Vision of The Lion – 1954

This happened when I was 2 years old! Yes, I have memories from the age of 2. At that time, my younger brother had been born – we are only 14 months apart. My parents had moved me from my crib to a single bed across the room.

On this particular night, I was fighting sleep, afraid to close my eyes in the dark, when I looked over at the crib and right next to the foot of the crib, a hole opened up in the floor. A LION ROSE UP FROM THE HOLE!

I was freaked out – and I started saying, “Don’t bite me, don’t bite me.” The lion came across the room and bit me on the upper back portion of my right arm, about 2-3″ below the shoulder. Try to bite yourself on the back of your arm – you can’t.

I SCREAMED! My dad came running into the room, and grabbed me by one leg and one arm. He took me into a pink-tiled bathroom (it was the 50’s) and I then saw that I had BLOOD running down my arm. My dad said, “You bit yourself!” Of course, I hadn’t, but I couldn’t explain it to him at 2 years old. He bandaged me up and put me back in the bed. The lion did not return.

I used to be very scared of the dark, and this vision didn’t help at all! I had to sleep with a night light on in the hallway until I was about 12. It was not until I was 30 years old and had my salvation experience that I learned what had happened to me.

If you read My Testimony – a chapter from my manuscript, “The Open Door,” you will learn that I got saved at age 30 by Jesus/Yeshua appearing to me and WALKING THROUGH ME.

When I got saved, I began reading the Bible, which I had never done before. In my childhood Reform Jewish Sunday School, we were given textbooks containing Bible stories, but we never read the actual Bible. I first read the entire Bible when I was 30.

While doing so, I came across a scripture in 1 Peter 5:8 that says:

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour…

Bells went off in my head as I suddenly remembered seeing the lion in the bedroom when I was 2 years old.

At that moment, the Holy Spirit spoke to me in my head and said, “I SAVED YOUR LIFE WHEN YOU WERE 2 YEARS OLD!” Oh, my God!

When I got saved at age 30, and Jesus/Yeshua walked THROUGH ME, it was to literally refilter my blood, which had been affected by the bite of the lion all those years ago.

This was an AMAZING revelation to me. It made me fall in love with my Savior even more! These kinds of visions are pretty normal for prophets of God. But living through them is anything but “ordinary.”

I can still see that lion, but now I know he is a DEFEATED FOE!

I did tell my Dad all about this after I had the revelation, and he was absolutely FLOORED! He had gotten saved 4 years before I did – also through an open vision. He was in a Lutheran church with my stepmother, and he had seen Jesus praying and weeping in the front pew. We Jews require a SIGN, and often times, the Father graciously allows us these supernatural occurrences to seal our salvation, since accepting Jesus/Yeshua as our Messiah is such a life-changing event, normally resulting in broken family relationships.

I just praise God when I remember all this. He is AWESOME!

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