Article: The Wonder of God through His Sound!

Miracles through Music – The Wonder of God through His Sound!

Our Father God STILL HEALS and DOES MIRACLES!! Do you need one?

Music is not a tool – it’s part of God’s very being. That’s why HE bypasses your mind and goes straight into your spirit & emotions when His vibrations we call music enters your ears and your body. It changes DNA, awakens memories, heals diseases, and brings an atmosphere of revelation.

It is powerful and can be used to either create or destroy. When God created the heavens and the earth, He did it through vibration……. Genesis 1 says His spirit HOVERED over the waters. That hovering is vibrational. Earthquakes are extremely low vibrational destruction. And most of scripture was SUNG at one time… was passed from generation to generation through singing. We believe Father God spoke the world into being by singing or speaking (or both) through the sounds of the Hebrew language, although done WAY beyond our ability to comprehend. The breath of God……WOW! Sound is a SUBSTANCE……it goes where it goes, and we know not how. It’s like the wind or the Spirit….we see the result of its passing through us, but it’s invisible.

God is LIGHT…..and He gave us the electromagnetic spectrum as a picture of this concept. That spectrum includes sound/radio waves! If He is light, then He is sound! Music is a holy entity…….not to be messed with for selfish purposes. The heart intent of the musician has to be aligned with God’s heart for whomever they are playing over, to… or in front of…..and then, watch what happens. That is the calling I have functioned in for over 25 years now. I would NEVER claim to heal anyone….it’s Yeshua/Jesus/God that heals! It’s the power of the Holy Spirit flowing through you that can heal cancer, diabetes, or any other disease you can name.

If we can just view music, singing, etc. as being an expression of the inner heart’s relationship to God, or lack thereof, you have the appropriate basis for understanding the results that come from different types of sound. God has a purpose for every sound, even dissonant sound or loud sound. Many times, even in churches and synagogues, the sound is amplified incorrectly – the sound engineer is not discerning, not trained enough, or the equipment is lacking. The world’s performers have the best equipment, and the least broken and trained hearts and minds……very often under the influence of anything but God, and that taints what comes out of the instruments they touch.

There is science behind what I’m talking about, but it goes way beyond that into things that are not understandable, but have to be taken on faith. Musicians will know what I’m talking about here – if they are good players….they will know that many times they have reached that overwhelming point of hearing the waves of music they are generating piercing into their own spirits and souls…..or they are overwhelmed by hearing something coming out of their instrument that seems more “thick” than it should be…..or they can sense a haze in the atmosphere because they get so “high” and wrapped up in the sound – without any drugs being in their system! They need to realize they are encountering GOD HIMSELF in those moments. And learn to marry their music skill to what He wants to do through them to, and for other people and for themselves.

You know it’s nothing you did when you can listen to a piece you recorded, and be ministered to by it. When it bypasses your critical thoughts and assessment of your own performance (we gotta die to that)…..and actually breaks you down emotionally.

The reason kids are so deceived by the world’s music, is that they have literally not had anything to compare it to…..those of us being prepared to be used in these power giftings through music, have had to be broken in isolation, but hallelujah!!!! — the day of our release is closer than it’s ever been.

A friend recently commented to me: “I read recently that our DNA has a unique “sound”, just as individualized as the DNA itself. Another teaching I listened to said that our cells makes sounds. Cancer cells were studied and they “played” parts of Chopin’s Funeral March and the healthy cells “played” the Jubilee Waltz. What say you?”

I say that I believe that with all my heart – I have to trust God to tell me what sound to play into a person to affect their DNA. If the grass in heaven can sing, then our DNA produces sound. Our ears may not hear it, but we know that God told Cain that Abel’s blood was crying out from the earth, so YES, it has sound that God can hear.

I have seen studies done by Dr. Masaru Emoto on the effect of music on water. Amazing cameras were used at very cold temperatures. The music that was melodious, peaceful, and soothing made amazing beautiful formations when the water became ice. The water that was subjected to dissonant, nerve wracking sound – looked like something that one could term “cancerous” – or “chaotic” as the pictures below show.

Our bodies are over 70-75% water, so it’s not surprising to me that sound has that kind of effect on us, nor is it surprising that the cells can “learn” and repeat the sound back out.

When you realize that musical sounds are part of GOD’s VERY BEING, then you can begin to see how He can go beyond even modern medicine in releasing healings and miracles through the very vibrations that He not only creates, but are the part of His very substance. Allow your faith to RISE UP. You don’t have to understand how this works – just believe it does.

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