Article – What Prophetic Music Isn’t

Martin and I realize that many people that have grown up in churches have not experienced the aspects of psalmistry that the Holy Spirit has trained Robyn to flow in — and we wanted to speak to that. What the prophetic music on this site is not is normal praise and worship music like you would find in a church service. If you are a person that needs to listen to music like that, we suggest you play some worship CD’s yourself before listening to the tracks on this site.

This music is NOT New Age, because the musician playing it is in relationship with God’s Holy Spirit. This music is NOT always rhythm-driven when Robyn is playing solo. When she accompanies the psalmists on the team, it is more rhythm based because it has almost has to be for the interaction between her and the singer to work, so they can sense where each other is going.

The music on this web site IS worship-ful. It will always sound more like worship than praise, as it is emanating from the Father. There is a difference between praise music and worship music. The music and sung words on this site are prophetic — they are spontaneously created as recorded, with no rehearsal ahead of time. Prophetic means they are what the Father is saying at the moment of creation . . . being His voice piece.

Praise is something WE/MAN initiates. It begins on this earthly plane. We praise to “come into His gates” . . . into the outer court. Therefore, when musicians play praise, they are playing mostly out of their skill . . . for the purpose of entering into God’s presence. Worship is something GOD initiates and we respond to!!

It comes from the heavenly realm, and music captured from that place (the third heaven — before the throne) will always retain the anointing from that realm, no matter how many times you listen to it. It will break through your mind and emotions, and bypass them — to heal your heart, your body (DNA) and grant you MIRACLES, as the Lord wills!

When a musician is called as a prophet or prophetess, and can marry their musical skill to their prophetic gift, they play from this place, it is supernaturally enhancing his or her skill . . . and the music has an ethereal quality to it. It has life to it that is beyond performance.

This music is risky . . . no “retakes” are done to correct anything. A huge part of the death-to-self needed to function in this anointing is to overcome caring about making mistakes musically (miscalculating where the singer is about to go, or hitting a wrong note while the musician’s brain processes new direction/inner pictures/instructions from God), and allowing the ego to have to take its lumps when the public hears what is perceived as “mistakes”.

When a person listens to this kind of music, they are not required to DO anything, but bathe in it. The prophetic nature of the music itself will often translate a message from God straight into the person’s inner being. A musical DOWNLOAD to your DNA. Your mind does NOT have to comprehend it. You simply are required to BELIEVE — to accept it as a gift from God.

Many times, people report that as Robyn plays, they hear God speaking certain words to them. That is normal. Each person will hear what they need to hear from God. Other prophets that listen to Robyn, have their prophetic gifts stirred up, and they often find themselves singing or speaking prophesy to this music. To receive a miracle, it’s always great to exercise faith for it, but YOUR faith is NOT a prerequisite to a miracle. Robyn’s faith is already being released on your behalf.

Mark 11:22 says: And Jesus answering saith unto them, ‘Have faith in God.’ In the literal translation of that scripture, Yeshua is telling us to have the faith OF God . . . meaning, when you have NO faith — take HIS faith — by faith. God will even supply the faith for your miracle.

So, as you listen, it does not matter if you feel like you are in a worship state already, or not. The music will accomplish the purpose for which it was given. ONLY BELIEVE!

Become as little children. 🙂

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