stained – they were not pure vessels for God.  Also, the character of God to be worked into the musician has to be developed over time by God Himself in His wisdom, timing and GRACE.  The STAIN of revelation comes by being soaked into the fiber of the instrument or the person, not merely painted over or painted on.  Most prophets who are musicians will have endured great STAINING through painful and even tragic events in their lives as they held on to vision, as they believed in faith for something that has taken so long to manifest.

      (4)     The Beatles broke up in 1971.  In 1990, I, Robyn, had a dream where I was shown a part of my house I was a teenager in, in St. Louis, MO.  In that dream, I was shown that there was an addition that had been built onto the house, but I needed a key to get in.  There were workmen in the kitchen area and I asked one of them where the key was.  He then said to me:  “Your FATHER has ordered that door to be shut since 1971, but you can go in now.”  I tried the door again and it opened!  Inside the new addition, I was shown a keyboard that I couldn’t even figure out how to work back then – it ran on LASERS and DISCS!!!  The original “sons of thunder” dream report, as I recall (and why it’s not in there now, I don’t know) said that the Beatles had functioned in a type of anointing (counterfeit as it may have been) that was LIFTED off the face of the earth in 1971.  At the time I had my dream, I had NOT read or found the “sons of thunder” vision.  When I read it, it confirmed to me what my dream had spoken and helped me to understand the significance of what God was telling me.  Now, it is 30 years later – 2001.  30 is the number of the Blood of Yeshua, and it is the number of years that Yeshua was chronologically when HIS ministry began.  Also, you could not become a part of the Sanhedrin ruling council in Israel unless you were 30 years old.  The priests could not function until they were 30 years old.  It’s time for the 3rd DAY CHURCH to function in this anointing that God has destined for His “sons of thunder” – NOW.  The keyboards that run on discs exist now.

    Then, the Lord reveals the second type of music minister to Mr. Ryle in his 2nd dream segment of this vision.  This is the release of the prophetic and apostolic authority levels within the Body of Messiah, those who can HEAR the HEART of God and speak or sing His rhema Word out of that heart in the presence of the congregation.  This level will be attained through corporate worship, corporate anointing.  The sheer simplistic beauty, truth and LOVE of God anointing those waves will pierce peoples’ hearts and drop them to their knees…….love will cover a multitude of sins (1 Pet. 4:8).  It’s very interesting that the Lord chose to reveal this in the dream through a radiating woman, and we believe that was not a random choice. Women in dreams CAN represent the Holy Spirit since He is the nurturing part of the Godhead.  When Yeshua appeared to humanity after His resurrection, it was first to a woman.  It may very well be again literally, simply because women plug into the power amp of the Holy Spirit and are often MORE RECEPTIVE to the things of the Lord.  Also, the Lord wants to make the point that there is NEITHER male nor female in the Spirit and this calling to be used as this woman was in this dream is available to ALL.  AND that this rhema type power word can be released by someone who is NOT a musician necessarily – this was a person in the congregation who stood up and sang something.  But the power of what she sang had the authority level of the apostolic and prophetic.  The effect of this Word will be AMPLIFIED to the congregation and the nations…..

      I, Robyn, remember ministering in corporate worship in Alabama in 1988, in Steve Vickers’ church, on a team with Jim & Ginger Hendricks of Nashville.  The Hendricks wrote “The Mighty One of Israel”….and Ginger has since gone on to be with the Lord.  But on that day, there was a whole orchestra playing with us, but one by one, they dropped out, fell on their faces and a move of God occurred.  Ginger turned to me as she was playing the guitar with her eyes wide open, and said, “I think we’ve crossed over”.   Then, she too got on her face.  The drummer started yelling because he couldn’t see his drums anymore due to smoke covering them!  I wound up being the only person playing.  When the sound came out of the Yamaha DX-7 synthesizer at the time, it went to the back of the room, which seated about 800 people, and it bounced off the wall and returned AMPLIFIED way beyond what it should have been……I could see the glory encapsulating people (it was like a silvery haze over everyone), and the whole congregation proceeded to fall or get out of their chairs on their knees or faces.  No one was standing.  A woman came in the front door and keeled over.  They started crawling to the altar, with no instructions given from the leadership, who were also on the floor.  They started to minister to one another as led by the Spirit…..and the teenagers sitting on the floor in front of me began to cry because they were seeing the POWER OF GOD in manifestation through music.  And God told me, that this was a glimpse of what was to come.  AMEN!!!

