Who Are the Sons of Thunder? – Part 3

      C.  What is Thunder?:

      From:   THE SOUND OF THUNDER http://www.theweatherprediction.com/habyhints/183/

      Thunder is produced as a sound wave.  Just as friction causes noise when you rub your hands together, massive friction between neighboring air molecules produces the loud noise. The rapid expansion and subsequent contraction of air produces a sound wave that travels out from the source in all directions. Thunder is produced along the entire length of the lightning channel where air expands rapidly. This gives a prolonged thunder that lasts for several seconds. Close lightning strikes don’t sound as long because the thunder sound close to you is so loud that it overpowers the sound made when the lightning channel was further away. Also, the sound waves from overhead thunder tend to curve away from a surface observer. Thunder that originates further away has a more rumbling sound to it due to reflection, scattering and damping of the noise as it moves away from the source region into low-level terrain.

      Sometimes, thunder is not heard altogether. When more than 15 miles from the lightning discharge, the thunder will not make it to a surface observer since sound waves generally refract gradually away from the earth’s surface due to the air density structure of the atmosphere.

      Each straight segment of the strokes of a flash (of lightning) heat the air and produce a shock wave…BUT because the electrical discharge occurs so quickly the shock wave you hear is essentially a single shock wave. Each straight segment produces a shock wave that travels outward. And many things affect the sound you hear.  

      A clap is a loud sudden sound and is also called a peal. A rumble or a roll is a prolonged sound not quite as loud.  See:   The Sound of Thunder – Clap, Peal, Rumble and Roll   http://www.shorstmeyer.com/wxfaqs/thunder/thunder2.html

      OK – still with us?  GOOD!  

      THE SOUND OF THUNDER, THEREFORE, COMES FROM THE EXPLOSION OF LIGHTNING HEATING AIR.  The air is heated quickly when the electrical charge of lightning passes through it.  This immense heat makes the air molecules expand.  As the molecules need more room, they crash into cooler air that creates an air WAVE.  This air wave is the sound of thunder.  Thunder has many DIFFERENT sounds, depending on where you are and what the lightning does.  

     So, let us make this clearer as to how it applies to musicians, singers and intercessors by taking the scientific explanation and turning it into prophetic truth:

    THUNDER ALWAYS COMES AFTER LIGHTNING!  In truth, it comes a microsecond after the lightning bolt heats the atmosphere, but because light travels faster than sound, it takes longer for us to hear the SOUND OF THUNDER.  Are you beginning to get the picture???  It is like the golden glow that surrounded the musician in Mr. Ryle’s Polaroid picture, and then, from that HEAT comes the SOUND he is told to play spontaneously.  Also, if a revelation hits you like a “loud clap of thunder” instead of your basic “light bulb going on”, you are VERY close to the source of the intercessory target on God’s heart.  The closer you are to the situation (and especially if it’s something that needs to change in YOU), the LOUDER the sound of the thunder you hear and release.  


      It describes what God is doing, it interpretively proclaims the RHEMA WORD for right then for a situation or person….but it is NEVER the catalyst – it is simply the ACCOMPANYING TESTIMONY to what the lightning has accomplished in the Spirit realm.  That is why we are NOT released to play it unless and until we are confirmed that the Lord has MOVED or given REVELATION in a situation or needs us to work in synchronization with Him.  Also, the Polaroid reveals a function of the musician/singer/intercessor:  they are to function in the polarity of Messiah Christ – to stand in the gap between great positives and negatives and to HEAR and SEE the Word of the Lord – basically reporting WHAT GOD HAD JUST DONE IN THE LIGHTNING (or revelation) BY SIMULTANEOUSLY PLAYING THE SOUND OF THE WARFARE, THE BREAKTHROUGH, THE EXPANSION OF THE ATMOSPHERE, THE RELEASE OF THE VICTORY, THE RELEASE OF THE POSITIVE AGAINST THE NEGATIVE (the enemies of God – spirits) – all within a split second timing.  