      We believe that there was/is a concurrent manifestation of the 2nd dream type of ministry with the 1st dream, more evangelistic group, especially in the last 7 years, as God has restored the prophetic to the Body.  Mr. Ryle saw three types of ministry…the first was prophetic evangelism and mobile, the second was apostolic/prophetic in the congregation with the power amp in hand (relationship to the Holy Spirit)….and the third is the solitary man – the hidden apostle/prophet/intercessor “son of thunder”.  Those people were developing all along as the first and second group releases have been happening.  NOW is the time of the release of those prepared in isolation in the third dream.  The first release has been happening as songs with lyrics, songs of the Lord, new songs, have been birthed spontaneously in services and meetings.  They have also been scribed privately in times alone with the Lord amongst songwriters destined for end-time release and audiences.  Those type of songs may be heard on the radio waves.  They are prophetic and evangelistic – BOTH.  The second type of release has been happening as congregations and small groups of people have been drawn together to seek God’s face, God’s agenda, in repentance and refreshing and empowerment for the harvest.  But now, the third group is coming out of the caves of hiddenness and we are in for such a display of power as we have never seen.

    The third dream, first part – showed the solitary “man” at the keyboard.  HIS/HER release was destined for the time of the release of the revelation of the “one new man” in the Body of Messiah.  That is beginning NOW as we get revelation of our position in the Commonwealth of Israel.  If you are saved, you are NO LONGER a gentile (Eph. 2:11), but you have been drawn NEAR to the Commonwealth of Israel.  You are not a Jew, you are not an Israeli, but you ARE an Israelite – and that word means “champion with God,” “Prince with God”……and that revelation comes from our co-minister, Annelore in Israel.  You can contact her at:  https://ortzion.org/contact-us/.

    The years of wrestling with the Lord are now culminating in the release of the Israelite “one new man” type “sons of thunder”.  These people are also those called to minister solely to God, totally spontaneously.  Their character has been dealt with to produce both extreme confidence in their gifting, extreme ability to interpret, extreme intimacy with the Lord, AND humility and compassion, the pre-requisites to moving in “the working of miracles”. That is why this solitary musician had a golden “glow” around him.  Gold is the color of Yeshua Himself.  When these brothers and sisters do what they are called to – and mostly it will be ALONE before the Lord even if they are in front of the masses, it will produce both a vertical and a horizontal effect.  It will open gateways in the heavens, it will draw masses into salvation, it will heal the sick, raise the dead and deliver the captives.  Some of these “sons of thunder” are called to network now and play together on teams.  The end-time stadium teams will be functioning from the 3rd heaven, in total demonstration of their individual UNION with the Holy Spirit, and in unity with each other, having died to self and being able to allow each other total expression in humility and esteeming each other higher than themselves.  In other words, they won’t play all over each other licks.  They will form an orchestra in the Spirit.  The anointing will produce “the greater works” simply because of the corporateness of them playing together, and in the joining of the team with those who interpret (the music), evangelize and prophesy.  What these people PLAY will be God Himself and His heart going directly into the spirits and souls and bodies of those listening….and the rest of the team, not needing to lay hands on anyone, will simply be interpreting the flow (as Kathryn Kuhlman used to do) and interpreting the NOTES – what God is saying.  (NOTE:  We are not against laying on of hands, but have been shown that in the end-time stadium ministry, it will not be done so much as it would be impossible to lay hands on that many people at once, and the Lord will be moving in spectacular ways that we have not seen yet, where no one gets the glory but Him).

    In the third dream, Mr. Ryle takes 2 Polaroid’s of this solitary musician.  2 is the number of both unity (of 2 parties) OR separation UNTO a ministry.  In the first dream of the vision Mr. Ryle had, there were TWO musicians on the platform, and motorcycles have 2 wheels.  Yeshua told the apostles that He would send them out by 2’s.  It occurs to us as we write this that just as praise and worship are always coupled, so are thunder and lightning.  They never occur without each other.  This is why the “sons of thunder” were destined for release during the season of restoration of the apostle.  Apostles and prophets aren’t meant to function in fullness without each other.  

      In the third dream segment, the  POLAROID PICTURE God wants us to take with us is the JOINING of the musician to the heart of God, His Spirit, spirit to Spirit, deep calling unto deep…..AND His total sanctification by the Spirit, his separation unto the ministry God has called him to.  These are the two pictures these musicians need to carry with them.  These are POLARoids….Suffice it to say, God didn’t show Mr. Ryle a Polaroid randomly.  It could have been a 35 mm camera….but He wanted us to delve into what POLAROID means:

     “Polarize” means:

      1 : to cause (as light waves) to vibrate in a definite pattern;

      2 : to give physical polarity to;

      3 : to break up into opposing factions or groupings, a campaign that polarized the electorate

      It took a Polaroid picture to reveal the light waves which were vibrating around the “son of thunder” that were the golden glow that Mr. Ryle saw.   It’s not only important for us to HEAR the SOUND but to understand what the SOUND is describing

      God wanted us to have the picture straight IMMEDIATELY because a Polaroid develops quickly.  There’s no waiting!  It’s kind of funny that the picture was something that developed so quickly when the object of the picture took years to fashion, break and prepare – the musician himself.

    Now the Lord shows Mr. Ryle a parchment, which is symbolic of an OLD word (written long ago on parchment, we don’t use that type of paper much anymore)…..that is NOW birthing forth.  He wants us to understand this type of musician IS the end-time Salvation Army type that will be released into the streets and stadiums.  He eventually makes this word into a paper airplane….that will be discussed below.

    Then, Mr. Ryle is floating over a long and wide highway.  To the lost, the broad highway is the BROAD WAY THAT LEADS TO DESTRUCTION.  This is the legalistic, religious way.  The narrow way is one of service but of REVELATION OF GRACE.  These people will do the greater works but in the power of the Spirit, not the flesh.  They also wait on God’s direction and timing.  They are developing alongside those still following the broad avenue.  

      The highway is a road to follow for the “sons of thunder”, and it is a road of intercession to be decreed OVER THEIR LIVES so that they actually arrive at this end-time calling.  Mr. Ryle correctly discerned that.  But it is also a pun!!!  The HIGHWAY is the path of God’s HIGHER WAYS and thoughts.  Few find it.  Those who did in the dream were individual motorcyclists, following one another in single file.  It is a service road and a servant’s heart, but it’s more.

    Prophetically, you can compare certain types of vehicles in dreams.  A bicycle is a 2-wheeled vehicle (remember the wheel within the wheel?), something that humans power, and it is symbolic of an individual’s walk in the Lord.  A motorcycle is ALSO a 2-wheeled vehicle, but it has an engine and is much more powerful.  This is symbolic of individual ministers who walk in much more power than those who would be bicycling.  A car is a vehicle for a family or single group of believers, and a bus is for a move of God.  An airplane is another interesting symbol.  It is a vehicle that flies in the 2nd heaven.   And, it is a PLANE OF THOUGHT that flies in the HIGHER SPACES.  Airplanes signify vehicles of DEPARTURE TO HIGHER LEVELS, TRANSPORT IN THE HIGHER LEVELS.  

    Now, Mr. Ryle had 2 pictures, and saw ministers on 2-wheeled vehicles…..so there again, the number 2 enters in.  It is again, a double emphasis on their separation unto severe servanthood through grace given by the Lord and union with God.  All the rest are stuck on the broad highway…..and unable to move.  The Lord is saying that the third stage “sons of thunder” are those who are developed individually, in isolation and privately, and don’t follow the crowd, even in seeking the higher way, and they have a revelation of His grace.  They focus and follow a single direction – because God is not the author of confusion – His prophets and apostles who really can hear should all be basically LINED UP or heading the same direction.  The number 2 is used repeatedly because when God highlights something twice in the Word, He is saying “pay REAL attention to this”.  