      This happens spontaneously to the musician.  He or she receives both an instruction on WHAT to play or, and an understanding by revelation of WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE SPIRIT REALM.  This is a slightly different function than playing music as intercession itself.  In intercession, sometimes, we play what we believe is God’s heart over a person or for ourselves, etc.  We approach the throne in boldness, asking for God to do something for someone or proclaiming what we believe His heart is for someone, but it has the sense to us that we  are going up on behalf of someone and leaving the request with Him to be dealt with as He sees fit in His perfect timing.  We may have to go up more than once.  We can play scriptures interpretively….we can play concepts such as mercy over certain people to launch a prayer initiative over that person and not necessarily feel that God has acted yet.  We don’t feel the heat expanding revelation of the presence of God in our beings (the lightning) that tells us He has DONE something major in answer to the prayer RIGHT THEN in typical intercession…but “sons of thunder” will move in this type of intercession.  

      While the “son of thunder” can play musical intercession, there is a prophetic proclamation function for them as God’s SCRIBE in the process of hearing and testifying to the release of the thunderings and lightnings from heaven as God does them.  This is a very high calling indeed.  They take the dictation of heaven and TESTIFY musically to what has happened, and it is GOD who has initiated it, usually a split second before they produce the sound.   He or she is literally playing the SOUND OF REVELATION or the SOUND OF LIGHT or the SOUND OF LIGHTNING.  Eph. 3:10 states that the end-time church will make manifest the manifold wisdom of God unto the principalities and powers.  This is the function of the “son of thunder” musically….and is also done by prophets and apostles in the Body of Messiah vocally – all together in the future in teams.  They will take the MUSICAL RHEMA TESTIMONY coming out of the hands of the “son of thunder” and interpret it in song and proclamation.

      Martin and I experienced a physical manifestation of thunder that was quite unusual in September, 1999 while doing a hidden prayer assignment with a team of seven people in Jerusalem.  You can read about the whole thing at:   JERUSALEM ASSIGNMENT  (https://ortzion.org/prophecy_type/jerusalem-assignment/)  This website will give an insight into how “sons of thunder” function in teams.  

      When this assigned warfare was done, when the Gate to Hell known as Hinnom was shut through a “son of thunder” type anointing done in a team setting (and you have to read the report to understand that), Martin and one other intercessor went outside the location of the warfare, which happened to be the church built on the spot where Peter denied Yeshua three times.  When they went outside, it was a sunny clear cloudless day.  But they both heard and reported a thunderclap almost immediately after the warfare had ended.  How is this possible?  What this is, is a prophetic confirmation in the natural of God hitting the target through His lightning…….the lightning WAS there – it was done through the release of the music and proclamations done on the spot in the church at HIS ordained command in His timing (preparation had gone forth for months before).  Right after the thunderclap hit, bells went off in the convent next to the church.  The Lord brings these kinds of supernaturally natural confirmations to us many times….we’ve seen whirlwind tornados on clear days, too, and water form where it was not possible to be.  God has His ways of letting you know it’s a DONE DEAL.

     When the Word talks about thunderings and lightnings, we want to re-emphasize that the lightning aspect of the “son of thunder” release is accomplished by GOD in the heavens in divine synchronization with the prophetic/apostolic team on the earth.  The proclamations, done vocally and musically, are the THUNDER portion of lightning (targeted intercessory hit) that is taking place just prior by the Lord and His angels.  We do these things by faith.  We receive the revelation by faith.  It goes off with a BANG in our spirits – like a light bulb turning on, like lightning hitting us…and it can interrupt us or hit us in the midst of another flow – even our own worship or intercession…..we must drop what we’re doing and kick over into the TESTIFYING mode and release….it EXPANDS the atmosphere of faith around us…..it enlarges our borders.  And it expands our ability to play it musically or sing it – because our faith is expanded .