    These cyclists were heading for a field “in the distance”….that symbolizes something in the future (at the time Mr. Ryle had this dream, it WAS in the future).   That field held a monolithic stone.  Here is the definition of a monolith:

      mono*lith (noun)[French monolithe, from monolithe consisting of a single stone, from Latin monolithus, from Greek monolithos, from mon- + lithos stone]

      First appeared 1848

      1 : a single great stone often in the form of an obelisk or column

      2 : a massive structure

      3 : an organized whole that acts as a single unified powerful or influential force

      Now, obviously, the STONE is YESHUA.  He is the Chief Cornerstone, a stone uncut by human hands as the altars were.    The prophet and apostle “sons of thunder”, those 3rd stage “sons of thunder”, are not called by humans, not shaped by anyone but the Holy Spirit, and ride in on POWER MINISTRIES (the motorcycles) and are heading towards and are in complete union/uniformity with the Chief Cornerstone.  These “sons of thunder” MUST TOUCH THE STONE to be empowered to go back to the highway to demonstrate the ministry of the Holy Spirit to the lost……they must TOUCH the Heart of God – not just functioning in skill and knowledge, but the HEART of the FATHER.  It’s one thing to learn how to move in the Spirit and the gifts, but to allow the Father to do spiritual surgery on your heart to come into HIS heart is another!  The picture is that these “sons of thunder” are heading that direction.  Many are there NOW – 30 years later…….since the departure of the Beatle’s “anointing”, counterfeit as it may have been.  God used The Beatles to announce a big move of HIS.  He’s doing it again!  

    On Memorial Day, 2001, there was a gathering in Washington, D.C. on the Mall, which includes the Washington Monument (an OBELISK!!!!! ).  For those waiting and watching, this was a mirror in the physical of a spiritual truth…..  It was a gathering of MOTORCYCLISTS who were revving their engines and driving there to show their support for the veterans of the Vietnam War, those of this nation who gave their lives in COMBAT!  What was this gathering called?  ROLLING THUNDER!!!!  (The Holy Spirit pointed out to us that “thunderings and lightnings” are also talked about in the book of REVelation….get it? REVving engines????  hehehehe)..

      SO, God is prophetically calling our attention to the time we live in – the first stage musicians, second stage apostolic/prophetic AND third stage “sons of thunder” are in release.  The question remains:  WHO is a “son of thunder” today?  Do you have to own a motorcycle to qualify?  (Just kidding, folks).  

    Finally, in the very end of the 3rd dream, Mr. Ryle sees himself as needing to do a prophetic act to intercede for the motorcyclists because he sees that there is opposition ready to come against them – symbolized by the police officers.  They are trying to protect the stone – Yeshua – from being “defaced” or “touched” by these motorcyclists, who are usually stereotyped as being rebellious and lawless!!!  How many of you are experiencing that?  We have.  (God even had us move from Nashville, TN in a prophetic act to Milwaukee, Wisconsin – home of the Harley Davidson, in preparation for more release.  But we didn’t “get it” until yesterday).

      Rejection is part of the confirmation that you are CALLED to this ministry!  Take heart!  But what God was trying to show Mr. Ryle – as he accurately interpreted –  was his OWN calling to make the paper airplane, and shoot it over the heads of the legalists.  The airplane, remember, is a symbol of “departure” and flies in the 2nd heaven – where LIES exist, where the enemy forms WEAPONS against us (Is. 54:17) and where true intercessors are called to stand in the gap for the end-time musicians, singers, intercessors, and “sons of thunder” and rebuke the legalism and old wineskin thinking that will resist their use and the true move of God.   They are called to prophetically decree the POLAROID PICTURES in double emphasis and anointing of the release of these people into their callings.  They are called to intercede that these end-time humble powerful apostolic and prophetic musicians, singers and intercessors MAKE IT…..and nothing shall thwart their fulfillment of their calling.  We want to thank Mr. Ryle personally because in his intercession over the last decade for the “sons of thunder,” he was even praying for us!  We, too, have been labeled lawless by those sincerely believing they were protecting the church from us along the path of training.  So, we want to thank every one of you who understood the call to intercession that the pictures in the paper airplane represented and went to prayer on behalf of the end-time move of God in music.  Will the rest of you join in the paper airplane squadron?

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