      Around 1989, I, Robyn, had a dream in which I saw myself in a church in Nashville, TN, where I lived at the time.  I was in the lobby of the church and was standing at a perfume counter which was at the doorway to the sanctuary.  Michael W. Smith was ministering to God at a piano in the sanctuary, up on the pulpit.  He was playing one of his songs, but I don’t remember which one.  Michael W. Smith actually used to lead worship occasionally at this church I attended, so that wasn’t unusual in this dream.  However, as I stood at the perfume counter, a “spiritual mother” in my life was behind me.  She laid hands on me from behind and when she did, I fell forward on my face and felt “G” forces holding me down….I began praying in tongues very rapidly and trying to roll over…..I kept praying in the Spirit and eventually rolled onto my back.  When I did, I could feel the “G” forces still (pun for God forces) and then, I SAW THREE-PRONGED LIGHTNING BOLTS AND HEARD THUNDER – THIS HAPPENED THREE TIMES IN THE DREAM BEFORE I WOKE UP.  When something like this happens in your dream life, and you have been going to the sanctuary alone for years to minister to God, you know you are one of these people Mr. Ryle describes.  I waited on the Lord to bring His explanation of the thundering and lightning.  I knew it had to do with both an anointing, a mantle and intercessory music/warfare.

     So, how do you play the sound of the revelation?  These end-time hidden ones know!  You know what it is to feel HEAT in your life, get REVELATION, interpret it and be able to play it.  And some of you reading this are sensing you are called to do this…..LAUNCH OUT BY FAITH!  Take risks playing and go with the Holy Spirit…..this is NOT done with known praise and worship, but you can enter into this realm through worship.  When these “sons of thunder” minister, you will sense even your DNA being rearranged inside.  The music is alive in a way you are not used to yet……and it is NOT praise & worship as we have known it.  These “sons of thunder” are in true UNION with the Holy Spirit and can get past forms of music and into creative spontaneous expression.  They are extremely yielded, usually very skilled and even if they are not trained musicians, they KNOW their instrument.  They, like David, have spent time growing in refinement musically out on a rock in the field somewhere.  (Weren’t those motorcyclists heading for a rock in a field, a BIG ONE?)

      Again, let me emphasize that it is not the STYLE or A STYLE of music that is a “sons of thunder” sound.  It is simply the revelation that music itself is HIM.  It is music that draws a picture of revelation of TRUTH happening NOW in the Spirit realm….and the closer you are to the lightning bolt, the LOUDER THE SOUND.  Sound is either constructive or destructive……when the Spirit of God “hovered” over the deep in Genesis, as already pointed out, it was a vibration and it CREATED.  Earthquakes are accompanied by low level sound waves…..they are THE SOUND OF DESTRUCTION.  “Sons of thunder” are called to play the creative sound of love, mercy, healing, etc. AND to release the sound of destruction over God’s enemies when assured that He is ordaining that.  (Ps. 149:6-9).

      Let us thank God they have survived the years of waiting, the rejections, the misunderstandings…..let us pray that they hear the Lord specifically individually on coming out of the cave of training and let us make room to receive them in the remnant church.  There are many legalistic officers out there ready to harm them….and satan is ever ready to offer them a record deal, but the Lord has called His own intercessors to understand what these “sons of thunder” are doing, why they are needed and to pray for them for RELEASE, SAFETY and PURITY.

      Let us also quit assuming that everyone who plays music in the end-times is a “son of thunder”.  They are not.  There are so many fronts that need to be covered in the end-times to secure the harvest.  The street evangelists are needed – they are the first dream segment.  They are “fishers of men” and they will be given lyrics and melodies that will catch fish.  

      The second group is needed to bring healing and deliverance to the congregation of the church among the nations…..these are released NOW to sing the rhema Word of God.  And it won’t necessarily have two verses, a chorus and a bridge.  It may be one line.     

      The third group is among us.  And these will have the understanding and mantle and character to bring open heavens to nations, miracles to the lost, sick and dying.  May God be praised for ever and ever!



P.S. – After the writing of this word yesterday, this morning, we turned on the TV to find out that today, Sunday, June 17, 2001, is the beginning of LIGHTNING AWARENESS WEEK!  It’s also Father’s Day today, so we submit this as a gift from our Heavenly Father to the Body of Messiah.  

Martin & Robyn Green

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